Tuesday, May 31, 2016

No Apologies

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I don't really do a lot with Facebook when it comes with interacting with individuals. I've found its a very handy tool for keeping track of various comic book and pop culture websites I like to follow but individuals? Eh, not so much. 

One reason is that there are people on Facebook who are leading far more interesting lives than I am. I really do not need a constant reminder that my life sucks compares to yours. Oh, look! An excursion to the mountains! Water skiing! Eating at classy restaurants! Yes, your life is amazing, mine is shit, I get the point! 

Another reason is that there are people on Facebook who are leading far less interesting lives that I am. Hey, I see you posted that you just watched a couple of episodes of Big Bang Theory and are getting ready for bed? And I should care... why? 

But the big problem I have with individuals on Facebook is that so many of them are... how can I put this politely? 

No, I can't. So many of them are stupid. 

No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't say that. 

So many of them are fucking stupid.   

Yeah, that's better.  

Yes, I know we all have different perspectives on life and I do try to be understanding of that. But there are some posts that just irk me for their blatant disregard for objectivity and the facts. 

I do not follow Annika Bruggeworth on Facebook but someone I do follow liked this inane post and this is how it came to my attention. 


There is so much wrong with this. Where to start? Where to start?  

1) "Treasonous trip"? Please advise what act of treason is being committed here? We are not at war with Japan. They are, in fact, a staunch ally of the United States. The President is allowed to go there. We're all allowed to go there, even Annika Bruggeworth can go to Japan. Maybe you're labeling the actions of the President while in Japan as "treasonous"? The man gave a speech, said nothing bad about America and took no actions to undermine the security of our nation.   

2) "Over Memorial Day"? OK, Annika, I'll spot you a point or two by assuming you mean "over Memorial Day weekend". If you meant literally Memorial Day, well, Obama speech was on Friday, May 27th and Memorial Day itself was Monday, May 30th. And you know what? I'm taking away those points I gave you because who counts Friday towards the Memorial Day weekend? 

3) "His hatred of our Country and Military"? Annika, I can't argue with you on that. Oh, I sure as hell do NOT agree with you. It's just that I've found that people who have made up their mind that Obama hates America, there's really no way to win that argument. I mean, yes, I have facts on my side to say no, he doesn't. But that doesn't matter to people like you, Annika, so I'm not going to waste my your time or mine. 

4) "Iran has... the freedom to build Nukes unfettered"? If you don't think that the Iran nuclear deal is all that great, fine. But there is a deal and if Iran wants to build a nuclear bomb, there are a lot of obstacles to getting that done. Not to say Iran couldn't cheat and finagle its way to a nuke but to say its ability to do so is "unfettered" is just in classic denial of reality. 

I noticed that the source of Annika's ire is a piece from Fox News so knock me over in shock from that surprise. There is nothing President Obama can say or do that will not come under scrutiny or criticism from the pundits on Fox News. 

"Obama's using single ply toilet paper? He's disrespecting the dignity of the office of President!"

"Obama's using two ply toilet paper? Once again, our elitist President is living high off the American taxpayer!"  

The show in question over on Fox News that got Annika all worked up is The Five, a gaggle of talking heads that spends an hour every day reminding its viewers that America is going to Hell and Obama's driving the train right to Satan's doorstep. There really isn't any reason to watch The Five. 

Except maybe to see this woman right here.   

Here name is Kimberly Guilfoyle and her main job at Fox News is to make sure her legs are prominently displayed for every possible camera angle. Since she's there to be so much eye candy for Fox viewers with leg fetishes, it might be best to watch Kimberly with the sound off or you'll hear stupid shit like this.  

Fox's Guilfoyle On Obama's Historic Visit To Hiroshima: "To Me, It Felt Like An Apology"

If you want to read the actual text of Obama's remarks at Hiroshima, click here.  You may find something here or there that you might disagree with but what you won't find is an apology.  

But that doesn't matter. 

Because as far as Fox News is concerned, it doesn't matter what Obama actually said. All they matter is what they think they heard and passing that opinion in the form of news to their unthinking followers like Annika Bruggeworth who go on Facebook and pass it along as if its gospel. From there, sadly, others pick it up the thread. 

Below are a sample of the comments to Annika's post. I've added my own snarky comments to add to your entertainment value.    

The sad thing is there was so many people, in fact too many people, who think Annika Bruggeworth and others like her make sense. These are people who lack any concept of nuance or a sense of perspective. Or as the noted thinker and philosopher Rene Descartes once observed, "Some people just don't have a fucking clue."  

No, this post is not a gushing, go-go, rah-rah endorsement of President Obama. If you want, I can have a discussion about Obama's shortfalls in foreign and domestic policy. But if you're going to take the position that Obama "hates America" or "is the worst President ever", then that discussion is impossible. 

And there's nothing left to do but watch Kimberly Guilfoyle

With the sound off. 

And I will make no apologies for that. 

Coming up...

Wednesday is Comic Book Day here on the ol' blog thing as i put down in words how wonderful Rebirth is. 

And also how disturbing.  

Thursday is another installment of The Pixar Project as the family here at the Fortress of Ineptitude continues our Pixar re-watch with Toy Story 2

Until next time, remember to be good to one another.  

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