Monday, August 29, 2016

Trump Shenanigans II: Electric Boogaloo

Last week, I did a blog post called Trump Shenanigans about all the screwy, fucked up stuff going on with Donald Trump's <insert incredulous guffaw> presidential campaign.  

Now, to be honest with you, I was fully prepared to do a follow up post on some goofy stuff with Hillary Clinton and her campaign for President. And there is some messed up shit to talk about what with all the murky blurred lines between Clinton, her time as Secretary of State and big time donors to the Clinton Foundation. In any other year, this would be the topic du jour. Trust me, Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio or Ted "Lying Fuck Bastard" Cruz would be making a ton of hay off of that and Hillary would be on defense. It's not to say that there's anything actually there that is technically criminal or unethical but like all things related to Hillary or Bill Clinton, there's just enough grey areas to cast a shadow of suspicion on those interactions.  

But no, we don't have Jeb or Marco or Ted. We have Donald Trump who is determined to murky up the waters with his own inept flailing about. 

The latest Donald Trump Fuck Up Of the Day involves his response to a tragic shooting.  Nykea Aldridge, mother of four and cousin of Chicago Bulls player Dwyane Wade, was shot Friday while walking down a Chicago street pushing a baby stroller. This is what Trump had to say about that on Twitter.  

It should be noted that Donald actually Tweeted this twice. The first time, he misspelled Dwyane as Dwayne. He deleted that Tweet and sent it again with the spelling corrected. So see, Donald Trump cares! 

Well, not everyone can see that Donald Trump cares. 

Let me rephrase that.

No one can see that Donald Trump cares. It looks like he's just trolling for votes, using the tragic case of an African American woman being shot to death on the street as fodder for his tin eared, tone deaf outreach to the black community. 

Over an hour later, Trump sent out this Tweet. 

God bless him, Donald Trump's got that "thoughts and prayers" thing down just like a good Republican. He can be taught! And notice it's not "OUR thoughts and prayers" but "MY thoughts and prayers". Nice personal touch there, Don. I'm not being sarcastic, either. Really, if you're going to do the generic "thoughts and prayers" bit, at least make it a bit more personal, you know? 

But let's not forget it took him or his handlers over an hour to get that out there after his first impulse was to turn a family's personal trauma towards his own personal political gain. That first Tweet is a true barometer of who Donald Trump really is, a shallow, opportunistic son of a bitch whose first thought is in any situation is "How can this benefit Donald Trump?" 

Remember Donald Trump reacted similarly after the nightclub massacre in Orlando in May, sending a Tweet that he had received congratulations for being right about terrorism in the aftermath of the attack. In the months since that horrible event, Donald Trump has learned nothing. 

Just briefly, last week's post touched on the Trump campaign's change on immigration, saying certain steps that Donald has been promising over and over and over since he announced he was running for President were still "to be determined".  

The media went nuts, calling it a "softening" of Trump's signature pitch for being President. Seriously, way too much usage of the word "softening" to not call up associations with laxatives which was probably quite apt come to think of it. 

Simultaneously, Trump's core supporters went batshit crazy that this "softening" could actually be a thing. Chief among them was noted right wing columnist and male cross dresser Ann Coulter who had just released a book called "In Trump We Trust". In it, Coulter says the single most important thing Trump needed to do was not bend on his immigration stance. This book comes out the very week that it appeared Trump maybe bending on his immigration stance. You can imagine that Coulter was pissed off; he has a bunch of books to sell. 

Excuse me, I must apologize. I'm not respecting Ann Coulter's gender choices.  Let me rephrase: she has a bunch of books to sell.  

Over the course of the weekend, it remains unclear what exactly is going on with this centerpiece of the Trump campaign with conflicting statements from Trump and his acolytes as to how far Trump is prepared to go to address the problem of illegal immigrants on day one of a Trump Presidency.   

At approximately 2 months and 10 days away from Election Day, all we can say for certain when it comes to Donald Trump is, "Let the shenanigans continue." 

Thanks for dropping by. Another post is coming tomorrow. Until then, remember to be good to one another.

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