Thursday, May 12, 2016

Free Comic Book Day 2016

Hi there! Welcome to I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You where the pie is always free...if I could figure out how to shove pie through the Wi-Fi. I'm Dave-El and I could really use some pie right now.  

This past Saturday was that most holiest of high holy days for the geeks and nerds, Free Comic Book Day (FCBD). My daughter Miranda and I took our leave from the Fortress of Ineptitude to make our annual pilgrimage to participate in this sacred and blessed event. We do this at the best comic book shop in the world, Acme Comics of Greensboro NC. If you say differently, I will have to, well, I’m not going to fight you but I will strongly object in a pithily worded Tweet. 

Acme Comics is located dead center of a long row of shops. When the line extends to the south, Miranda and I get to stand in front of Geeksboro Coffeehouse and Cinema for a while until finally (and by finally, I mean within seconds) one us goes into get a couple of Geeksboro smoothies.  This year, the line extended to the north which meant we procured snacks from the Walgreens on the corner. And we also took care of same last minute purchase of Mother’s Day cards. Walgreens, like other businesses on either side of Acme, have learned to capitalize on FCBD by offering coupons and sales. Not all businesses are that smart or understanding. There used to be a spa along the southern section of the shopping center that actually hired a security guard to shoo us comic book guys and gals away from the door. No other business did that and, oh look, the spa isn’t there anymore.

As I have noted before, the big thing about FCBD is not the free comics. Oh, I’m not knocking the free stuff; it’s always cool to kick back with a stack of comics at the end of FCBD and just chill. But the main appeal about FCBD is getting to hang out with fellow comic book fans and meet new people. Almost every year since Miranda and I started going to FCBD together as a father/daughter type of thing, we’ve had the good fortune to meet up with some really nice, friendly and very interesting people. This year was no exception although I think the bar has been set pretty high for subsequent FCBD events for whoever we meet in the future.

On FCBD 2016, we met Jesus.

We arrived at 9:30 that morning and the line was extending around the corner of the Walgreens. We took our place at the end of the line which at the point extended to the back corner of store’s side wall. Within minutes, Miranda and I were no longer at the end of the line as more people showed up and extended the line behind us out to the tree line suburban street behind the shopping center. By the way, May 7th was not only Free Comic Book Day but also Naked Gardening Day. I really hope that the line of people there for FCBD did not accidentally cross paths with someone pruning their azaleas in the buff.

Anyway, taking up position behind Miranda and I was this tall, lanky dude. He was wearing jeans and  a black T-shirt.

From the head up, he was Jesus.

I mean, if you’ve ever gone to a Christian church, you’ve seen the imagery: long wavy brown hair with a beard to match. And usually these pictures show Jesus smiling with this warm, friendly smile. This dude not only had Jesus hair, he had a Jesus smile. And right out of the Jesus playbook, he engages us in conversation.

OK, Miranda picked up this dude’s name which is Theo and he was shortly joined by his wife Jamie who was this black haired pixie who had a “Death of the Endless/Harley Quinn but not murderously insane” kind of vibe going on. Both were charming young people who have done a lot of things and been to a lot of places. Both had just come back from Japan. Theo had been to Iceland and Greece. Plus they both knew so many amazing and wonderful things about both the world we live in as well as the fantastic stories that take our imaginations beyond this world. Miranda’s mind was blown by their lives and their stories and have to admit, I was quite impressed with them too.

I’m not too sure about Jesus…er, I mean, Theo giving Miranda tips on the best way to get a tattoo but still….

Here is a pic of Theo taking a moment to read a couple of pages of Saga Vol. II while Miranda and Jamie continue with their conversation. 

In Jamie's hands is a hardback collection of Sandman Overture by Neil Gaiman and J H Williams III. Oh my God! They even had real cool comics! 

We stood in the line for just over three hours and if wasn’t for the pain in my lower back screaming at me, “We’ve been standing out here for over three hours”, I may not have been aware of the passage of time. Thanks to Theo and Jamie for passing the time with us in a very entertaining and friendly manner. Their journey next takes them to Colorado so I hope they have a safe trip and their lives continue to be an adventure.

By the way, here's a pic of a pretty amazing cosplay of Sam Wilson as Captain America

Before I close, a tip of the hat to fine folks at Acme Comics for putting together another amazing FCBD event. I’ll even given them credit for arranging the very lovely weather we had that day.

I still need to tell Jermaine what changes I want to make to my pull list. DC Rebirth has presented me some interesting options.

And that, my blog reading friend, is what we call a segueway. Tomorrow, I wrap up Comic Book Theme Week here on the blog by looking at what DC Comics is offering with its Rebirth event and how much I care about that.

Or if.

Until next time, remember to be good to one another. You never know when Jesus might join you in line somewhere.

Free Comic Book Day is so bright,
David and Miranda have gotta wear shades!

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