Thursday, June 25, 2015

Breaking Weird: Ask Dr. Hitler: Part Four

Hello and welcome once more to Breaking Weird, your internet forum for addiction and the breaking there of. 

Well, you know the drill. We bring out a random person with a problem, then we ask Dr. Hitler for his input which will likely have nothing to do with the patient or the problem. 

Sorry. Shouldn't have let that out. It's been a really trying week. 


OK, let's hear from our next person in need and see what we can do to help.  

All right, I know I'm not crazy! It's the same blonde woman every time! What's up with her? How many crazy ass things is she hooked on? 

Ahem! Sorry. Again. 

So...lattes and doughnuts. Very rich, fattening. Cannot be good for your health. So it's very important that she receive so pertinent advise to her problem. 

So, Dr. Hitler, how can she kick her lattes and doughnuts fixation? 


So you have your own problems with lattes and doughnuts? Great! And what the hell do you mean by a "final solution"? That sounds kind of, well, final. I mean, jeez, are you going to have them all shut down? Hey, I enjoy a nice coffee from Starbucks once in a while and hell, a Krispy Kreme doughnut is pretty tasty too! But you want a "final solution" to these places? Hey, just because you can't handle your addictions, don't squirrel this for everybody else!


Uh. Yeah. 

And this has been another edition of Breaking Weird. Until next time, someone hook me up to this IV and mainline some coffee in me, stat! 

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