Monday, September 15, 2014

What's Up With All the Bullies In the World?

Hi there! Dave-El here and welcome to I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You, the blog that is most disappointed for not being part of SNL's Weekend Update news desk this year.  

So I'm looking around at what's going on in the world and I have to ask: what's up with all the bullies in the world? 


The terrorist douchebags of ISIS are still trying to compensate for their small dicks at the expense of human decency not to mention human heads. You know, to call these ISIS assholes "terrorists" is probably giving them too much credit. They are bullies, hiding behind masks and threats and propaganda. 

Here's the thing, ISIS: whatever agenda you might think is worth your reign of terror, when you engage in murder (and you can call them "executions" or "acts of war", it's still murder) to further that agenda, you lose the right to talk to me. Your message could be to "have your pets spayed or neutered" and my response is, "Fuck you, you are cowardly murderers!" 

And if the camel dung you have in your skulls is capable of any kind of thought, think about this: how far on the wrong side of history are you when other Arab countries are offering to join the airstrikes against you? 

ISIS, you represent a discarded past born of ignorance and fear. It's long past time for the world to collectively crush you under foot and scrape you off our boots like the dog shit you are. Such is the fate all bullies deserve. 


Meanwhile in the United States, we're dealing with bullies within our own borders. The issue of domestic abuse got a lot of renewed attention when video surfaced last week of Baltimore Ravens' Ray Rice striking his then-fiance. It took actually seeing this bastard hitting someone for the NFL to take a more decisive action against Rice than the previously announced 2 game suspension, changing it to an "indefinite ban" even as the Ravens terminated their contract with Rice. Meanwhile the NFL was handing out harsher penalties for violations of league drug policies. One player got a FOUR game suspension for marijuana possession.  So what is the message here: "Hitting a woman is bad but having some weed in your locker is worse"?  

Meanwhile there are other ongoing domestic violence cases involving Greg Hardy of the Panthers and Ray McDonald of the 49ers that the NFL has done jack all about.  Calls for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to step down or be removed are increasing, particularly in light of Goodell's comment that he was unaware of the Rice video even though law enforcement was in touch with NFL officials months ago about it.  

But really, do we need to wait for absolute proof before we take seriously these bullies who use their strength against those less strong? I'm not saying we should take an attitude of "guilty before proven innocent" but given the prevalent nature of domestic abuse amongst NFL players, I think the NFL damn well needs to take this more seriously than it has so far. 

Maybe the message is finally starting to get through. Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera had a change of heart Sunday, benching defensive end Greg Hardy.  And the Minnesota Vikings deactivated Adrian Peterson after he was charged with beating his 4-year-old son with a tree branch.

I know football is a game, it's entertainment and it's diversion but it cannot blind us to what is really important and urgently needs to be addressed. Players in the NFL must be made to know in no uncertain terms that domestic violence will not be tolerated. Ever. 

Then maybe we can turn our attention to other less important football matters like, how much does Tony Romo suck. 


Sometimes bullies don't need physical violence to be a pain in the ass. Some people with an overinflated ego think they can just make people do what they want simply because they are who they are and because they say so. You may call it being a prima donna or what have you but it's just another way to be a bully.  

Case in point was this past Friday when Kanye West refused to continue a show he was performing in Australia until all the fans were out of their seats. When he saw ONE fan who was still seated, Kanya stopped the show and refused to go on until this last person stood up to, I don't know, pay homage to the great and mighty Kanye. Except for one problem: the fan was in a wheelchair.  Standing was not an option for this person. 

Despites shouts from the crowd that this person was in a wheelchair and unable to stand, Kanye West refused to perform until one of his security guards confirmed that the person in the wheelchair could not stand. I suppose we should be thankful that it didn't get worse: Kanye could've ordered the security guard to pick up the person from the wheelchair and hold up that person so Kanye could revel in the glory that he made everyone stand up. 

Putting aside the unfortunate situation with the disabled person, think about this: what kind of egomaniac would demand that everyone stand? People paid good money for their seats and if they feel so moved to get out of those seats and dance to your...whatever shit is you do, Kanye...then great. But that's on you, you selfish son of a bitch, to entertain THEM to get them to that point. To expect your audience to stand because YOU SAY SO just makes you a self-centered bastard and reveals the weakness of your self image. In other words, you're just another damn bully. 


Whew! That's a lot of ranting for one day, I think. 

To you I offer my constant request for all us on this planet: be good to one another. 

See you tomorrow, hopefully with something fun and/or stupid. 

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