Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lea Thompson, Comic Book Goddess

This week marked the 30th anniversary of the release of Howard the Duck, the first major motion picture based on a Marvel Comics character.

And for the longest time, very nearly the last.

Howard the Duck is notorious for being a big stinker. It laid an egg. It wasn’t all it was quacked up to be. It couldn’t duck all the bad reviews. This movie was all ducked up. It was-

Yeah, you get the picture.

Me, I  saw Howard the Duck on Friday night of the first weekend of release and I liked it just fine. Of course, I didn’t get out that much so my bar for being entertained was pretty low. It also helped that Howard the Duck also starred Lea Thompson.

Lea was Beverly, a singer fronting an all-girl rock ‘n’ roll band who winds up involved in the life of the movie’s titular duck. (“Titular Duck” would be a great name for an all-girl rock ‘n’ roll band.)  My attraction to Lea was not just because she was a beautiful woman but, well, I don’t want to say Beverly’s standard were low, just very flexible.

Yes, Beverly sleeps with Howard.

No, it’s not icky! Don’t disrespect Lea Thompson’s artistic choices!

Anyway, Howard the Duck was a bomb but Lea Thompson survived to go on to bigger and better things in Back to the Future and star in her own NBC sitcom, Caroline in the City.

But Lea has not forgotten her Howard the Duck roots. When she was on Dancing With the Stars a few seasons back (where she was robbed, I tells ya! ROBBED!), she was seen striking this alluring pose while wearing a Howard the Duck jacket.

Yes, I’ve posted this pic before. But c’mon! Look at her! I mean, WOW!

I may post it again, even if I can’t necessarily tie a post to either Lea Thompson or Howard the Duck.

Secretary of State John Kerry announces
new initiative for peace talks in
Syria’s years long civil war.

So clearly Lea Thompson embraces the Howard the Duck part of her life. In fact, she gave the OK to the creative team on the current Howard the Duck comic book to include her in a recent issue.

Lea Thompson's big entrance at the end of Howard the Duck#8

Lea Thompson posing with the original artwork from
Howard the Duck#8. With Lea is Joe Quinones,
the current artist on Howard and the luckiest man alive!

Yes, Lea Thompson is part of the Marvel Universe! I’d like to see Thanos try something now! Never mind Captain America or Thor! We’ve got Lea Thompson, bee-yotch!

Here are some pages from Lea's appearance in Howard the Duck#9.

 As for Howard the Duck, there have been rumors that ol’ Howard could get another shot at the big time, perhaps another movie or a Netflix series. We’ve already seen him in  the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the post credits scene for Guardians of the Galaxy. 

I'm not sure I'm on board with that. It seems fitting for Howard to have the honor of being Marvel's first major movie star but with a movie no one liked. 

And really, Howard the Duck the movie is not really all that bad. It could be worse.

Howard the Duck#9 is on sale at your local comic book store.

Howard the Duck the movie can be found in the $5 bin at Wal-Mart. 

Lea Thompson's sexy self can be found right here with a feature I call...


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That's all for today. I'll be back with another post tomorrow. Until then, remember to be good to one another.   

Art by Joe Quinones

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