Friday, June 26, 2015

Breaking Weird: Ask Dr. Hitler: Part Five

Hi. This is Breaking Weird, your online resource for battling addiction blah blah blah. Someone (probably a blonde woman) will tell us a problem, Dr. Hitler says something or another, you know the drill. 

Hello, what is...oh hell, it IS her again! 

I'll be over here, mixing me a martini.

A little too much vermouth in this martini. What? Oh, we're back? 


OK, salt, butter. Great on popcorn, not so great in your bloodstream in mass quantities. 

Dr. Hitler, say something irrelevant.  

Yes, too much salt and butter is not good for you. Blood pressure goes up and you got yourself a heart attack. 

I already know that! The crazy blonde lady who shows up here every day with a new screwed up addiction, she knows that! The question is, Dr. Hitler, is how does she kick that salt and butter monkey of her back?  

Sometimes I wonder why we attached your previously frozen head to that body. Seemed like a good idea at the time. 

That's it for another round of Breaking Weird. Until next time, can someone get me a fresh olive for my martini?   

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