Thursday, February 26, 2015

You Just Can't Win

There are certain jobs that I don't think you could pay me enough money to have. One of those jobs involves deciding if schools should close. 

There are so many variables that can affect making such a decision, all of which are in some fashion or another very difficult to assess. And whatever decision is made will bring about the unholy wrath of inconvenienced parents. 

  • Winter weather is coming. The forecasters warn of imminent death and destruction from the ice and/or snow that's coming your way. You wait to make sure that the bad weather is actually going to arrive and be as bad as predicted. You will be lambasted for waiting too long to make a decision when any idiot could see the weather was going to be bad.
  • Winter weather is coming. All the weather people say the frigid breath of winter's vengeance will wreak havoc across the land. Well, no sense putting this decision off: schools will be closed. And then no snow falls. And you are chastised for making the decision too soon when any idiot could see it wasn't going to snow. 
  • Winter weather is NOT coming. All the meteorologists say the winter snow hitting other places isn't coming here. So leave the schools open. The next morning, the streets have been replaced with snow capped ice skating rinks. What the hell is wrong with you? You should've closed the schools! 
  • Winter weather has come. Everything is coated with ice. It's a glistening spectacle that is both beautiful to behold but dangerous to travel amongst. Schools have been closed for a few days now. Half the parents are berating you because its not that bad out there where they live. The other half of the parents are complaining that ice is several feet thick where they are and you better not do something stupid like re-open the schools.  
Whatever you decide, your decision will be wrong. Whatever choice you make, you just can't win. 

Be good to one another.

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