Thursday, May 21, 2015

Elevated Discussion - Part Three


I'm Dave-El and this is my blog, I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You, now made from all natural synthetics.  Today is DAY THREE of my three day look at elevator etiquette and my pet peeves surrounding those who do not seem to understand these simple principles based on logic and human decency. 

Before I get to today's topic, a little bit about yesterday where I discussed what happens when a person waiting for the elevator is standing right at the door as if to assume the elevator is coming only for them. As you may imagine, I stand back a bit from the elevator to accommodate this application of common courtesy. But I have run into two problems that have occurred. 

1) The elevator door opens. I pause a moment to be sure no one is leaving the elevator, then I move forward to enter said elevator. Except someone then decides, yes, they're going to get off here. Well, the burden is on the person leaving to do so quickly. While the person waiting for the elevator should defer to those who are exiting before entering the elevator, this person shouldn't have to wait more than a second or two to see if someone is going to leave. 

2) The elevator door opens and two people step out, then stop still blocking the doorway while they decide which way they want to go. Meanwhile other people are having to shift around them as they remain oblivious to the obstruction they're creating. 

Wow! I had enough material for this topic, I could've gotten FOUR blog posts out of it! Hey, what do you say, kids? You want your blogging pal Dave-El to expound for a fourth day on the topic of elevators? 


OK, let's move on. 

Pet Peeve #3: Out Of My Way, Little People

So here's the diagram for today's pet peeve scenario. 

This time the Blue family (Mr. and Mrs. Blue and their kids, Dolly and Skip Blue) are on the right side of the graphic, waiting for the elevator. Skip and Dolly are probably standing a bit too close to the doors but the family is lined up on either side and can easily step to the side to allow someone to exit the elevator as needed. 

On the left side is the inside of the elevator and big old grumpy Mr. Green. Mr. Green has his nosed pushed right up against the doors. This elevator is taking him and only him to where he wants to go and nowhere else. It is simply inconceivable to him that this elevator might stop on another floor before reaching his destination. 

So the elevator stops on another floor before reaching his destination and there are the Blues, waiting to enter the elevator. But big old grumpy Mr. Green bars their path and will only let them on board his vertical transport device if they solve his riddles three. 

Or something like that? 

I've seen these scenarios that I've relayed today and the last two days at my work. To be fair, I've seen little or no negative behavior from people who commit these pet peeves. But it does create awkwardness and confusion which can be easily avoided by remembering five simple words: 

This. Is. NOT. My. Elevator.  

Thank you for reading. Tomorrow I will be back with a totally different topic other than elevators. Until then, remember to be good to one another. 

And I'm so glad my suffering amuses you. 

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