Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Random Six For Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

Hi there! 

Dave-El here and welcome to I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You, the internet's leading producer of butternut squash.  

After a day away, I'm back but I'm not sure why. So I'm going to prattle on about six random topics. 

And if you've come here because you were Googling "Random Sex", sorry about that.  

Speaking of "six", not "sex"...


Saw Big Hero 6 this weekend.  

I found it to be quite an enjoyable film with lots of action, humor and drama. Anyone who is remotely genre savvy will figure out who the bad guy is behind the kabuki mask. But there was enough else that was unique about the film that kept me interested. Not least was the beautifully realized setting of the movie, a delightful hodgepodge of past, present and future perspectives of San Francisco and Tokyo unified in one amazing city.  

Other thoughts: 
  • The short before the movie, Feast, was a funny/sad little film, a hand drawn animated tale about a dog and his human diet...oh, and his owner and the woman he loves. A very sweet story.
  • Note to parents: just because a movie is "animated" doesn't mean its a cartoon for kids. So to the parent who brought their 3 year old who became either frightened and/or bored, it's not a movie for 3 year olds. 
  • Noticed how much Marvel has backed off from this movie? Apparently the Disney people scanned the back catalogue of stuff when they bought Marvel and someone landed on Big Hero 6 as a great idea for a movie. Which it was and is. But Marvel hasn't published any tie-in comics (much to my daughter's consternation). I'm thinking Big Hero 6 is a creator-owned project that does not tie into Marvel's wider long term movie plans. But still Marvel, don't be a douche about it. 


One of my favorite followers on Twitter is Brian Jackson who can be found on Twitter under @brianwjackson. Yeah, hiding in plain sight. The man is cool. 

He will post something that I just have to steal...er, use for my own entertainment purposes. 

For example he posted a photo of a woodland creature and I added my own text. 

Brian, bless him, favorited that. Brian's a cool follower on Twitter. Most of my other followers make a point to remind me of the restraining orders they have against me. 


I have a very low bar when it comes to declaring someone as naked. If I don't see clothes, I will act on the assumption the person I'm seeing is naked. A TV commercial for shampoo or body wash? That's a naked woman on my TV screen! 

No, I'm not seeing nipples or any other "naughty bits" but seriously, very few people dress for a shower. I know that when that commercial was shot, this woman was probably wearing a swim suit or some other covering while surrounded by a film crew. I know she's not really naked. But that's not the message, is it? I'm supposed to believe this woman is really in a shower deriving great joy from her shampoo. If I'm suppose to believe she is really in the shower, then I can believe she is really naked. 

And simply believing you are naked makes you naked. 

I bring up all that to post this: a naked woman surrounded by puppies.

OK, is this woman really naked? Probably not but hey, do you see any clothes? I don't see any clothes! Ipso facto, this woman meets my definition of naked! Granted, unlike pretending to be in a shower, a woman being naked while covered in puppies is not a normal thing. 

But again, I can't see any clothes. So...she's naked. 


Another of my fave cool Twitter follower Hell Is Empty posted this panel from a comic book. 

I'm not sure what the long term plan is here but a quest for power built on blood, violence and comfortable furniture is a rather unusual approach.  

What's the secret of the world's most comfortable chair? You just have to come down to LEX LUTHOR'S CHAIR-A-RAMA & get one TODAY!

Luthor's chair store would be #1 if it wasn't for Krazy Kal-El's Sensational Seats & Sofas.

Yes, I derived humor from our targeted chairmaker being bald just like Lex Luthor. Guys, I am an award winning and published humorist. I know what I'm doing. Do not attempt such comedy at home without proper supervision.



Blogger which supports my blog has some nifty handy-dandy features to track traffic towards my blog. 

I don't look at it because I don't do this blog to cross-sell with Amazon. I do it just to give me an outlet to write stupid shit like this post today. I'm reluctant to look at the traffic stats because one of two things will happen: 

1) I will have confirmed the harsh cold reality that no one is reading this blog. I'd rather suspect I'm babbling solo into the World Wide Wilderness than know for sure.
2) I find out to my horror that somebody has actually read this blog. 

So a few days ago I screwed up my courage a bit to see what the stats had to tell me. 

1) Most of the access to this blog comes through Google. 
2) While an overwhelming majority of those checking this blog are in the United States, 2nd highest number of hits comes from Ukraine. 
3) The most frequently accessed blog post within the last week was this one about Lea Thompson

Apparently Lea is a big draw for this blog so I'm going to post another pic of the enchanting Ms. Thompson. 

So I must say that LEA THOMPSON has the most appreciative fans in the world and I thank the fans of LEA THOMPSON for taking the time of visiting this blog as we express out mutual admiration for LEA THOMPSON.


Finally, for just the sheer hell of it....


Why? Because I can, bucko! Because. I. Can.  


I think I need to take some meds and get some rest. Sorry, no blog post tomorrow but I will back on Thursday in which we take a look at women's BREASTS! 

That should get some trafffic around here, huh? 

Then on Friday, it's a new edition of Broken News. And on Sunday, Doctor Who Weekend presents Episode One of a NEW fan fiction, The Son of the Master

Until next time, be good to one another.  

And don't forget LEA THOMPSON  

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