Monday, February 8, 2016

The Chronic What?

Hi there! David Long here, better known by my nom de blog, Dave-El. 

This post that you're reading on Monday was written on Saturday in anticipation that I would not have time on Sunday to write the blog entry I wanted to post Monday which is the post on Sunday's Super Bowl 50 that will instead appear on Tuesday

Time travel makes me dizzy. Also whatever the heck I'n going through right now isn't helping either. 

As I've noted before, I've not been feeling well for awhile. It apparently was bad enough for my doctor's office to tell me to go to the hospital a little more than a week ago. For a some background on that day, click here.

So as I noted in that post, I have Chronic Bronchitis.

Thank you, dated SNL reference. Yes, I have Chronic Bronchitis. 


Where was I? 

Pssst! You were talking about having Chronic Bronchitis.

Right! So Chronic Bronchitis is-


OK, even as I write this, I'm still not feeling that well so I don't really need this kind of pressure. I just want to make sure there's something in the pipe for Monday, is that too much to ask? 


Where was I? 

Pssst! You were talking about having Chronic Bronchitis.

Right! So--HEY! I'm not falling for THAT again!

OK, so about 9 years ago I came down with a bad case of pneumonia. So I know from respiratory diseases. And I don't know if this counts as an ironic thing or not but my case of pneumonia landed on me, it was with a week of father's death. 

From pneumonia. 

Yeah, don't think I didn't have that little piece of info hanging over me like a sword of Damocles. 

I remember what I felt like and it felt like Hell. And as I became sicker and sicker last week, I was feeling some serious deja vu to those events from 2007. Wildly fluctuating body temperatures, persistent cough, zero energy, difficulty breathing. I was experiencing that all over again.  But instead of pneumonia, the diagnosis was Chr----er, that other thing.  

The best way I can describe the difference between the two diseases is a pnuemonia is an elephant stomping on your chest while Chr----the other thing is a elephant just sitting on your chest. With one, you know pretty quickly if it going to kill you fairly quickly; with the other, it may not kill you and that may not necessarily be good news.  

All I know is that I haven't been at work for two weeks. Every day I would call my boss and tell him that I plan to be back at work the next day or the day after that. After a few times of that, we agreed that I'm just out of there until I get back. 

So I'm still stuck in this particular corner of hell. Well, I hope this end soon. I'm losing strength and patience to keep fighting Chronic Bronichitis.

And I'm so glad my suffering amuses you.   

Amended, 02/08/2016, 6:57 PM 

About 4 hours ago, my doctor called to inform me I am now the proud owner of a case of... PNEUMONIA! 

Yes, Jerry Seinfeld, Pneumonia. Which feels like Chronic Bronchitis-

but is scarier to other people when I say Pneumonia. Time to find out who my friends really are. 

That's not really helping.   

Is Dave-El Stressed?

A day after Dave-El's birthday, another year older and closer to death, am I feeling stressed? YES! Yes, I am a bit stressed!!!