Sunday, January 14, 2018


For a few minutes, Hawaii thought a ballistic missile was heading its way. 

Thankfully, no there wasn't. At a U.S. military base charged with keeping an eye on such things, someone pushed a wrong button that sent out a mass alert that a missile was on the way. 


38 minutes later, a follow up alert was sent. "Sorry! Our bad. No missile. Everyone just chill. It's cool. Seriously, no missile."  

MEANWHILE at a golf course in Florida, Li'l Donnie Trump was playing golf. For the few moments of terror that Hawaii did not know that missile alert was in error, our Moron In Chief did nothing except finish his golf game. 

When it was all sorted out as being a mistake, sorry 'bout that, Trump said and did nothing in response.  

When he did finally send out a tweet later in the day, it was about "fake news,” the mainstream media and Michael Wolff’s new book about him.

Oh and we found out that after a year into this idiot's administration, the White House has no preparedness on how to respond to a domestic missile attack.  

We are so well and truly fucked.   

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