Saturday, July 12, 2014

Doctor Who Weekend: Bring Me the Head of Marcelo Carmago

Hi there, Whovians! And welcome to Doctor Who Weekend!

This past week saw the news that the scripts for the first five episodes of Doctor Who Series 8 had been released out into the wild. While Doctor Who fans were tantalized by the prospect of getting a sneak peak at the coming season, most message boards have had the same response on the subject: "No, I can wait."

No only is August 23rd not that far away (but it's far enough, mind you!) but it also undermines the very wonder of watching a Doctor Who episode for the first time. The whole deal of an TV show or movie or play or book or whatever is to enjoy that thing on its own terms. Writers, producers, artists, actors, directors, musicians, creators all put their heart and soul in a work of art and we should get to experience that work as it is. Do we really need to have our experiences deconstructed before we can even experienced them? 

Yeah, I agree with my fellow Whovians: "I can wait." 

No, I really can't! 

OK, yes, I can! 

Oh, this is SO hard!

Meanwhile, I'd really hate to be the poor son of a bitch whose watermarked name appears on the leaked scripts. Were the actions of this Marcelo Camargo deliberate or accidental? In any case, the consequences can't be good. There's no telling how this might turn out.  

Amended, July 13th, 5:37 AM:

Marcelo Carmago has struck again! "Episodes" 1 and 2 made it online. I put "episodes" in quotes because reports are these are rough edits, in black and white, without CGI effects, without final music tracks and with watermarks all over the footage including watermarks of that now most infamous name, Marcelo Carmago. In short, nothing really worth watching other than for the sole purpose of spoiling the actual episodes in question. 

Which we don't want to do!

Stay true blue, Whovians! And stay strong! August 23rd will be here before long!


While my time as a Doctor Who fan goes back over 30 years, my position here in the El family Fortress of Ineptitude as the biggest Doctor Who is frequently challenged by my wife Andrea.  

Recently this cartoon was posted on Twitter and it kind of encapsulates just how this came about.  

Andrea is on Twitter and has like 2,000 followers which isn't fair because I only have 120 followers and I'm way funnier than she is. Among those followers are Doctor Who Magazine editor Tom Spurgeon and Big Finish producer/Dalek voice guy Nicholas Briggs. And they talk to her! Amazing! She finds out stuff in the Whoverse before I do. There's no doubt who the Whovian Supremo is around here these days.  


Last week I teased (or maybe it was more like "threatened") that a new fan fiction was coming here on the blog. Well, next week, it arrives. 

It features the 12th Doctor (which is a neat trick to pull off without having him say "kidneys" all the time). The Doctor has a new face but an old foe is causing trouble with time itself. And Clara Oswald and the denizens of Coal Hill School are caught in the middle of time gone mad.  

Be here in one week for Episode One of...

"Time Of The Dominion"

Until then, be good to one another. 

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