Thursday, May 19, 2016

So What Exactly Is In a 2 Egg Platter?

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Today's topic? BREAKFAST! 

So the cafeteria where I work has a pretty decent breakfast special. It’s called the “2 Egg Platter” and it comes with (hold on to your horses!) 2 eggs (I know!), a choice of meat (BACON!), a serving of potatoes and a biscuit, all for $3.50. It’s not a bad deal and I don’t get hungry for lunch until nearly 2 in the afternoon and even at that, a sandwich usually does just fine. 

Here’s the thing: not everybody knows about the 2 Egg Platter. People at work see me with this thing and they go, “Wow! That’s a lot of breakfast!” And I tell them it’s the 2 Egg Platter breakfast and they reply, “What A 2 Egg Platter breakfast?”

It’s not a state secret or anything. It’s right there on the menu! Yet, for some reason, few people seem to know of its existence. I don’t mean that most people know of it but just don’t want that much breakfast. The 2 Egg Platter is literally a blind spot when they look at the menu. There are a few who know of this wonderful bounty of breakfast goodness. It’s like we’re in a secret club. We have a 2 Egg Platter fist bump that only we know.

But my fellow patrons of our cafeteria are not the only ones unaware of the 2 Egg Platter. Apparently, it’s not known to the staff of the cafeteria.

Me: Yes, I would like the 2 Egg Platter please.

Server: The 2 Egg what now?

Me: The 2 Egg Platter.

Server: The 2 Egg Platter?

Me: Yes, the 2 Egg Platter.

The server crane his or her neck around to look at the menu.

Server: Wow! That IS up there.

Me: Yes, it is.

Server: OK then. So what comes with the 2 egg platter?

Me: 2 eggs.

Server: Right. Of course.

Me: Bacon.

Server: Uh-huh.

Me: Potatoes.

Server: Yep!

Me: And a biscuit.

Now this poor soul has no idea what’s in the 2 Egg Platter and if I were a less reputable person, I might be tempted to go on.

Me: And sausage.

Server: OK.

Me: And fruit

Server: Yeah.

Me: A muffin.

Server: Er…

Me: And waffles

Server: Waffles?

Me: 2…no, 3 waffles.

Server: But…

Me: And fruit…

Server: You already said fruit

Me: More fruit. 

Server: I’m not sure…

Me: Hey, do you know what’s on the 2 Egg Platter?

Server: Er, no!

Me: Well, I do! I get this every morning!

Server: Sorry, sir.

Me: S’alright. OK, so next is a 10 oz. sirloin….

But I'm a nice guy and I wouldn't do something like that. 

More than once.

Or twice.

Oh, here's another thing: the ladle the server uses scoops up enough scrambled eggs in one scoop to equal two eggs. But sometimes the server will give me two scoops of eggs. So my 2 Egg Platter becomes a 4 Egg Platter. 

Yes, the cholesterol might kill but I'm getting a pretty good deal on breakfast here. 

St. Peter: You're here early.
Me: Yeah, those extra eggs with the 2 Egg Platter, man! 
St. Peter: I understand, Dave-El. It is a very good breakfast bargain. 
Me: Hey! You called me "Dave-El"! 
St. Peter: Of course! I've read your blog. 
Me: Sweeeeeeet! So, when do I get into heaven? 
St. Peter: I've read... your blog. 
Me: Uh oh. 

By the way, I've run into this "not knowing what is on your own menu" thing at McDonald's. I don't think they offer this as part of the 24 hour breakfast but McDonald's has a steak and cheese bagel on their menu. At least in the locations I have been to, anyway.  

But like the servers at the cafeteria at work, this is not common knowledge to the fine folks who work at Mickey D's. 

Server: Welcome to McDonald's! May I take your order? 
Me: Yes, I would like the steak and cheese bagel please.

Server: The steak and cheese what now?

And I'm so glad my suffering amuses you.


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