Friday, August 12, 2016

This Campaign, This Damn Pain: We Don't Need No Education

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Every time Donald Trump says his latest dumb thing, the question persists, "Who the hell still wants to vote for this guy?"  

Here are some statistics from a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll which may shed some light on that question. 

White voters with a college degree
July poll - Clinton 44%, Trump 37% (Clinton +7) 
Aug poll - Clinton 56%, Trump 25% (Clinton +31)
July poll - Clinton 39%, Trump 34% (Clinton +5)
Aug poll - Clinton 45%, Trump 37 (Clinton +8)
July poll - Clinton 47%, Trump 37% (Clinton +10)
Aug poll - Clinton 53%, Trump 32% (Clinton +21)

White voters without a college degree
July poll - Trump 43%, Clinton 37% (Trump +6)
Aug poll - Trump 42%, Clinton 35% (Trump +7)
July poll - Trump 49%, Clinton 30% (Trump +19)
Aug poll - Trump 49%, Clinton 31% (Trump +18)
July poll - Trump 43%, Clinton 33% (Trump +10)
Aug poll - Trump 50%, Clinton 34% (Trump +16)

Now I can hear you saying, "Shit, Dave-El! That's a lot of numbers! I didn't know there was going to be math!" 

But the thing you should be seeing is that if you're a white person who went to college, you're most likely voting for Hillary Clinton. If you're a white person who didn't go to college, chances are you're voting for Donald Trump. 

The media refers to the latter group as Non College Educated Whites because apparently the media can't really say what they really want to say and call them Stupid People. 

Well, I can. They are Stupid People.  

Here's the thing. Day in and day out, Donald Trump continues to demonstrate beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is completely and totally unfit for the office of President of the United States. I wouldn't trust him to be president of your local homeowners association. This not just a matter of differing opinions on political ideology. It's not "Oh, Donald and Hillary both have raised some excellent points. Let me ponder their respective positions and determine who I ultimately want to vote for." No, Donald is clearly not bright or mature. Donald Trump is a spoiled toddler in a man suit. This is not a subjective opinion. Look at him! He's not hiding it! 

And if you can't see that or, worse yet, if you do see it and still plan to pull the lever for this jackass come November 8th, you don't get the mildly inoffensive term of Non-College Educated White Person. No, you are STUPID PEOPLE!  

BUT WHO ARE WE...oops, sorry. Still shouting. Let me try again. 

But who are we kidding? We're talking about a section of the electorate that still believes President Obama was born in Kenya. Yes, a recent survey showed 72% of registered Republicans still do not believe the President was born a US citizen despite considerable evidence to the contrary. The man is nearing the end of his 8 year term and there are people in this country who still cling to the false accusation that dogged the man when he first ran for President. There are people who will not let this go. 

And who are these people?

They are stupid people.  Why mince words?  

I've noted before that the anger of Trump supporters is quite real. One disregards that anger at no small amount of peril. There are people in this country who have not fully benefited from the economic recovery and they're angry as well as frightened and disenfranchised. Maybe you don't trust Hillary Clinton or any other politician to make things right. And really, who can blame you for feeling that? 

But whatever sympathy I may have for your situation and your feelings about that situation, if you really and truly think that Donald Trump is the man who's gonna make it all better, I'm sorry. I'm truly and deeply sorry.

But you're stupid people.  

There is a difference between ignorant and stupid. Ignorant means you just don't have information. You didn't know that you didn't know. Stupid means you had a chance to not be ignorant and you blew it.  

Being ignorant is a circumstance. Being stupid is a choice. 

This November, make the right choice. Choose to not be stupid. And don't choose Trump. 

Everybody, please be good to one another.  

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