Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Comics Blah Blah Comics: Can Superman Have a Better Life?

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Dave-El here and welcome to I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You, a blog that is a thing on the internet that you're reading right now. 

Below is a panel from a Silver Age Superman story (to which I have amended Superman's thought). 

Now Superman, hold on just a minute! How can you expect to find a better comic book to star in when this one is so jam packed with goodness in just one amazing panel. 

A tiny flying man is carrying a really large (and pissed off looking) cat...excuse me, a "curious Persian cat". Even bigger than the cat is the large word balloon of exposition our little flying man is balancing over his head. And doesn't it almost look like he's carrying the tail of that word balloon like it's an actual balloon! How cute!  

And then there's Lois, explaining stuff that Superman already knows, right? But Superman's a busy guy; I mean, a really, really busy guy. There's all the Superman stuff he does on his own, with Supergirl, with Batman and the Justice League, stuff he does in Metropolis, all over the Earth, out in space, way in the future. And there's also whatever he does in that "secret identity" of his (but Lois just knows, KNOWS has to be that Clark Kent). With ALL of that going on, maybe Superman can't be expected to remember such little details like: 

  • Kandor was on Krypton
  • Kandor was shrunk by Brainiac.
  • Brainiac is a villain a space villain.
  • There are tiny men who live in Kandor.
  • Kandor is in a bottle. 

So Superman, I hope you realize that you cannot be in a better comic than this, with a tiny flying man, a monster Persian cat and a gal pal who helps you remember the little details of life.  

You all be good to one another out there, you here? 


What is it with me and Thursdays? For the 3rd week in a row, I'm blowing off the Thursday post. Apparently I can only be clever 6 days a week instead of 7. 

I will be back on Friday with an ALL NEW edition of Broken News (which shows I can only be clever 5 days out of 7). Then it's another one-two punch Doctor Who Weekend with Love's Labours Won on Saturday (Companions in love! Awwww!) and a review of this weekend's new Doctor Who episode, The Caretaker, which I will post on Sunday

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