Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Am Dave-El and I Approve This Message

Today is Tuesday, November 2nd, 2014 and here in the United States of America or USA (or as I like to call it, "Oohsa"), it is Election Day.  And this is good news indeed. Why? 

Because it means that tomorrow all the radio and TV political campaign ads will go away and be replaced by slightly less embarrassing ads for Erectile Dysfunction.  

If you live in a state where there is a hotly contested race for anything...the House of Representatives, Senator, Governor, whatever...chances are you have been inundated with commercial after commercial telling youy what a fucking pile of shit the other candidate is.  

I would say, "Pardon my language" but hell no. I think saying "what a fucking pile of shit the other candidate is" most accurately represents the current political landscape.  

Here in North Carolina, we have been blessed with one of those hotly contested races for the US Senate seat currently occupied by Democrat Kay Hagan. Her opponent is Republican Thom Tillis. 

Judging from the various ads, I can determine the following: 

  • If Kay Hagan is re-elected, the USA will fall into a burning pit of hellfire and we will be forever plague by torments beyond all reason. Also schools will be overcrowded and covered in shit.  
  • If Thom Tillis wins this election, the USA will descend into a zombie apocalyptic anarchy while rich people ass fuck the suffering poor whilst sipping Champagne from their gold plated yachts.  

Now to be fair, a lot of these ads do not technically come from either the Hagan or Tillis campaigns but from PACs (Political Action Committees) which can spend almost all they want with virtually no limits or oversight. I guess short of calling Kay Hagan a baby eating Satanist or Thom Tillis a hatching wielding serial killer, PACs can say whatever they want.  And I'm not sure even those limits apply. 

A favorite tactic of the anti-Hagan ads is the beat us over the head with this number: 96%. That's how often Kay Hagan has reportedly voted in line with President Obama's agenda. I'm thinking, Wow! A Senate Democrat voting in line with a Democratic President 96% of the time? What about the 4% of the time she didn't? Am I to not believe that other Senators and Representatives are not in in lockstep with their party in similar percentages? How many times has Mitch McConnell voted with the GOP platform or in line with George W Bush when he was President?  

The thing is if Thom Tillis wants to take Kay Hagan's Senate seat, he wants to make this less about Hagan herself and more about Obama. Because that is where the hate is, people. 

Right now Obama's approval rating is hovering just above 40%. While not good by any stretch of the imagination, it's still way better than the 12% approval rating Congress currently enjoys. (Meanwhile, dogshit enjoys a 15% approval rating.) Yet conservatives seeking seats in the House and Senate are pushing Obama's real and perceived negatives as a reason to obtain or keep their positions in Congress. You know, keep the Congress that sucks more than the President because the President is Obama. 

And make no mistake, this is an approach that works because there are just enough people out there who have been convinced that Barack Obama is just this side of the Anti-Christ that such an approach has a good chance at working. 

Just this past week, I heard a relative place the blame squarely on Obama for cutting a certain military program. That this cut was the result of the sequester deal or a specific cut set forth by the Secretary of Defense, it doesn't matter. "Thanks to Obama, that program was cut" is the viewpoint.  And this person gets to vote. And there are a lot of other people just like him.  

Now I could pontificate that President Obama is not the greatest President but he's far from the worst and he's had to work constantly against an endless stream of obstacles since day one. But I've written more words on this than I intended. And I want to get back to Hagan and Tillis for a moment before I wrap this up. 

To voters in North Carolina, remember that Thom Tillis is not running against Barack Obama, he's running against Kay Hagan. Whatever their respective strengths or weaknesses, that is the crux of our decision here in this state today. Between those two people, choose wisely and well. 

And tomorrow, let's see if we can some new information on Erectile Dysfunction. 


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Until then, be good to one another. 


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