Friday, April 17, 2015

What is Sexy? Discuss!

I like to read Ken Levine's blog everyday. And you should too; it's a smart, funny and insightful look at the worlds of writing, television, radio and baseball announcing. 

The post for Wednesday April 15th was about nostalgia TV.  Ken elected to open this post with an image of this woman. 

Elizabeth Montgomery, the star of the classic sitcom,Bewitched and the subject of Ken's adolescent and continuing fascination. Oh, I know where of you speak, Ken. I'm about 10 years younger than Ken but I remember catching reruns of Bewitched and I thought that Samantha Stevens was the absolutely best wife a man could ever have and Darrin was a total dick about the whole "not letting Sam use her magic" thing. Me, if I was married to Samantha, I'd let her magic up whatever she wanted. Especially when she was brought to so beautifully to life by the amazing Elizabeth Montgomery.  

Ken's thoughts on nostalgia TV are very interesting and a subject I may want to address myself some day. Some of the shows I used to obsess over when I was younger. For example, I used to memorize Gabe Kaplan's closing scene joke from each week's Welcome Back Kotter and tell it at school the next day. Wait, I think I'm having an insight to my lack of a social life when I was in school. 

Well,TV talk can wait for another time. What sparked today's post was the juxtaposition of Ken's chosen image of Elizabeth to adorn his blog with the image of Hannah Davis, the cover model for the latest swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated. And to show I'm not above appealing to base prurient sex to draw eyeballs to this blog... behold! 

Now here's the thing. Maybe I'm just old. No, scratch that. I am old. But still, and you might think this is totally off the rails but I don't find that cover image to be sexy. 

Oh, it's selling SEX by the ton but it's not sexy.  No, it's just a naked woman standing there. No, she's not really naked. But that is what's been presented here. The bikini top is on but the bottom of that bikini is just a hair's breadth from coming off; it's so close to coming off that we have no doubt there is no hair there to measure that hair's breadth by. (OK, that was a very tricky sentence to navigate; kids, don't try that at home.)  

Meanwhile from back in the 1960s, Elizabeth Montgomery is the epitome of sexy. Most of her body is covered by her form fitting black leotard and tights which accentuates her curves. She is a person of beauty provoking sexual desire but look at that face. Her face is soft and lovely but it also conveys a sense of confidence. She may be exuding sexiness but this is a woman in control. 

Meanwhile, our Sports Illustrated model conveys a message more along the lines of, "You wanna fuck?" 

And there are guys who would look at this woman and say, "I don't see the problem with that." These are guys who are thinking solely with their dicks. Sorry, a lot of men do that. Hell, I've done that. But when the imagination is engaged, that is sexy. Sexy is allure. Hannah Davis is not providing allure. That pose is just "come and get it".  

I wonder sometimes if we're losing the distinction between sexy and sex. Maybe I'm just old fashioned and out of touch. But it seems to me that being a small thread count away from being naked is not sexy. That takes no imagination, no sense of style. Any idiot can pull down her panties or his boxers; that's not sexy, that's just sex.

But it takes a certain sense of style, a certain air of confidence to convey sexy. You know, the style and confidence of an Elizabeth Montgomery

Everyone be good to one another. 

And for God's sake, Hannah Davis, put some clothes on. 

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