Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Shhh! He's Sleeping

Hi there! 

It's the day after Labor Day and boy am I zonked! 

A 360 mile round trip in a less than 24 hour time span to visit my mom for Labor Day has left me quite tired, much like this little guy here.

OK, not so little. But yeah, I feel that tired. 

I hope everyone enjoyed Labor Day with the traditional meal of Chinese food at the local Chinese restaurant of their choice. What, that's not how you celebrate Labor Day? OK, you probably gave or attended some sort of barbecue/cook out of hamburgers/hot dogs/roast ostrich. Well, that's your choice. 

So I didn't have Chinese food because of Labor Day, I had Chinese because I visited my mom. There's a Chinese restaurant about 5 miles or so from my mom's house and it is her most favorite place to eat. It's...OK, I guess. Yeah, I've had better but to be fair, it is good. And sometimes food just needs to be good. Sometimes I liked to be wowed by food but mostly I just want to be fed by food.  

Have you ever wished there was a "food pill", not for use all the time but for those times when you're hungry but you just don't give a damn what you want to eat? You just need sustenance.  I know for me that when I have no preference for what I want to eat is usually when I make the worst dietary decisions.  Oh hell, I don't care, order a pizza for crying out loud.  Or just grab a cheeseburger. Or worse yet a cheeseburger-like substance at McDonald's.  Which is why I'm starting to look like this guy.

All right, that's kind of mean and I'm sorry. Sort of. Maybe.

For a guy who is professing to be tired, I seemed to be typing a lot of things. About food. Dammit, I'm hungry. I need to go lie down. 


Before I go, here's a look at what's coming up on the blog for the rest of this week: 

Wednesday: the return of Comics Blah Blah Comics after a 3 week absence. I look back over the Zero Year storyline that ran in Batman for the past year. Did we need a new look at Batman's origin? Did it need to be a whole year? Did it work? My assessment on that tomorrow.

Thursday: Now I have not done one of these in months. No wonder the coffers are running bare. So it's time for another edition of And Now A Word From Our Sponsor where I give over my blog to a commercial sponsor in exchange for money. Or sex. No, never sex. Just kidding. Always money, always! No sex! (except once) Just money! Find out who's dumb enough desperate enough willing to sponsor this blog in two days. 

Friday: Broken News is back and it's ALL NEW and PARTIALLY FUNNY! Satire on the week's headlines and news pictures and other assorted nonsense coming in three days

And the weekend brings Doctor Who posts for Saturday AND Sunday

Thanks for dropping by (yawn!) and be good (yawn) to one anoth....

Shhh! He's sleeping.

Is Dave-El Stressed?

A day after Dave-El's birthday, another year older and closer to death, am I feeling stressed? YES! Yes, I am a bit stressed!!!