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Doctor Who Weekend: The Son of the Master - Episode One

Hi there, fellow Whovians! Dave-El here and welcome to Doctor Who Weekend!

After 14 straight weeks of posting Doctor Who stuff each Saturday AND Sunday, I've pulled the Doctor Who stuff back to just one day a week, most like on Sunday.  

With Series 8 in the rearview mirror and the wonders of the Christmas Special in front of us, what to do in the here and now? 

I've decided to embark on another fan fiction. 

Uh oh! 

OK, the last time I did this was back this summer when I posted a five episode serial I called Time of the Dominion. It was in that story that I had the audacity to have a story featuring the 12th Doctor BEFORE I ever saw Peter Capaldi's first episode. I played it a bit safe (The Doctor was barely in episodes three and four) but I think I wrote the new Doctor saying and doing things pretty much within character as we came to experience him over the 12 weeks of his debut series. 

When I first began working on the story, it was supposed to be a bit of a one off, no more than two, maybe three parts with a relatively minor temporal problem plaguing Clara and the rest of the staff and students at Coal Hill School. Instead the story ran off without me and threatened to destroy all of time and the very foundations of reality! And with not one but TWO Doctor Who foes at the core of everything, the Master AND the Rani.

Granted the Master was a head in a jar. And when Time of the Dominion was done, I hadn't explained how the head got there. And just to make my life a bit harder, I wrote a final scene where the head in a jar is in the hands of someone who calls the Master..."Father".

Well, I better get to that then. But before I do...

More background on this story such as how Steven Moffat did AND did not mess up my plans for this story will be covered at the start of next week's post. 

Next up the disclaimer. 

And now a cup of tea. 

And here we go

The Son of the Master
by David Long 
Episode One


Black screen. 

Then a graphic appears: 


The Future

Then through the black screen comes the glow of a red light. An image coalesces and the scene is one of horror and destruction, buildings shattered to rubble with fire and smoke everywhere. Somewhere beyond the fire and smoke, sounds shatter the air, sounds of explosions, sirens and screaming.  

As our view passes along the endless carnage we see a blue box, the Doctor’s TARDIS. And several yards away we see a thin figure in black walking into the chaos. 

We see black boots trod heavily across the shattered Earth, kicking up dust and rocks. Then the booted feet come to a halt. Our view pans up the form of the Doctor, dressed in black, barely a shadow against the chaos around him. His expression is stern and angry. 

The Doctor (shouting):
Come out, come out wherever you are!  You can’t hide from me! 

Suddenly a cold, mad cackle of a laugh cuts through the din of chaos. 

Voice: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Hide? From you? 

The Doctor turns slowly but resolutely towards the sound of the voice. 

Voice: Why would I hide from YOU? Best you hide from ME, lest you die! 

The Doctor warily eyes the skies around him. 

The Doctor: You talk a big game, pudding brain! But it’s all talk! 

Voice: Talk? Are you mad, Doctor? Look upon my works, ye mighty and despair! 

The Doctor: All this you mean? The work of a petulant child! 

Voice (angry): DO NOT MOCK ME, DOCTOR! 

Suddenly atop a dark mound of rubble appears a dark cloaked figure. 

The Doctor (unfazed): Nice cape you got there! Did your mother make it for you? 

The cloaked figure extends a hand and fire leaps from it through the air and striking the ground near the Doctor’s feet.

The Cloaked Man: Have a care, Doctor! I have the power of life and death over you!

The Doctor calmly takes a few steps towards the mound. 

The Doctor: No, you just have the power of death and any prattling idiot can master that. 

Another bolt of fire flies from fingertips to ground as the Doctor continues to walk forward a few more steps, the stops and with firm resolve looks at the cloaked man. 

The Doctor: Your reign of death is over! Your time is up! It’s time to come down from that play mountain!

The Cloaked Man: You are a fool, Doctor! 

The Doctor (shouting): DO AS YOUR TOLD! 

The cloaked man stands firm upon the mound of rubble. 

The Cloaked Man: I will have my inheritance! I will have this world! And I will have no more of YOU! 

With a dramatic flourish, two arms extend forth from the swirling dark cloak as fire shoots forth from both hands and our entire view is filled with light. 

The golden and crimson fires fade to a calm light blue. 

Then a graphic appears: 



Scene change: a large crowd has gathered in a section of London. On the periphery, we see a number of old buildings but the drawing the attention of everyone is the sleek, modern structure that stands gleaming among the soot stained bricks.  We see various representatives of the media in the crowd. Something big is about to happen. 

Our view shifts away from the crowded, past the gleaming metal and glass of this new structure as we see a group of people silhouetted against the light that shines through the window. In the middle is a tall man who stands above the rest. His name is Adam Masterson with golden blonde hair  just right to look perfectly unruly. He’s dressed in a very smart looking suit. He’s just oozing arrogance and wealth and power. 

On one side is his assistant, Liam Sterling. Liam is also wearing a rather nice suit but otherwise he is everything Adam Masterson is not: pale, stoop shouldered, black hair held firmly and unimaginatively in place like a helmet, he is the personification of the opposite of arrogant. On the other side is another assistant, a young woman with light brown skin and a head adorned with a cascade of auburn hair. She is well dressed in a dark blue blazer with a matching skirt that is almost but not quite too short and shiny black pumps. Her name is Jasmine Tate and while she is not as powerfully assertive as her boss, her beauty and bearing are very clear that she is way out of Liam’s league.  

And there are other people but they’re not important so we move on. 

Adam: Time, Liam? 

Liam: It’s 2 minutes past 5 o’clock, Mr. Masterson. 

Jasmine: Begging your pardon, sir, but your presentation…

Adam: …was supposed to start 2 minutes ago, yes, dear Jasmine, I know. Forgive me in indulging in a bit of theater. Builds the suspense, you know. 

Adam shivers and grins.

Adam: Isn’t this exciting? C’mon, Liam, lighten up. This is a great moment! 

Liam checks data on his tablet. 

Liam: I, er, I wouldn’t know, sir. I’m just here to serve. 

Adam chuckles. 

Adam: My dear man, I’m going to change you yet, mark my words. 

Adams turns to Jasmine. 

Adam: And what about you, sweet Jasmine?

Adam reaches out and lightly touches her hair. She smiles demurely. 

Jasmine: This is going to be a great day, Mr. Masterson…

Adam: Jasmine? 

Jasmine: Sorry. Adam. But…

Adam: Yes?

Jasmine: It’s now 5:03. 

Adam loudly claps his hands together. 

Adam: And so it is! There’s suspense and then there’s just being rude! C’mon, let’s make some magic!

Adam steps ahead and his entourage follows behind. Adam throws his arms wide as he pushes open the glass double doors and steps out onto the balcony. Immediately the crowd breaks out into cheers and applause. 

Adam approaches a bank of microphones, waving to the crowd and grinning broadly. 

Adam (very forcefully): HELLO, LONDON!!!

And the crowd cheers and claps some more. Adam holds out his arms with his palms outstretched, a display of modesty in front of this adoring crowd.  

Adam: Ladies and gentlemen, it is my humble honor to stand before you today. I am here to bring to fruition a dream and a promise! A dream to launch this enterprise and a promise to do it here, where people need jobs, yes, but more than that, where people need hope. Maybe there are others who can do what I’m starting here today but they lack the will. Well, I CAN AND I WILL!!!

Crowd cheers and applauds loudly. 

Adam: The government doesn't think you’re worth the time! Big business doesn’t think you’re worth the investment of their considerable wealth! But they are WRONG! You are worth MY time and MY money! Because you deserve to have hope again! 

More cheering. 

Adam: Masterson Industries begins today the first step towards a brighter tomorrow, with good jobs and amazing opportunities! And it ALL! STARTS! NOW!

Adam pushes a button on a console by the microphones and suddenly the sleek new building glows with light that holds back the deepening twilight. A sign at the top of the building announces to the world that this is the home of Masterson FutureWare! 

As the crowd below continues to cheer and applaud, Adam Masterson turns towards Liam and Jasmine with a very self-satisfied smile. But with the setting sun to his back, his face in shadow, it’s not at all a pleasant perspective. 

Adam (voice low but still smiling): And thus, our conquest of the world…has begun. 

Jasmine smiles brightly at this but Liam looks almost...angry.

Meanwhile our view extends beyond the balcony to the crowd below. Off to the periphery is a familiar looking blue box just on the edge of a street light's glow.  And walking away from the TARDIS is a rather determined looking Doctor. 

The Doctor enters the ultra-sleek and modern atrium of FutureWare and a brightly smiling young man at the reception desk looks up to greet the Doctor.  

Phil (way too perky):  Hi, my name is Phil. How may I help you today?

The Doctor (the absolute opposite of perky):  Phil, I have at least 99 problems. Please don’t be one of them. 

The Doctor flashes his psychic paper. 

The way too perky grin on Phil’s face fades just a fraction. 

Phil: “Health and Safety”? Another inspection? This late in the day?

The Doctor: Phil, we’re heading towards a brighter tomorrow. It’s imperative that everyone is healthy. 


The Doctor: And safe.  

Phil: Of course, Mr…?

The Doctor: Smith. John Smith. Phil, are you becoming one of my problems? 

Phil (nervous): N-no, Mr. Smith. 

The Doctor leans in close to Phil, eyes flaring, eyebrows extra angry. 

The Doctor: So I best be getting on my way, hmm? 

Phil (still nervous):  Yes, yes. By all means. 

The Doctor pulls back. 

The Doctor: Then I’ll go. 

The Doctor starts to step away and then pauses.

The Doctor: Have a good day, Phil.  

Phil: You…you too, Mr. Smith. 

As the Doctor strides away, Phil exhales a long breath and then his perky smile reasserts itself as he greets another person. 

Meanwhile the Doctor enters an elevator. 

The Doctor: Well, Clara, let’s see what there is…


The Doctor: …to see.

The Doctor looks to his right at the empty space beside him and his expression is somber.

The Doctor: Yeah. Right. 

The elevator goes “ding” as the doors slide open. The Doctor passes a scientist and flashes the psychic paper. 

The Doctor: Health and Safety.

Scientist: What? Again?

The Doctor walks quickly away. 

This is followed by a quick montage of the Doctor passing various people in lab coats, maintenance uniforms, suits, security uniforms. To each person, he gives a quick flash of the psychic paper and a terse “Health and Safety” as he walks confidently past. 

The Doctor approaches a door. He tries the handle. 

The Doctor (to himself): Ah, that won’t do. There could be a threat to health and/or safety in there.

The Doctor furtively retrieves his sonic screwdriver and uses it on the door as it pops open. 

The Doctor enters a semi-dark room which is filled with a variety of scientific equipment. 

The Doctor begins scanning with his sonic screwdriver. 

The Doctor: OK, let’s see what we have…

Suddenly a voice calls out. 

Voice: Hello? 

The Doctor turns towards the voice and then gives a sly smile. 

The Doctor: Ah, there you are! Found you at last! 

Voice: Well, it’s about time! 

Our view shifts to a certain canister containing a certain head. 

The Master: My nose has one hell of an itch!!

-----to be continued-----

Next time...

  • The secret of the Master's head...revealed!
  • Adam! 
  • Armageddon is coming...and the Doctor can't stop it! 

Episode Two of 

The Son of the Master

See you here next Sunday.

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