Monday, August 15, 2016

Not Really Paying Attention

Hello, Monday, my old friend. 

It's been a slightly off-kilter weekend. My wife and daughter went off with a church group on a spiritual retreat. It's something my wife looks forward to every year and my daughter manages to tolerate. Me, I don't go because remaining here solo in the Fortress of Ineptitude is my spiritual retreat. It's my annual celebration of all that is Dave-El. Meaning I glom a big stack of comic books and watch junk on TV. 

Except this year. This weekend was my mom's birthday and the family down in my old home town were doing a party kind of a thing to celebrate her turning 78. I was way overdue for a visit and I needed to check on my mom's old home (she's in an assisted living facility now) which is I guess technically speaking my house which I dub Fortress of Ineptitude South. 

My 2nd mini-fortress is the house where I spent most of my formative years as a Li'l Dave-El. Located near an overgrown forest in the muggiest part of North Carolina, the house has always been prone to cockroaches. My dad was forever spraying for the buggers. Ironically enough, with the house virtually empty and devoid of anything resembling food, cockroaches still seek shelter there. Thankfully, I've got family helping to look after the place and periodically spraying down the place with insecticide outlawed in the 1970's.  

So when I entered the old homestead Saturday afternoon, I was pleasant surprised to find only one single cockroach in the kitchen. 

His name is Elroy and he's a really good cook. 

As for the visit, I will share more on that later this week when I've had a chance to wrap my head around some things. (My mom's condition is deteriorating.)  

Meanwhile, there's been stuff going on in the world but to be honest, I've not really been paying attention. 

The Olympics are still going on and I guess Michael Phelps has won all the medals. I mean, ALL of them. Even archery and shot put.  There's something about Ryan Lotche... Lochte... Loch Ness.... anyway, the other male Olympic swimmer who is not Michael Phelps, something about this guy being held up at gun point. Maybe I should look into that. 

I guess the presidential campaign is regrettably still a thing with Donald Trump most certainly having said something stupid but, again, not paying attention. I guess once I get my self sorted out, let me see what that orange bastard with the Persian cat hairpiece is doing now. 

Did I see that Suicide Squad was #1 this weekend again? The constant drumbeat of bad word of mouth remains unrelenting yet worldwide numbers for Suicide Squad show a box off take just a smidge below half a billion dollars. Wonder what's up with that? Don't know, not paying attention. Maybe I will now. 

Here's something I have paid attention to: the weather is too damn hot! Cut me some slack, weather! 

OK, so I'm back at the main Fortress of Ineptitude and as this is Monday, I'm off to work. I like work. I can deal with work. Even if I have to pay attention. 

Back tomorrow with a hopefully more coherent blog post. Until then, remember to be good to one another.


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