Monday, February 1, 2016

Iowa, Do NOT Vote For Ted Cruz, the Lying AND Heartless Fuck Bastard

Last Friday, I presented a post called Ted Cruz Is a Lying Fuck Bastard. It's number 1 of a series because well, damn, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) tells a lot of lies. A lot of them.  

For one of those upcoming posts, I planned to pontificate on one of Cruz's favorite subject, Obamacare. He may hate Obamacare the thing with the medical coverage, etc etc. But Obamacare, the big bogeyman that Cruz uses to instill fear and anger in his target audience, Obamacare is pure gold.  

But I want to post about this today for 2 reasons. 

  • Today is the day of the 2016 Iowa Caucus.
  • This past weekend, Cruz had an encounter with a voter in Iowa that just serves to underscore this person cannot be trusted with neither facts or the welfare of the American people. 

This past week, Ted Cruz took part in a Republican debate where is was asked what he would do for the millions of people who have gained health insurance thanks Obamacare. This is what Ted did:

  • He didn't answer the question.
  • He lied while not answering the question. 

Ted resorted to the same talking points he always gives out on the subject of Obamacare.  

"First of all, we have seen now in six years of Obamacare that it has been a disaster. It is the biggest job-killer in this country. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs, have been forced into part-time work, have lost their health insurance, have lost their doctors, have seen their premiums skyrocket."

Virtually from the moment the Affordable Care Act was first debated, its critics have warned that it would wreck the economy. Those predictions were based on faulty evidence.
Now Cruz is claiming that the critics were right and it all has come to pass.

A lot of this research comes from my good buddies over on

What brought this to a head for me to write this post was a campaign event in Hubbard, Iowa where Ted Cruz was appearing. In attendance at this event was Mike Valde, who presented a tale of tragedy about his brother-in-law Mark.  Mike said Mark was a barber — “a small-business man,” he said. He had never had a paid vacation day. He received health insurance at last because of the Affordable Care Act. He began to feel sick and went to a doctor.

“He had never been to a doctor for years,” Mr. Valde, 63, of Coralville, Iowa, said. “Multiple tumors behind his heart, his liver, his pancreas. And they said, ‘We’re sorry, sir, there’s nothing we can do for you.’ ”

The room was silent.

“Mark never had health care until Obama care,” Mr. Valde continued. “What are you going to replace it with?”

Mr. Cruz expressed condolences and pivoted quickly to a well-worn answer assailing the health care law, saying  “millions of Americans” had lost their jobs and their doctors as a result of the law, and that many had “seen their premiums skyrocket.”

He said he had often joked about a pledge by Mr. Obama that premiums would drop: “Anyone whose premiums have dropped $2,500, as President Obama promised, should vote for Hillary Clinton,” Mr. Cruz said. “I’ll take everybody else.”

Mike Valde repeated the question: "But what are you going to replace it with?” he said.

Mr. Cruz said he was getting there, but had to lay out the problems with the law first. “There are millions of stories on the other side,” he said, describing voters who had liked their insurance plans and lost them because the plans did not provide the level of coverage the new law required.
He went on to describe elements of his plan, which includes an effort to allow people to purchase insurance across state lines.

Mr. Valde noted that his brother could not afford health insurance until "he finally got it under Obama.”

“He would have gotten it earlier, if he could have afforded it earlier,” Mr. Cruz said. “But because of government regulations he couldn’t.”

Moments later, Mr. Cruz wrapped up and Mr. Valde sat down.

Now let me see how polite and professional I can be in my response to Ted Cruz's comments in Iowa last regarding Obamacare.

Hold on.

Any minute now. 


No, can't do it. 

Ted Cruz is a piece of shit. 

Wait a minute. Now that I've written that, I feel kind of bad about about it.

Let me reconsider.

Hmmm, OK. 

Ted Cruz is a fucking piece of shit.

There! I feel better. 

Now here's the thing. Ted Cruz is nothing more than wind up puppets. He's got 4 or 5 stock things that he'll bring out to say even if it's not relevant to the discussion. 

Counter clerk: "Sen. Cruz, do you want a peach or mango smoothie?"

Cruz: "First of all, we have seen now in six years of Obamacare that it has been a disaster..."  

Cruz keeps shilling the same shit over and over and he gets away with it because there's a Republican audience that has been primed for exactly Cruz's brand of shit. It doesn't matter if it's true; to the ignorant masses that Cruz is reaching out to, it sounds true. When Stephen Colbert coined the word "truthiness" back in 2005, it was a tool in the tool box of a political campaign. With Ted Cruz, we're seeing a candidate whose entire toolbox is truthiness. 

I know a lot of people are up in arms over Donald Trump as a candidate for President. God forbid he wins a single vote. But in the case of Iowa, go ahead, give it to Trump. He gave your kids helicopter rides; you owe him. But Donald is not getting to the White House. I suspect he will drop out eventually not because of money or support but because he's bored. 

But if Cruz pulls off a win in Iowa, that give's Ted all sorts of legitimacy to his run going into New Hampshire and all the rest of the states. Cruz is positioned as "Like Trump, Less Crazy".  If Cruz can't pull of a win in Iowa, it will seriously hinder his chances in New Hampshire. 

But going back to what started this post was Cruz pulling that standard scripted shit on a civilian in the audience. Ted Cruz is incapable of seeing a side other than his own, unable to empathize with another human. 

Iowa, stop his advance here. Do not vote for Ted Cruz, the lying and heartless fuck bastard.

Thank you. 

I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You


Post amended, 10:34 PM, 02/01/2016
Several news sources are calling the Iowa GOP Caucus for Ted Cruz. 


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