Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hot Enough For You?

I can't help but wonder about the future and what the people of tomorrow will think of us today. I know what people think of the people of yesterday: just how stupid can you be to think the world is flat and the sun revolves around us? How stupid to think that certain people were inferior due to sex, race or even religion? How stupid to think that maladies and illnesses were caused by demons and not diseases? 

But there was a time when yesterday was the present and with strong assurances of the rightness of their view, people knew the world was flat, the sun went 'round the earth, women were to be subservient, blacks were to be slaves and Jews were to be shunned, that an illness running rampant through a body was the work of Satan or his minions. 

One might argue that the people of the time did not have any other information to work with. But as we developed our thinking about physics and biology as well as social justice, our knowledge grew and we accepted the enlightenment of our new understanding of the world. 

Yeah, let me call bullshit on that. 

People were punished, murdered even in the face of science revealing how the world and the universe worked. People faced danger and death for promoting the idea of human equality long after our collective conscience should have been clear on the subject. People have suffered needlessly because of resistance to medical science. Along the advancing path of human achievement and understanding have been those who despite shrinking numbers wielded undue influence through ignorance and fear. 

And it continues today.  Even in the face of not just overwhelming data and studies that show our climate is changing but in defiance of our own experience, there are those who continue to refute it, to deny it. "It snowed more than ever last winter at my house! How can global warming exist?" "Climate change is a liberal agenda designed to weaken America." "This is a rush to action when all of the science is not in yet." 

Yeah, the bullshit meter is off the scale on this topic. 

And here's the thing: maybe some of these people actually believe the crap their spouting. They may be ignorant but it's genuine ignorance. But the reality is much more troubling. A lot of these pundits spouting off against "the liberal climate change agenda" KNOW their point of view is bull. But they have a base of power to grow, a source of wealth to protect. It is the self interests of petty people that won't mean a damn to anyone long after their bones are dust. Our future is sacrificed at the altar of today's book sales, cable news ratings, speaking fees and political power. 

What needs to happen is to drown these idiots out. Their numbers are small and their views are weak in the face of overwhelming information and a growing sense amongst the people that something about the world we live in is different and not in a good way. 

Sunday was a good step towards that. 

Rallies held across the world demanding leaders to pay attention and actually do something about climate change. More and more people are starting to realize that the voices of the small minded and weak willed cannot longer carry the day. 

I'm sure Fox News and like minded individuals and organizations will dismiss this as some kind of love fest for tree hugging liberals or what not. But the world doesn't care about my political registration. The world's climate will become more volatile whether I'm a conservative or a liberal. The fate of the world that our children will inherit cannot be a political issue. 

Or else, years in the future as our descendants look over yet another storm ravaged landscape or sun scorched field, they'll will look back to us and wonder why we didn't do what we could to protect them. 

They will wonder why we were so stupid.

Be good to one another. 

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