Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday Stuff 'n' Junk

It's the day after my day off to do stuff day and I accounted for myself pretty OK given my usual track record of making plans to do stuff and then taking a nap because making plans to do stuff wore me out. 

Taxes are done. OK, federal taxes are done. Already filed and accepted so that's a good thing. Well, at least a bad thing that's no longer weighing on my mind. I still haven't finished my state taxes but that's because as hard as you think it is to understand the federal tax code, my state has added a lovely extra layer of varnish that makes filling out state taxes even harder to grasp. Well, it seems that way to me. Anyway, I spent enough of my day with the IRS. The North Carolina Department of Revue can wait another day. 


Bills got paid and laundry was done so yay me! However grocery shopping still needs to be done and I punted yard work to Saturday.  

On the other hand, I got some numbers to work up our home refurbishment budget. It will be nice to live in a house that looks like a house again.  


This week's Doctor Who fan fiction is written and good to go. Look for that on the blog tomorrow (Sunday). 


A few weeks ago I complained that my computer was getting slower and slower in the wake of a virus that hit it. I finally had to put aside my self-esteem (it is so small, so fragile) and take the computer in to the computer guys. As I posted on Monday, they got the job done. But it has necessitated me rebuilding a number of project files I had on my computer. And more photos were lost to the virus than I originally suspected. I have tried to not think about what photos or records have been lost forever and my own stupidity for not backing things up more often. So to the soulless bastards who think its fun to fuck up someone's computer, well... fuck you! 

OK, I'm feeling depressed now. You know what this means?

This means this blog needs a dose of...


And the world is a little bit better. Thank you, Morgan Fairchild! Thank you so very much!

And thank you, blog reader, for dropping by. If you're a Doctor Who fan, episode three of The Crucible of Eternity will be posted in this space tomorrow.

Until then, be good to one another.  

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