Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Be Yourself AND Be Batman

Earlier this weekend, Donald Trump was in Iowa working his helicopter rides for votes strategy when a kid asked him if he was Batman. Without missing a beat, the Donald replied, "I am Batman." 

Yeah, he wishes. 

If someone out there in the real world (or wherever Donald Trump lives) deserved to be Batman, it was not this obnoxious real estate mogul with an excessively inflated ego. No, the person most deserving of being Batman was Lenny Robinson

Lenny died Sunday night on the side of busy road, struck by a passing car. He was 51 years old. But if the ending of his life was random and capricious, the life he led to that point was filled with passion and purpose. 

Lenny Robinson sold a successful dry cleaning business he had started as a teenager and dedicated his time, energy and resources to living a dream and helping others.

He would become Batman. 

Robinson built himself a Batmobile and got a really cool Batman costume. Then he dedicated his life to helping make sick children happy, through thousands of hospital visits and time spent at superhero parties. Robinson spent thousands of dollars to travelling to hospitals in the Maryland area, visiting sick children and giving them toys and Batman memorabilia. 

Part of this mission owed some small part to self-redemption. Referring to his life before Batman, Lenny Robinson once told ABC News, “You wouldn’t have liked me. I consider myself back then a little on the obnoxious side.” Being Batman made him a better person.

There's a meme you can find all over the internet and it goes like this. 

In the story of Lenny Robinson, we saw a man who did both. 

Somewhere in an alternate dimension where the adventures of super heroes really occur, I think Batman himself would approve. 

Everyone, let's channel a bit of Lenny Robinson's Batman and be good to one another.

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