Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Breaking Weird: Ask Dr. Hitler: Part Three

And welcome back to Breaking Weird, your internet forum for battling addiction. If you're hooked on something and need to quick, well, you've come to...a place. 

Here's how this work: someone tells us their problem, then we ask our medical expert, Dr. Hitler, to offer advice on how to solve it. 

So welcome to Breaking Weird. How can we help you? 

I'm sure I've seen her here before. Oh, never mind. 

So we have a young lady with an irresistible desire for dairy products. Really old fashion dairy products but anyhoo...

Dr. Hitler, what can you say that will help this person?

Dr. Hitler, this is about the patient, not about you. And besides, I don't think anyone needs to know of your struggle in bathroom to make a "mein kampf", so to speak. 

Miss, there's a good reason to lay off the...curds and whey. It'll make it hard to poop. Just like Dr. Hitler. 

So that's it for today's Breaking Weird. Until next time, could someone pass me some toilet paper?  

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