Friday, May 6, 2016

This Campaign This Damn Pain - Part V: The Final Frontier

And lo it came to pass....

Your Republican nominee for President...

Donald Trump. 


That's a thing. 

You might be tempted to blame Indiana for this mess. After all, this was the state that Sen. Ted Cruz called a firewall against keeping the GOP Presidential nomination out of Donald Trump's small, sweaty hands. Instead Cruz's chances went up in smoke and the smarmy Senator from Texas snuffed out the last smoldering embers of his campaign as the results rolled in Tuesday night from Indiana's primary. 

A day later, Gov. John Kasich, whose own Presidential ambitions were little more than wisps of smoke before the Indiana primary, vanished from the field on Wednesday. 

Left standing among the ashes and blackened ruins of the Republican party was the one man no one thought had a chance because no one thought he had a clue. Just a rude, loud mouth narcissist with more dollars than sense.*

*"More dollars than sense"? I gotta admit, that's good. I should get paid for stuff like that.  

He started as a joke we couldn't help but laugh at.  Donald Trump, Candidate for President? Really?  

He's still a joke but its not funny anymore.  Donald Trump, Republican Nominee for President? Really. 

Yeah, we could blame Indiana for hammering the final nail in the wooden coffin of the Republican party and perhaps America itself but there was plenty of wood and nails being served up before Tuesday's primary.**

**OK, that metaphor got away from me a bit. So much for getting paid. 

Years, decades even, of stoking the anger and fear and hate of the Republican electorate bit the GOP on the ass when Donald Trump came along to tap into market. People like Jeb Bush and Scott Walker and Mario Rubio and more had NO idea what to do with this raging mass of enraged Republican voters that the party itself had worked so hard to build. Ted Cruz was the only candidate besides Trump to see that this market was ripe for the taking. But Ted had the distinction of being even more unlikable than Trump, of having an even more narrow base of support.  

So after months and months of raucous debates and rancorous primaries, where there were oh so many candidates, there is now only one. 

Who ever dreamed that it would be Donald Trump

And who ever thought the Republicans' nominee for President would actually be settled before the Democrats'?  

Tuesday saw Sen. Bernie Sanders pull a surprise win in Indiana. According to all the pundits, the numbers are still way, WAY much in Hillary Clinton's favor to secure the Democratic nomination for President. But wins like the one in Indiana gives Sanders an excuse to stay in the race. And so Clinton and Sanders are still in battle even has the Republicans try to make peace with their Devil.***

***Wow! That was a really good turn of phrase if I do say so myself. 

OK, I'm out of here. A new post is up tomorrow. Meanwhile, remember to be good to one another and get out there to support Free Comic Book Day tomorrow. 

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