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Doctor Who Weekend: The Son of the Master - Episode Two

Hi there to all the Whovians of Whoville! I'm Dave-El and welcome to my weekend post of all things Doctor Who. I call it Doctor Who Weekend. (And I call this computer I type things on "My Typing Things On Computer".)  

So there's buzz about the Whovian community about what's up with Jenna Coleman. There were rumors early on that Jenna would be leaving her role as Clara Oswald but when? Steven Moffat and the rest of the Who crew were of course no help in providing answers. So we saw Clara make it to the end of Doctor Who Series 8 and we know she's in the Christmas special

But after that?

Some sources have Jenna Coleman gone as of the Christmas special while other sources have her returning for at least part of Series 9. And a BBC executive weighed in to clear up this matter with the following: Wait until the Christmas special to learn what happens next to Clara Oswald and Jenna Coleman

Well, that's stupid. We actually have to wait until the next installment of Doctor Who to see what happens next? 

OK, yeah, that's how it's supposed to work.  

So despite all the curiosity swirling around the conflicting rumors, I do hope the Doctor Who crew and the BBC can keep the lid on this one until Christmas. Jenna's first appearance on Doctor Who in Asylum of the Daleks was a genuine surprise; it seems that maybe her exit should be too.  

Last week, I posted The Son of the Master -Episode One, following up on my fan fiction from this past summer, Time of the Dominion.  

You might think I had put myself into a fix by having the head of the Master, still looking very much like John Simm, in a jar. After all, no less than the grand poobah of Doctor Who, the Moff himself, brought the Master back in the form of Michelle Gomez

But the truth is no, I know exactly how the Master in a Jar came to be and nothing in the actual episodes of Doctor Who can impact it. 

Another thing I was cautious about was including Clara as a companion. As I worked out the details of the story, I had no idea where the Doctor's relationship with Clara would be when I resumed writing this story in November. For all I knew she would be off on a honeymoon with Danny Pink. (Take a moment for the feels. Let it out. OK? Let's move on.)  So I decided to not include her. So the Doctor and Clara not being together at the end of Series 8 did not affect my plans. 


I thought the Doctor still needed someone to talk to so I decided to have the Doctor drop in on UNIT and...

Yes, I was going to use Osgood as a temporary companion. 

Well, Missy and the Moff had other plans. Which was a shame because I had written some clever drafts of the Doctor and Osgood interacting and...and...

OK, now I need a moment for the feels.  


Let's move on. First up is the disclaimer.

Next up is a something for my daughter. 

And now....

The larch. 

And now...

The Son of the Master
by David Long
Episode Two  


Scene opens, exterior: Masterson FutureWare, glowing against the nighttime sky of London.

Scene change, interior: Briskly walking down a corridor is Adam Masterson and Jasmine Tate. Jasmine is updating Adam on his itinerary from her computer tablet.  

Jasmine: On Tuesday, you will arrive in New York for the meeting with the Stock Exchange and the United States Secretary of Commerce on the establishing a....

Adam: Wait! Secretary of Commerce? I don't get to meet the President? 

Jasmine: Er, the President is busy and...

Adam (rolling his eyes): Well, perhaps I'm too busy to establish a presence for Masterson FutureWare in America. Oh, the things I put up with. What about tonight, Jasmine?

Jasmine: There's the reception at 8:00 honoring you for today's FutureWare launch in London and...

Adam puts his hand on Jasmine's shoulder as they both stop walking. 

Adam: I mean...after the reception. You have my life on that tablet of yours. What's my schedule afterwards? Please tell me I'm free for the evening. 

Jasmine: Actually, er, yes, yes you are. 

Adam: And please tell me...

Adam's finger gently presses Jasmine's tablet down as she looks up at Adam.

Adam: are free for the evening as well. 

Jasmine: Ah, well, I....

Suddenly a buzzing alert sounds from Jasmine's tablet. 

Voice: Ms. Tate?  

Jasmine: Yes, Jeremy? What is it? 

Jeremy (voice): Ms. Tate. You need to inform Mr. Masterson we've had a breach in security. 

Adam (sighs): Oh, details, details, why do I have to be bothered....?

Jeremy (voice): It's in Sector 8. 

Adam actually looks concerned. 

Adam and Jasmine walk very determinedly towards the elevator. 

Jasmine: Sector 8? Has anyone entered...?

Jeremy (voice): No ma'am. Maximum protocols are in place. Only Mr. Masterson and Mr. Sterling have access. 

Adam and Jasmine enter the elevator.  

Jasmine: Then how did...? Oh never mind. Contact Liam Sterling immediately and have him meet us at Sector 8. 

Jeremy (voice): Yes, ma'am.  

The elevator doors close.  

Scene change: A semi-darkened laboratory filled with scientific equipment. In the room is the Doctor and on a desk top is the special canister that contains the head of the Master. 

The Doctor (impatient): I've been looking for you with no sign. All of sudden the energy signature of ancient Gallifreyan tech is lighting up all of London! 

The Master: Well, the people here have been quite busy.

The Doctor: What's going on here?

The Master: The future. This company is on the verge of changing this world, Doctor. All thanks to a fellow named Adam Masterson. Oh, you gotta love that name, huh?

The Doctor: I heard his speech earlier. A paragon of arrogance in love with the sound of his own voice.

The Master: Aww! Doctor, are you jealous?

The Doctor (ignoring the Master): It didn't really register before, I was busy with the Rani...

The Master: Oh, the Rani? How is she?

The Doctor: Dead. 

The Master: Pity.

The Doctor: But that bubbling cauldron your head is bobbing in is a prototype of life suspension developed in the days of Rasillon before proper TARDIS shielding was developed. 

The Master: Yeah, you can't beat the classics. 

The Doctor: How did you get in there?

The Master: I honestly don't know. 

The Doctor: I honestly don't believe you. 

The Master: And I honestly don't give a damn. In fact I don't even know how I came to this. 

The Doctor: Really? 

The Master: Really! But I really don't care, you know. Still have the greatest genius in the cosmos...up here. You know, this is when I miss having a body because at this point I would tap my head for emphasis. 

The Doctor: So someone's reverse engineered your little head jar....

The Master: Oh it's a little project I'm working on. With a little help from my son.

The Doctor: Your...what? 

Adam Masterson and Liam Sterling enter the room with Jasmine Tate standing back in the doorway.  

Adam: Now I was not expecting company. Ms. Tate, please keep security at bay unless I say otherwise. 

Jasmine: Yes sir. 

Jasmine closes the door. Inside, Adam and Liam approach the Doctor. Adam looks almost bemused but Liam has a dark look about him, as if he really doesn't like what's going on here.  

The Doctor tenses up as he turns but Adam holds up a hand. 

Adam: Please, relax. I would like to meet the man who could just blithely walk past everyone to come to this place. 

The Doctor: You'll see I am here on the highest authority! 

The Doctor holds up the psychic paper. 

Adam: The Ministry of Silly Walks? 

The Doctor: Yes...what?! 

The Doctor looks at the paper in confusion. 

Adam: Oh, you must be the Doctor! Our partner has told us so much about you. 

The Doctor (sideways glance at the Master): Oh, he has? 

Adam: Oh yes. Some of it actually quite complimentary. 

The Doctor: He's always had a thing for me. 

The Master: Hello! What? 

Adam: It was so nice of you to come and pay us a visit, Doctor. But as I said, the Master has told us...well, warned us about you. So I'm afraid...

The Doctor: What? Have me shot, driven somewhere and dumped in a river? 

Adam: Actually, I was going to say that I insist you stay as our guest. I think I might want to know more about you. 

The Doctor: Oh? 

Adam: You know, before I have you shot, driven somewhere and dumped in a river. 

The Doctor: Oh. 

Adam (laughing): Oh, I'm just kidding. Dump you in the river? Please, we have incinerators for that!

Adam (to the Master): We'll see to our guest and then Liam or myself will be back to check on you later. 

The Master: That will be just dandy. Good night, Doctor! 

The Doctor, Adam and Liam exit from the room. 

Scene change: in the hallway. Adam is still all smiles as he and Liam lead the Doctor towards Jasmine and the security detail. The Doctor casts a glance over to Liam who is still quiet and sullen then refocuses on Adam.  

Adam: I suppose it has been quite a trying day for you, Doctor. My executive assistant, Jasmine Tate, will see to your needs. Jasmine, see that the Doctor has the most comfortable of our residential suites. Doctor, I'll see you at breakfast. We have much to discuss. And, Liam...? 

Liam: Yes? 

Adam: Pass the word: if the Doctor is seen anywhere else in the building other than his quarters without an escort from you, myself or Ms. Tate...

Adam drops the smile a moment. 

Adam: Shoot to kill. 

Adam resumes smiling. 

Adam: Have a pleasant evening, Doctor. 

Jasmine: This way, Doctor. 

The Doctor and Jasmine walk away and enter an elevator. The doors close. Liam stands glaring at the door then turns towards Adam.  

Liam: Is this wise? 

Adam: Is this wise? Ha! We have another version of the Master in the building only this one has arms and legs! Of course it isn't wise! 

Liam: He's going to ruin everything. 

Adam: Oh let him try. And we'll drop his head in a jar and see how he likes it. 

Adam slaps Liam on the back. 

Adam: C'mon, Liam, old mate, we've got a reception to get to.  

Scene change: The Doctor and Jasmine are in the elevator.  

Jasmine: They called you the Doctor.

The Doctor: Yes.

Jasmine: Doctor...who? 

The Doctor: Precisely. 

The elevator dings and the doors open. 

Jasmine: What? 

The Doctor: Nothing. Just "The Doctor" will do. 

The two exit the elevator. They are moving down a plush hallway, a far warmer place than the cold sterile floor they had been on before. 

Jasmine: Your suite is this way, Doctor. 

The Doctor: Thank you. Now, that Adam Masterson fellow, very charming, even with that whole "shoot to kill" thing going on. 

Jasmine: Oh, Adam...I mean, Mr. Masterson is a most generous man and kind to those who help him. Those who would stand in the way of his dream, well, towards them he's more serious. 

The Doctor: Deadly serious, I'd say. 

Jasmine: I'm sure he was just being "colorful". 

The Doctor: That's one way to look at it. So about what was in that room...

Jasmine: Ah, Sector 8. I actually am out of the loop on that. 

The Doctor: Really? Out of the loop? Here I thought you were more than just a pretty face. 

Jasmine: I am Ad...Mr. Masterson's chief executive assistant. I administrate all of his business and personal affairs. 

The Doctor: Except Sector 8. 

Jasmine: Everyone is entitled to their secrets, Mr. "The Doctor".  

The Doctor: Fair enough, I suppose. 

Jasmine: Besides whatever he and Liam Sterling are up to down there is beyond me. 

The Doctor: Liam? The other fellow? What's his story? 

Jasmine: Oh, Liam. Liam is very important to the Paradigm Project. 

The Doctor: The Paradigm Project? 

Jasmine: The reason Masterson FutureWare exists. Adam's dream. 

The Doctor: Mr. Masterson's dream. 

Jasmine: Right, Mr. Masterson's dream. 

Jasmine leads the Doctor to a door which she opens passing a card over a laser scanner. The door opens and Jasmines directs the Doctor to enter.

Jasmine: Doctor, I hope this suite will be to your liking. 

Wide view of a very spacious and posh living quarters. 

The Doctor (scrunches his face): A bit small but it'll do. No computer? 

Jasmine: Sorry. Security measure. 

The Doctor: Ah. Pity. I was hoping to catch up on some Candy Crush. Would some pencil and paper be out of order? 

Jasmine: I believe you'll find what you need in the desk drawer. Good night, Doctor. 

The Doctor: Good night. And Jasmine? 

Jasmine: Yes? 

The Doctor: You seem like a nice girl, Jasmine, so please take my advice. Be careful. 

Jasmine looks puzzled and gives a half smile as she leaves, closing the door.  

Screen goes to black. Then a graphic appears. 

London. The Future.  

Smoke swirls everywhere as fire crackles and burns amongst the ruins, Through the smoke and fire, we see an explosion of energy.  As the glow subsides, we see the Doctor standing looking up at a cloaked figure standing upon a mountain of rubble. 

The Doctor (angry and defiant): You keep missing the mark! Is your aim really that bad or....?

The Cloaked Man (cold and brittle): Perhaps I like toying with you, Doctor! Like a hamster in a cage! 

The Doctor: Or maybe it's all fire and fury, signifying nothing! You're nothing! You don't have the stomach for murder!

Fire leaps from the fingertips of the cloaked man that arcs through the air and explodes the ground to the Doctor's side. 

The Cloaked Man: Have a care, Doctor! I will shed your blood as I have shed the blood of others before you! 

The Doctor catches a glimpse of a body lying in the rubble. He rushes towards it. It's a woman, her clothes dirty, torn and streaked with blood. It's Jasmine Tate. 

The Doctor (whispers): Jasmine? 

----to be continued------


Next time...
  • The secret of the Master's head...revealed!
  • Adam! 
  • Armageddon is coming...and the Doctor can't stop it! 

Wait a minute! Didn't I say all that at the end of Episode One? 

  • We still don't know the secret of the Master's head!
  • The only thing exposed about Adam Masterson is he won't stop hitting on Jasmine.

True but armageddon is still coming so there's that.  

For what happens next, read Episode Three of 

The Son of the Master

See you here next Sunday.

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