Sunday, August 7, 2016

Doctor Who: Staying the Course?

Two weeks ago, I posted about a rumor that the next Doctor after Peter Capaldi could be a previous Doctor. Could Matt Smith return to play the Doctor after Capaldi leaves? That would make him the 11th and 13th Doctor! But no, not happening. Totally debunked. 

One week ago, I posted speculation about how the next Doctor after Peter Capaldi could be a woman. Well, who knows? It does seem to be a thing that people are starting to warm up to. 

This week, we don’t examine the question about the next Doctor after Peter Capaldi. Today we address the topic that Peter Capaldi may be sticking around. 

We know Capaldi is still on board as the 12th Doctor as he shoots episodes for Series 10 which will premiere in 2017. But Series 10 is the final go-round for Executive Producer and Head Writer Steven Moffat. Would Capaldi take this as his cue to leave much as David Tennant left when Russell T Davies stepped down as Doctor Who’s top guy? 

Peter Capaldi has gone on record that he has been asked by the BBC to stay on when the show transitions to Chris Chibnall as the new head honcho of Doctor Who. Capaldi went on to say this: “It’s such a long time before I have to make that decision. I have to make up my mind, and I haven’t yet.”

This past week, Steven Moffat had this to say:  “I have no reason to suppose that I’m writing out a Doctor. Peter is loving the role, and long may he do so.”

This has been greeted with breathless glee that the incomparable Peter Capaldi will not be leaving under Moffat’s watch. Peter will be back for Series 11, a solid rock for us Whovians to hold on to when Chibnall’s tenure begins.

Sigh! Your naiveté is so sweet! I could just pinch your little cheeks, yes I could!

Yes, it COULD mean Capaldi is staying.

It could ALSO mean Steven simply does not know Peter's decision yet. The show only just finished the first recording block of Series 10. The recording of the final block is still months away. Peter's decision to stay or go could still be further down the road. Until he knows one way or the other, Steven can only assume Peter is staying.

And even if Peter Capaldi stays through to the end of Series 10, what about the 2017 Christmas special? Will there be one? Will Series 10 be Steven Moffat's true swan song or will there be one last adventure for the holiday season?

Here's another thought: what if Peter Capaldi does sign up to join Chris Chibnall... but for only one episode? Yes, instead of coming at the end of a series or in a special, what if the Doctor had a final adventure at the beginning of a series immediately followed by a new Doctor for the rest of the series?*

*There is a precedent for that and I'll look at those examples in next week's Doctor Who post.

Change is such a fundamental part of Doctor Who, fans must always brace themselves for it. Sometimes it gets out of hand and we're speculating on a Doctor's departure no sooner than they come in the front door. Live in the now, my fellow Whovians. We have a wonderful Doctor brought to us by the astonishingly talented Peter Capaldi. Let's enjoy that. We'll deal with the future when it gets here.

Thanks for popping by today. Remember to be good to one another. There's a new post on something or another coming up tomorrow and a new Doctor Who post next Sunday.

I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You

And that's a wrap on the first block of filming
for Doctor Who Series 10 as Pearl Mackie,
Peter Capaldi and Matt Lucas take their leave
to get some rest before getting back
in front of the cameras once more.

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