Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Some People Say... (Part Three)

Hi there and welcome to day three of my rant against the use of the phrase, "some people say".  If nothing else, there have been pics of cute puppies to look at so there's that. 

Monday I went on about what exactly constitutes "some" and Tuesday I turned my attention on who the "people" are. Today, I ponder what exactly do that "say".  

By way of example, I've been citing a measure on the the ballot that a population group of 5 million people have to vote on. That item to be voted on is... puppies are cute.  

I know, I wish now I had come up with a better example. But then I wouldn't have an excuse to show stuff like this. 

"Too freakin' CUTE!!!!!!!!!!"

But I've come this far so bear with me, OK? 

So the pro cat people and the LAA (the Love All Animals group) cite statistics and studies that show that puppies are not any more cute than kittens and other small baby animals. The pro-puppies people have their own research that proves that puppies are the cutest gosh darn things ever! Both sides make credible cases with information that is valid and supportable. Yes, there are variations of how data was collected and this lead to some legitimate differences of opinion. But when "some people say" that puppies are not cute above all other animals, there's a leg to stand on.  

But joining in the chorus against the puppies are cute movement are the duck and hamster people. They represent "some" in an extremely small number and the "people" have questionable reasons for their advocacies. And what they "say" cannot be substantiated. Statements are made like "cute puppies carry more diseases" or "cute puppies represent a liberal agenda". They get counted as "some people" and what they have to "say" gets repeated. 

In the real world, the half-truths and untruths of what "some people say" get linked up to statements with a stronger basis in truth and the result is the facts and the fallacies become an equal parts of the evidence of what "some people say".  The validity of remarks is of little importance. Someone said it so one can actually say "some people say".  

"Some people say" runs amok due to a lack of oversight and control, both in mainstream media and in the wild frontier of social media. Fox News has 24 hours to fill and an agenda to follow. Their pundits reference "some people say" more than a priests says "amen". And in the wilds of the internet, there are no controls on what people can say. Any nut case or troll can be cited under the umbrella "some people say".  

If we are to regain our control of our nation and our freedoms, if we are to save this world, we need to question more. And what we should question most of all is "Some people say? How many? Who are these people? And what exactly did they say?"  

If we don't engage our brains and ask questions and demand honest answers to those questions, we cannot control our fate and the fate of the world around us. 

Well, at least, that's what some people say.

Be good to one another.

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