Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Meanwhile and Elsewhere

After a week of blogging about comic books and two days of moody belly button introspection, let's see what else is going out there in that big ol' thing called The World. 

Dozens Killed as New Quake Rocks Devastated Nepal 

Shows Mother Earth can be a real bitch sometimes by kicking a country when its down. 

Thousands of people dead or injured and without needed aid were still suffering in Nepal when another quake hits.  I mean, come on!  And you know some poor soul in Nepal said exactly that when the latest quake hit.

The tragedy of Nepal is not going anywhere, will only get worse before it gets better and will not get better through some miraculous fix. I think America is too easily distracted by shiny irrelevancies in the face of true and terrible events that require our immediate attention. 

U.S. Becoming Less Christian, Study Finds; Unaffiliated Group Grows

As Iago said in Disney's Aladdin, "I might just have a heart attack and die from that surprise." If it's been awhile since you seen Aladdin, Iago was being sarcastic. And so am I. 

The marketing for Christianity is terrible right now.  There is a myopic obsession with restricting gay rights followed by a determination to curtail a woman's right to have control of her own body. No, this is not all Christians, maybe not even most Christians but its enough and usually they're the ones with microphones. People, Jesus laid down a pretty good foundation of being good to one another and lifting each other up. Instead it seems there is a superior sense of self-proclaimed righteousness used in the service of keeping people down. 

Thieves in Suits, Fedoras Hit Madison Avenue Jewelry Store 

OK, robbing a jewelry store is wrong. Are we clear on that? Wrong! 

But man that sounds so cool! 

Verizon to Buy AOL in $4.4 Billion Deal 

I know, I was just as surprised as you to learn AOL is still a thing. But if anyone is surprised that Verizon had $4.4 billion lying around to fund the deal, judging from my Verizon bill, I think I may have put up a quarter of that.  

It really hasn't been the same since their best judge left the show. 

No, I'm not talking about Simon Cowell. 

I'm talking about her. 

Oh, Paula Abdul, you nutty nutty beautiful fruitcake of a woman! You have been missed.  


That's that for today. More bloggin' stuff tomorrow. What sort of bloggin' stuff? I have no idea but I'm sure something will come up. Probably something stupid but it will be something.

Until next time, remember to be good to one another.

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