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Doctor Who - The Crucible of Eternity - Episode Five

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But please don't exit. Today is the final installment of my Doctor Who fan fiction script, The Crucible of Eternity. Before we get to that, let's do the disclaimer.

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The Crucible of Eternity
by David Long
Additional dialogue by Steven Moffat
Episode Five  

Scene opens: Outer space. Passing by the stars we see rocks and boulders tumble by. A graphic appears. 

Planet: Earth
Date: January 1st, 2015

Then graphic changes with additional words: 

Planet: What's left of Earth
Date: What would've been January 1st, 2015

On one of the larger chunks of rock we see a shattered building. It's a part of St. Paul's Cathedral. Around the rock and the structure we see a flicker of light, like a shield of energy. Our view moves closer to the rock and we find our point of view taking us through a darkened window. 

Scene change: interior of St. Paul's Cathedral. A dark hallway with a light flashing at one end. Our view takes us down the hall and around a corner. Suddenly our view goes from murky darkness to a bright, blinding light. From the glow we hear the growing echoes of a familiar evil refrain. 


Our view pulls back out of the glare and back to the Doctor (looking very worried) and the Master (looking very scared).The glow is coming from a crack in the universe. 

The Master: Daleks! I don't know about you but I'm out of here! 

The Master turns and starts to run down the corridor. The Doctor stands still as he continues to look at the crack and scan it with his sonic screwdriver with a worried frown. 

The Doctor: Temporal fluxes. This bleed through the crack...coming from the future. 

The Doctor checks the readings on his screwdriver and really looks worried now.   

The Doctor: No! No? No. It can't be. 

The Doctor looks back to the crack, the worry fading to terror. 

The Doctor: Artron energy! The Daleks have....I don't know about you, Missy, but...

The Doctor turns to finally realize the Master has already run off. 

The Doctor: Oh. Right. Good plan. 

The Doctor runs down the corridor. 

At a hallway juncture, the Doctor catches up to the Master who is holding a device, scanning for something. The Doctor doesn't stop; instead he runs right past her and out of the shot.The Master is fretfully focused on the device in front of her. The Doctor walks back into the shot. 

The Doctor: Ahem! 

The Master: My TARDIS! I was running back to your rattletrap old box when I realized if we're where the Nethersphere was kept and by extension...

The Master grimaces as she gesture towards a wall. Out of the wall are cables upon cables extending like out of control vines wrapped tightly around a tree that cannot be seen under the foliage. 

The Doctor: In order to maintain cohesion of the data matrix that formed your Nethersphere, it reached out to your TARDIS for more power until...

The Master: Yeah. 

The Doctor: Your TARDIS was completely absorbed! 

The Master (testily): Yes, I grasp the concept, thank you! 

The Master approaches the tangled mass of cables and gives it a swift kick with her boot. 

The Master: Ouch! Who had the stupid idea to integrate my TARDIS so closely with the Nethersphere...?

Suddenly the corridor shakes and the light down from the end of the hallway has grown brighter still. 

The Doctor: RUN!

The Master: Yes! Must dash! 

The Doctor and the Master run down the hall towards the blue police box of the Doctor's TARDIS. In the background is the hall they just ran down. The Doctor stops short. The Master turns.  

The Master: Hurry! HURRY! 

The Doctor: Wait! Where did Jack go?

The Master: In his brainless state, he could've wondered off anywhere! We need to go!

The Doctor: No! We need to find Jack! I might be able to...

There's another burst of light and the structure around the Doctor and the Master shakes more violently than before.

The Master: No! We don't have time! Get us inside!

The Doctor looks frantic and frustrated but he lowers his head to unlock the the door. 

The Master: Really, will you please hurry? 

The Doctor: Not helping. 

The door opens and the two rush inside, the door slamming shut behind him. In seconds, the light on top of the TARDIS begins to glow and pulse as the sound of the TARDIS is heard. 


In a rush of wind, the TARDIS vanishes and we see that the light down the hall is getting brighter and brighter. And the dreaded war cry of the Daleks grows louder and louder.

Scene change: back in space as the giant rock with the portion of St. Paul's tumbles through the rubble strewn void. Suddenly, a massive explosion shatters the rock and the structure. Out of the blazing fury of the explosion, we see Daleks. Dozens, hundreds, thousands, millions. As our view widens, we can scarcely see the stars for all the Daleks that infest all the space about them, all spilling out of the crack in the universe. 

Our view widens further and we're watching this terrible tableau on a monitor. 

Our view widens further and we're in the TARDIS. Both the Doctor and the Master stare pensively at the monitor. 

The Master: Oh my. So many Daleks. I've never seen the like. Where are they coming from? 

The Doctor: Not where. When. 

The Master: The future? 

The Doctor: The power and ingenuity of humankind never developed into the 4th Great and Bountiful Human Empire. Without humankind, the Daleks infest the universe. 

The Master: They've come back through time. 

The Doctor: Through the same crack in the universe that brought me nearly 200,000 years back to the 21st Century.  

The Master: But why...?

The Doctor: Why does a Dalek do anything? 

The Master: To destroy other races they find inferior. 

The Doctor: In other words...

The Master: ...all of them. 

The Doctor: And what do Daleks do when they've killed every last inferior creature through out space?

The Master's expression is one of shock as she realizes what's happening.

The Master: They go back in time to find more inferior races to kill. 

The Doctor: And when they wipe out all life in this universe in this time frame, I'm sure they'll keep going back in time again and again...

The Master: That paradox is unsustainable! Trust me, I know from paradoxes and what it takes to...

The Master trails off. 

The Master: The Crucible of Eternity. 

The Doctor dismissively waves his arm at the Master and walks away from her. 

The Doctor: You're trying to absolve yourself of guilt! You slaughtered a planet and the consequences keep piling up! 

The Master: Listen to me! 

The Doctor: You're wasting my time...

The Master is livid with rage. 

The Master: LISTEN TO ME! 

The Doctor stops still but doesn't turn. His voice is a low rumble. 

The Doctor: You...dare. You dare to speak to ME!

The Doctor turns angrily towards the Master.

The Doctor: In that tone! IN MY TARDIS?! 

The Master stands there for a moment. Her face is twisted in anguish and a tear rolls down her face. The Doctor is taken aback, truly unsure if this is an act. 

The Master: I did not intend on this happening. It shouldn't have happened at all! I'm a Time Lord and what I saw of the future...I was going to be Master of the universe but this time, Doctor, you...were going to be at my side. Like we were back on Gallifrey. I just wanted my friend back. 

The Doctor continues to look sternly at the Master but says nothing. 

The Master (more composed now): There were a few moments in my plan where time was in flux but other points were fixed. The moment you and Clara Oswald came to my Nethersphere...

The Doctor: We didn't come to your Nethersphere! 

The Master: I know! 

The Doctor: What would've brought us to your collection of dead minds? 

The Master shakes her head. 

The Master: I'm not sure. Surely someone...

The Doctor: Important to Clara. 

The Master: Yes! That's why her being with you was so important, why I arranged for the two of you to meet. Because I know how you are with those precious companions. And Clara, the Impossible Girl, the woman born to save the Doctor. For Clara, the Doctor would stare Death itself in the face.

The Doctor: I have faced death many times for many people. 

The Master (dismissively): Yeah, yeah. So noble. But Clara. Clara lost someone, someone who died. Her dad, her best friend for school, her...

The Master pauses a moment. She has the steely look of resolve in her eyes.

The Master: Her boyfriend. 

The Doctor turns away from the Master and idly walks around the console room. 

The Master: But I suspect... I'm not telling you anything you haven't worked out already. 

The Doctor turns sharply. 

The Doctor: Don't presume to know what I'm thinking! 

The Master: You can't fool a fellow Time Lord. You sense the same distortions in the time vortex I do. The same ripples in the temporal fabric. 

The Doctor slowly approaches the TARDIS console. He enters coordinates and pulls down the lever. The time rotors whirl into motion. 

The Master: Doctor...

The Doctor (quietly): Do to me. 

For once, the Master shuts up and strolls to another part of the TARDIS.  

Scene change: Danny Pink walks in a park in modern day London. His mobile phone rings.

DANNY: Clara! 

CLARA [voice]: Shut up.

DANNY: Is that how we communicate now?

Scene change: Clara's flat  

CLARA: Shut up, shut up, shut up. I need to talk to you. 

Scene change: Danny in the park. As Danny continues to walk with people moving about enjoying the lovely weather, behind him appears a man with a red baseball cap and a long brown coat. 

DANNY: All right. Well, I'll be there in a couple of minutes, so... 

Scene change: Clara's flat  

CLARA: No, no, Not while you're in the room. 

Scene change: Danny in the park. The man in the red cap is still walking behind Danny, getting closer. 

DANNY: Oh, stupid me. The very idea.

Scene change: Clara's flat  

CLARA: Shut up! 

DANNY [voice]: Okay.

CLARA: Stay shut up. 

Scene change: Danny in the park. Still has his mysterious follower. 

DANNY: Okay.

CLARA [voice]: Things to say. 

Scene change: Clara's flat  

CLARA: Not all of them good.

DANNY [voice]: Oh, wouldn't it be better 

Scene change: Danny in the park

DANNY: If I was actually there? 

CLARA [voice]: Oh, Danny, everything is 

Scene change: Clara's flat  

CLARA: Better when you're here, but maybe 

She turns to look at the array of post-it notes on her bookshelves. Some say PSI, Impossible Girl, Saibra, Vastra, Blinovitch, Robin Hood, Lying, Dinosaur in London.

CLARA: Maybe not this. Okay Er. Okay, before all of that. Before all of the stuff 

Scene change: Danny in the park. Mystery guy is hanging around close.  

CLARA [voice]: That I did wrong 

Scene change: Clara's flat  

She takes down the note that says Just Say It.

CLARA: I love you. 

Scene change: Danny in the park. He's approaching the road alongside the park. Mystery man is standing right next to him.

DANNY: I love you. 

Danny is walking out towards the main road.

CLARA: No, not like that. Not like it's automatic.

Scene change: Clara's flat  

CLARA: Not like it's how you end the phone call, the sign off, the pat on the back. 

Scene change: Danny in the park, closer to the road now, right at the edge of the sidewalk. The mystery man is still close. 

DANNY: Clara 

Scene change: Clara's flat  

CLARA: Danny, I'll never say those words again. Not to anybody else, ever. Those words, from me, are yours now.

Scene change: Danny walks out onto the main road. The mystery man reaches out his arm towards Danny. 

Scene change: Clara's flat. She doesn't get a reply so after a pause -

CLARA: So, er. That's a thing. 

There's no reply. 

CLARA: Okay, Danny? Er, there's more but that's kind of the headline. Okay, Danny, please speak to me, This is, this is killing me. 

Still no reply. 

CLARA: Danny, I love you. And you are the last person who's ever going to hear me say that. 

WOMAN [voice]: Hello? Hello, is someone there?

CLARA: Hello? Er, yeah. Who's this?

WOMAN [voice]: I just picked up the phone, I'm sorry. I found it. 

CLARA: Oh. Er, okay. Er, can you please just put me back on the phone to Danny? I was talking to Danny.

WOMAN (voice): I'm sorry. 

Scene change: back at the park, just off the side of the road. We see a nice elderly lady talking into Danny's phone. 

Woman: Just a moment please. 

The woman smiles as she hands the phone to a visibly shaken Danny who is surrounded by people who seem concerned about his well being. 

Danny: Clara? 

Clara (voice): Danny? What happened? 

Danny: There was I looked both ways. Must've been speeding. 

Scene change: Clara's flat

Clara: Danny, are you all right?

Danny (voice): Yeah. Yeah, some bloke pulled me back...

Scene change: Back to the park. Danny looks around the crowd. 

Danny: Pulled me back just in time. 

Danny (to the crowd): Did anyone see him? Where did he go? 

Man in the crowd: Some guy in a red baseball cap. 

Woman in the crowd: Hey, where did he go?

2nd woman: He's was wearing an overcoat. 

2nd man in the crowd: In this weather?

1st man in the crowd: Who cares? He was a hero!

Danny: Yeah... a hero. I wish I could just...thank him... 

The woman who picked up Danny's dropped phone touches him on the arm. 

Woman: Are you going to be OK, young man? 

Danny: Yes, I think so. Thank you. 

Clara (voice): Danny? 

Scene change: Clara's flat. 

Clara: Oh God! You could've been killed...

Danny (voice): Well, I suppose...

Clara: And I was just prattling away like an idiot and...

Danny (voice): Clara? 

Clara: Yeah? 

Danny (voice): Shut up. 

Scene change: Danny is safely across the street from the park. He's standing in front of a jewelry store. 

Clara (voice): Is that how we communicate now?

Danny: And stay shut up. Because I have to say something very important. Or rather ask. 

We see Danny's reflection in the jewelry store window where many beautiful rings are on display. Behind Danny's reflection we see the sun in the blue sky. 

Danny: I know this is over the phone but if the last few minutes have taught me anything...well, Clara Oswald, will you marry me? 

Our view focuses in on the glow of the sun. We hear Clara's voice. 

Clara (voice): Of course I said yes. 

Our view pulls out and the glow is that of a candle flame in a lantern. We're back at the homestead in 1887 in the American West. Seated around the living room are Clara holding baby Ellie, Danny, the Doctor and the Master.

Danny: The happiest day of my life! 

Clara: Also the day you knocked me up! 

Danny (embarrassed): Please! Not in front of the Time Lords. 

Clara: Doctor, you're not one for chit-chat. Why the sudden interest in our story? All those months working on this farm and you never asked me. Until now. 

The Doctor sighs. 

The Doctor: Just...putting things off, I guess. 

Clara: What things? With the TARDIS working, we can maybe save the Earth in the future?

The Doctor: Well, that's the thing...

The Master: The Doctor and I...well, mostly I, because I'm a genius...have developed a paradox temporal inhibitor which will help. In the future, your descendants will be able to stop me. Or, they're certainly welcome to try. 

The Doctor: So P.E.'s...

Danny: Really? Still on that? 

The Doctor: ...daft plan will work. 

Clara: Why can't we just hop in the TARDIS and deal with it ourselves? 

The Doctor: Unfortunately, the events that lead to all this have created a recursive temporal loop making it impossible to cross your own time line. I'm sorry. 

Clara: I...see. 

Clara looks at the Doctor with those wide eyes of hers, the eyes that really weird the Doctor out. For once, the Doctor looks back without flinching. Clara looks worried. 

Danny rises from his chair to put one hand on Clara's shoulder; with the other, he gently strokes his baby daughter's cheek.

Danny: I think we can make it. Right, Clara? We'll make it and our family on down the line. Our legacy: to save the Earth! 

Clara clears her throat and affects a smile. 

Clara: Right. 

Danny: So what about you two? 

The Doctor: We're going back to Gallifrey.

Clara: What? You found Gallifrey?

The Doctor: Yes! The Master... found the co-ordinates and so...back home, I guess. 

Danny: The two of you. 

The Master: Meaning...?

Danny: Are you two a couple now?

The Doctor and the Master: No! No, absolutely not! No way! No, no, no!  

Clara laughs a little but her expression still reflects a sense of concern. 

The Doctor: The Master will have to answer for her crimes...

The Master (with all the fake sincerity she can bring): Yes, perhaps its about time I learned the (ahem!) error of my ways. 

Clara stands up with baby Ellie in her arms next to Danny. 

The Doctor holds his hands up. 

The Doctor: Hold it!

Danny: What is it, Doctor? 

The Doctor: I just want to...remember you. Like this. 

Clara looks like she might cry. The Doctor extends his hand to Danny. Danny cautiously takes it. 

The Doctor: I know I've been hard on you. Yeah, I know you're a maths teacher, OK? But Clara...

The Doctor looks to Clara and then back to Danny. 

The Doctor: Clara is... special to me.

Danny: To me too. 

The Doctor: I know... Danny Pink. You're a good man. Truly, a good man. 

The Doctor turns to Clara and the baby. He touches the baby's cheek. 

The Doctor: This're going to have such adventures. Adventures I can never have. 

Clara leans up to kiss the Doctor on the cheek. 

Clara (whispers to the Doctor): You're a good man, too. 

Clara pulls back from the Doctor and they look at each other for a moment. Then the Master clears her throat. 

The Doctor: Well, I guess we need to be off. 

The Doctor pauses one last time to look at the family of Clara, Danny and the baby. Then the Master turns to head out the front door. The Doctor quietly nods his head in the direction of the family then follows the Master out the door. Clara turns to Danny. 

Clara: Danny, can you hold Ellie for a moment? 

Danny takes the baby in his arms, smiling. 

Danny: Oh, any chance to hold this precious angel. 

Danny looks knowingly at Clara. 

Danny: You need a proper good-bye, Clara. Go! 

Clara: I love you, Danny Pink. 

Danny: I love you, Clara Pink. 

Clara smiles and turns to follow the Doctor out the door. 

Scene shift: outside of the farmhouse. The TARDIS stands near the old oak tree. The Master is at the door of the TARDIS as the Doctor strides across the lawn behind her. The Master looks up to the expansive blue sky over the rolling prairie. 

The Master: Ah, the majesty of the great outdoors! God, I need a cappuccino so bad. 

We see Clara running out of the house. 

Clara: Doctor! 

The Doctor turns towards Clara. 

The Master: I'm going in before this fresh air drives me insane. Well, more insane. 

The Doctor turns back towards the Master. 

The Doctor: Fine, just don't try to take off with out me! 

The Master twists her face as if she's hurt. 

The Master: Without you? Perish the thought! When are you ever going to learn to trust me? 

The Master enters the TARDIS as the Doctor turns back to face Clara who's standing in front of the Doctor. Clara gestures towards the TARDIS. 

Clara: Seriously, though, you let her into the TARDIS by herself. You can't trust her. 

The Doctor: I don't trust her. 

From the TARDIS behind him, we hear a loud bang and a puff of smoke through the open TARDIS door. 

The Doctor: But she's not going anywhere. 

The Doctor shouts over his shoulder towards the TARDIS: 

The Doctor: ARE YOU? 

The Master (voice from within the TARDIS): OH, SHUT UP! 

Clara laughs as the Doctor smiles. 

Clara: So... this it, then? 

The Doctor: I suppose so. Nearly two thousand years knocking about time and space. I reckon it's time to do something different for a change. 

Clara: Like staying put on Gallifrey.

The Doctor: Exactly. Well, for awhile. 

The Doctor grins mischievously but Clara looks at him seriously. 

Clara: So all that stuff you said in there. Do we really have a chance? We...or rather, our great-great-great grand kids can stop the Earth from exploding? 

The Doctor: Yes. 

Clara: Because I get the feeling you're not telling me something. 

The Doctor: Me? Not tell you something? Since when? 

Clara: Since always. That whole "Impossible Girl" thing when we first traveled together. 

The Doctor: OK, there was that but...

Clara: Is there something you're not telling me? Look me in the eyes and tell me that. 

The Doctor looks Clara in the eyes. 

The Doctor: There's nothing I'm not telling you. 

Clara examines the Doctor's face. She knows he's lying. Clara hurls her arms around the Doctor and hugs him really tight. The Doctor slowly responds with a hug in return. Clara has her face buried in his coat. We can see the corner of her eye is watery. 

Clara: Doctor, don't forget me! 

The Doctor: I won't.

Clara: And Danny and Ellie. Don't forget them either! 

The Doctor: I won't. 

Clara: Remember us. 

Clara slow pulls herself away from the Doctor. She steps back from the Doctor. 

The Doctor: Clara...

Clara: Yes, Doctor?

The Doctor: I will remember you all. Forever. 

Clara smiles and wipes away a tear. The Doctor approaches the TARDIS and is about to enter. 

Clara (voice): Doctor?

The Doctor turns to look at Clara. 

Clara: I'm going to miss you, Doctor. Travelling with you made me feel special. Thanks for making me feel special. 

The Doctor: Thank you... for exactly the same.  

With that the Doctor enters the TARDIS, the door closes, the light on top flashes and the blue box fades from view with a rush of wind and that sound unique to the TARDIS. 

Clara watches the empty space where the TARDIS had once been. After a moment, she turns and walks back inside. 

Scene change: Danny Pink walks in a park in London. His mobile phone rings.

DANNY: Clara! 

We only hear his side of the conversation as he walks past. We see a man on a bench. Wearing a long brown coat and a red baseball cap. A bit overdressed for the weather. 

DANNY: Is that how we communicate now?

The man arises from the bench and begins to follow Danny

DANNY: All right. Well, I'll be there in a couple of minutes, so...

As the man in the hat and coat follows Danny, standing in the shadow of a tree is another figure. 

The man in the hat and coat continues to follow Danny as the shadowed figure advances from out under the tree. We don't quite catch a glimpse of what this person looks like. Appears to be wearing black. 

DANNY: Oh, stupid me. The very idea.

We're now behind the man in the hat who in turn is behind Danny. We see a thin arm in a black jacket sleeve with a white shirt cuff reaching out towards the man following Danny, getting closer...

DANNY: Okay.

And closer.

DANNY: Okay.

Suddenly the hand is on the follower's shoulder. The follower stops short and turns with a start. Meanwhile Danny continues walking on, oblivious to what's going on behind him. 

DANNY: Oh, wouldn't it be better...

Danny walks away and we can't hear him anymore. 

Man: Who...?

We see the black sleeved arm belongs to the Doctor.

The Doctor: My question exactly!

The Doctor with a flourish knocks off the man's hat. The man looks like the Monk we saw at the end of The Son of the Master. He looks frightened. 

The Monk: Could it be...? 

The Monk casts a sideways glance and sees the blue police box under the shade of a nearby tree.

The Monk: Who else but the Doctor. 

The Doctor: And unless I'm mistaken, you used to call yourself the Monk after you left Gallifrey. It's been a few centuries since I last saw you. 

The Monk: Please...

The Monk turns away to catch up to Danny. 

The Monk: I have work to do! 

The Doctor forcefully grabs the Monk by the shoulders and turns him around. 

The Doctor: No, you don't! We can't afford to have you meddle with this moment! You're a Time Lord! You know that!

The Monk: Please, I'm trying to make things right! 

The Doctor: Make things right? What you're about to do will destroy 200,000 years of human achievement and put the entire universe at risk! 

The Monk: That can't...oh, the time lines...I can't bear it, I'm sorry...

The Monk tries to pull away but the Doctor holds him fast. 

The Doctor: No! I've seen the future you create here! 

The Monk: Yes, yes, I know but...they hurt me...and I know the future....they'll hurt me. I'm sorry, I'm so weak but they command me...

Suddenly a hole opens in the Monk's forehead and the eyestalk of a Dalek begins to protrude. Quickly the Doctor reaches for the Monk's neck and applies a nerve pinch. The eyestalk retreats as the Monk begins to fall unconscious. The Doctor reaches out to grab him. 

The Doctor to a passerby: My friend just fainted. Told him not wear that coat in this weather. 

Before he passes out, the Monk mutters. 

The Monk: Doctor...what 

The Doctor gently lowers the Monk to the ground as he leans over him. 

The Doctor looks down, not out. His face is a mask of anguish.

The Doctor: The hardest thing I've ever done. 

From outside our point of view, we hear noises: a screech of brakes, a loud thunk, people yelling.

The Doctor: Nothing.  

Then the Monk vanishes from view. The Doctor doesn't look too surprised. 

The Doctor: I'm sorry, old friend. I will find you. I promise, I...

The Doctor stands up. Off in the distance, we hear voices and the sound of sirens. The Doctor walks towards the TARDIS.  

Scene change: TARDIS interior. The Doctor approaches the console. There's a light flashing. The Doctor presses a button. We hear Capt. Jack Harkness' voice.

Jack (voice): Hey, Doc! Jack Harkness! Long time, no hear. Hey, I'm out on the galactic rim... in more ways than one if you know what I'm saying. Anyway, I was just...

The Doctor turns off the playback and looks around. 

The Doctor: Missy? 

There's no reply. We see a wide view of the TARDIS. The Doctor is alone. 

The Doctor: Of course. Turn backward, turn backward, O time in your flight. 

Scene change: a darkened room, we see the Master leaning back, her eyes closed. Suddenly her eyes open wide as she awakes with a start. 

The Master: The Crucible of....! 

The Master pauses and looks puzzled. 

The Master: What a strange...dream. 

The Master shakes her head and stretches. 

The Master: Never mind, I suppose. Well, let's see how my pet is doing. 

The Master picks up her tablet computer. She is looking at an image of Clara's face. 

The Master: Clara. My Clara. I have chosen well. 

The Master laughs a wicked laugh. 

Scene change: the Doctor pulls the lever and the time rotors turn.  The Doctor is on the left side of the console. Our view widens and we see the Doctor is also standing on the right side of the console. 

The Doctor on the right: It's time. 

The Doctor on the left: I know. 

And in the blink of an eye, the Doctor on the left is simply not there anymore. The Doctor cricks his neck as he manipulates the controls of the TARDIS.

The Doctor: That is that for my part in the fractured time line. The Crucible is sealed and all...

Scene change: Clara Oswald stands forlornly looking at the road in front of the park. A little shrine with photographs, notes and flowers is set up at the park entrance.

The Doctor (voice): as it should be. 

Fade to black. 

Scene opens: Against a back drop of outer space is a spectacle of technology. Satellites and space ships zip across the heavens over an alien world. As our view shifts from space down to and through the atmosphere, we see a planet of wonders with spectacular mountains, exotic vegetation and crystal shining waters that cut rivers, lakes and seas into the surface of this world. And along side the natural beauties of this planet, gleaming spires stretch to the sky, cities that stand as monuments to the strength, ingenuity and imagination of humankind. 

A graphic appears:

Planet: Verity Alpha One 
Year: 200,117
Era: The 4th Great and Bountiful Human Empire

From a tall glistening tower, we see the blue box of the TARDIS on an overlook. And standing a few feet away watching the futuristic view around them is the Doctor and Clara. 

Clara: This is....

The Doctor: Amazing? Spectacular? Breathtaking? Astonishing?

Clara: I'm thinking more like....

Clara raises her arms in the air and lets out a shout. 

Clara: WOO-HOO! 

The Doctor: Woo. Hoo. 

Clara: Oh, you need to lighten up, Doctor. 

The Doctor: Me? Lighten up? I'm the epitome of lightening up! I invented lightening up! 

Clara: Really? 

The Doctor tries to stare down Clara for a minute, but she looks at him with those big round eyes. Then he raises his arms in the air and lets out a shout. 

The Doctor: WOO-HOO! 

Clara laughs and takes hold of the Doctor's arm. A gentle breeze wanders by as Clara smiles and then sighs, her smile fading. 

The Doctor: Clara, are you... all right? 

Clara: Yeah. Kind of. Maybe. Not sure. No. 

The Doctor: Thanks for clearing that up. 

Clara: I miss Danny so much. It hurts so much some times. And other times...

The Doctor: Yes? 

Clara: Other times, it hurts even more. 

The Doctor: Are we in a "some" time or "other" time now? 

Clara: I think we can go with "some" for now. Thanks to you. Travelling with you...

Clara lets go of the Doctor's arm and looks around her at the wonders all about. 

Clara: Seeing things like this gives me... hope. 

The Doctor: Hope is good. 

Clara takes a deep breath. 

Clara: I know these things take time. Maybe one day it will hurt a little less. But I will never, ever forget him. 

The Doctor looks out over the future city with an expression of both sadness and serenity. 

The Doctor: Never forget. 

Scene change: Back to 1887. Clara hugging the Doctor.

Clara: Remember us. 

Clara slow pulls herself away and steps back from the Doctor. The scene shifts to the inside of the farm house as we see the Doctor standing in the living room with Clara, Danny and Ellie assembled before him. 

Scene change: back to the year 200,017. 

The Doctor gently puts a hand on Clara's shoulder. 

The Doctor: Never, ever forget.

------The End-------

All right, some stuff before I wrap up today's post. 

With the wholesale lifting of an entire scene from Dark Water, I felt I had to give Steven Moffat some credit (or blame) with the writing. Seriously, Steven, if you're reading this, I know a man of your power and fame have "people" to help "take care of things". Remember I do this for love. Please don't hurt me. 

And I have to give a special shout out to this amazing web site, The Doctor Who Transcripts where you can find every story going back to An Unearthly Child transcribed for your reading enjoyment. Doing things like the Danny and Clara scene would've been WAY more difficult without this fantastic resource! Thank you. 

Once more, the Monk. He appeared at the tail end of my last Doctor Who fan fiction script, The Son of the Master. If you're interested, here are the links to those five episodes. 

And yes, it does look like the Monk is a hapless pawn of the Daleks. And it does look like there may well be yet another story to tell. My one off 12th Doctor story from last summer has grown into some kind of ongoing epic! Epic disaster, maybe, but ongoing it most definitely appears to be. 

So I'm taking a break from Doctor Who fan fiction...for the moment. But later this year, I'm not sure when...

Prisoners of the Daleks

I'll be back with a post tomorrow. Until then, be good to one another. 

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