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Doctor Who: Prisoners of the Daleks - Episode Two

Hello, Whovians!  

Today is Episode Two of a new fan-fiction of Doctor Who featuring the 12th Doctor and Clara. 

    • This story takes place in Doctor Who before the events of the first episode of Series 9 which debuts September 19th. 
    • As is my want, I write these adventures as a script instead of in prose form. If that's too weird, try to deal.
    • DISCLAIMER: This story is not sanctioned by the producers of Doctor Who and the BBC. It is a work of fan-fiction posted with no compensation received by the writer and is not part of any official Doctor Who canon.  
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      And with that, let's get started....

      Prisoners of the Daleks

      Prisoners of the Daleks

      Prisoners of the Daleks

      by David Long 
      by David Long 
      by David Long 
      Episode Two  
      Episode Two 

      Scene opens: The Earth of the future. A sleek and very modern looking spaceport with spaceships taking off and landing. The air is filled with sounds of hums of spacecraft and announcements from holographic images. Our focus zooms in on Clara as moves along the gangway with the flow of other people boarding the USS Alaska. An ensign, looking sharp in a clean white uniform approaches Clara.

      Ensign: Miss Oswald, I presume?

      Clara: Er, yes. Yes, I am.

      Ensign: If I could see your papers please?

      Clara: What? Oh! Of course!

      Clara pulls out her credentials card and hands it to the Ensign. The Ensign smiles and hands the card back to Clara.

      Ensign: Excellent! The Captain will want to meet you straight away.

      The Ensign touches an ear piece communicator.

      Ensign: Captain! I’m here with Miss Oswald, sir!

      Captain (voice): You have Miss Oswald…there?

      Ensign: Yes, sir!

      Captain (voice): Well, please bring her to the bridge immediately!

      Ensign: Yes, sir!

      The Ensign gestures towards Clara.

      Ensign: This way, ma’am. 

      Clara: Yes. Yes, of course.

      Clara and the Ensign walk along a bustling corridor.

      Clara: This is quite some ship!

      Ensign: Yes, ma’am! The Alaska is the top of the line! Very smooth operation, no problems at all. 

      Clara: That’s good to know.

      Ensign: Yes, ma’am.

      Clara: Do you have to keep calling me “Ma’am”?

      Ensign: Yes, ma’am.

      A door hisses open. Led by the Ensign, Clara enters the ship’s bridge. Standing looking out over the bridge is a uniformed humanoid (the Captain of the ship). Next to him, her back turned, is a young woman with brown hair and a short red dress.

      Captain: I thought it was my lucky day to have our new Junior Entertainment Officer join us here on the Alaska. Imagine my joy at the great fortune of…

      The brown haired girl turns around. She looks exactly like Clara.

      Captain: having TWO Junior Entertainment Officers!

      Both women: Oh my God!

      Captain: Well, maybe “joy” isn’t the right word.

      The Captain turns to the one who is NOT Clara.

      Captain: Oswin Oswald, do you have any explanation for this?

      Oswin: No! No, not at all!  I have no idea! Who…?

      Oswin leans in closer to Clara.

      Oswin: Who are you? 

      Clara: I’m…er, well, I’m Clara Oswald.

      Captain: You don’t seem too sure of yourself.

      Clara: Huh? What? No, no! I’m Clara Oswald. Really! Just as rattled by all this as you.

      Captain: How did you get on my ship?

      Clara: I was just looking to book passage and…and the lady at the terminal said I was expected.

      Captain: So, a case of mistaken identity? A simple mix up?

      Clara: Well, actually, yes. Yes! Yes that’s it exactly.

      Captain: A…coincidence?

      Clara: Er…

      Captain: Two women who have the same last name and look exactly alike…

      Oswin: Well, she might have a couple of pounds over me.

      Clara: Hey! 

      Captain: Miss Oswald!

      Clara and Oswin: Yes?

      Captain: No, just one of you! Oswin! I don’t have patience for whatever game…

      Oswin: No game, sir! I assure you! I’m as perplexed by this as…

      Ensign approaches, interrupting.

      Ensign: Captain, sir!

      Captain: One moment, Ensign. Ladies, I…

      Ensign: Captain, urgent report from navigation?

      Captain: Navigation? Oh good Lord, what is it now?

      Ensign: They’re reporting odd energy and matter anomalies along galactic corridor alpha zed 9. 

      Captain: Energy and…? (Sigh!)  Very well, let me see what fresh hell this is. Miss Os…er, Oswin?

      Oswin: Yes, Captain?

      Captain: Until I sort this problem out, I expect you to keep your….twin sister out of trouble.

      The Captain turns on his heel and walks away with the Ensign.

      Oswin: But she’s not….she’s not my sister….Damn it!

      Oswin glares at Clara.

      Oswin: This…is my first real chance to go into space. You’re not going to blow this for me, I don’t care how cute you are.

      Clara: Look, I really don’t want to cause any…did you say “cute”?

      Oswin: (Sigh!) OK, I still need to familiarize myself with the ship so fancy a tour while I work that all out?

      Clara: Yeah, sure.

      Clara and Oswin exit the bridge. As they pass through the door, our attention is drawn to a monitor which displays a star field with one flickering red dot. And graphic that reads Anomaly Detected. And the red dot grows brighter. 

      Scene change: an austere room where the Doctor sits on a bench. He's leaned over a bit and whistling the theme to Duck Tales. A door swishes open and the Monk enters. 

      The Monk: Hello again, Doctor.

      The Doctor: Hello, Monkey. 

      The Monk has a stern expression on his face. 

      The Monk: I am...the Monk.

      The Doctor rises with a smirk on his face. He approaches the Monk. 

      The Doctor: Yes, the Monk with a key to that door. Ergo...

      The Doctor taps the Monk on his forehead. 

      The Doctor: Monkey. Sooooooo...

      The Doctor sits back down on the bench, smiling at the Monk. 


      The Doctor: What game are you playing at....Monk?

      The Monk: No games, Doctor. Oh, my past as a meddler in the flow of time has long become ancient history. No, what I do now, I take very, very seriously.

      The Doctor: Bee keeping?

      The Monk: Justice, Doctor! Justice for those lost to the follies of those who would play in time like a toy box!

      The Doctor: You’re a fine one to talk, you meddling Monk!

      The Monk: Actually, yes, yes, I am a fine one to talk. I know the temporal travesties I have committed. I acknowledged my sins. I have been penitent and sought redemption. But what of you, Doctor?

      The Doctor stands up. 

      The Doctor: Me? What of me?

      The Monk: Oh, Doctor. Healer of lost souls and endangered worlds, yet blissfully unaware of the temporal havoc you leave behind you in your wake.

      The Doctor: Blissfully unaware? Me? I think the only one here who here who is blissfully unaware…

      The Doctor approaches the Monk and taps him on the forehead.

      The Doctor: Is. You.

      The Doctor keeps taping the Monk on the forehead. The Monk looks annoyed.

      The Monk: Doctor…

      The Doctor keeps tapping.

      The Monk: Stop doing….

      The Doctor keeps tapping.

      The Monk: That!

      The Monk grabs the Doctor’s arm at the wrist.

      The Doctor: Hmm! I was wondering if anyone else is home up there.  

      The Monk glares at the Doctor.

      The Monk: Listen to me, Doctor! It’s time for you to be held to account and I’ll be the one to do it. 

      The Monk shoves the Doctor’s arm away, turns and walks out of the room. He turns, framed by door way.

      The Monk: Come now, Doctor! Judgement awaits!

      The Doctor strides to the door. 

      The Doctor: Oh good! Will there be snacks?

      As the Doctor steps outside the doorway, the Monk vanishes in the shadows. The Doctor slows down, looking about, trying to discern shapes or movement in the darkened chamber. 

      The Doctor: Maybe some biscuits. Or some…crisps?

      Suddenly light flares up and surrounding the Doctor is a tribunal headed up by the Architect, Leader of the Shadow Proclamation.   The Monk is standing behind a podium.

      Architect: I call this tribunal of the Shadow Proclamation to order! Your trial will now begin, Doctor!

      The Doctor: I believe I entered a guilty plea when I was arrested by the Jundoon! Why are we having a trial?

      Architect: We are not barbarians. It is only fair to let you hear the case against you. 

      The Doctor: Well, that’s rather kind of you. 

      Architect: Besides, sentencing has yet to be decided. 

      The Doctor: Oh? What are my options?

      Architect: A slow, painful death.

      The Doctor: Or...?

      Architect: A slower, more painful death.

      The Doctor: Well, it's good to have options.

      Architect: Doctor, you have been charged with violations of temporal order one as established in the code of the Shadow Proclamation in accordance with the laws of time set forth by the Time Lords of Gallifrey and overseen by their proxy, the being you know as the Monk.  

      The Monk nods solemnly. He has put on the white wig of a English barrister. He bows slightly towards the Architect. 

      The Monk: M’lady.

      The Doctor (muttering): Oh brother. 

      Scene change: The observation lounge of the Starship Alaska. On view is a spectacular panorama of the vastness of space. Various passengers and crew move about as Clara and Oswin stand watching the beauty of the universe. 

      Oswin (eyes wide): Oh, I will never get tired of this. Never! 

      Clara: So you said this was your first time travelling in space? 

      Oswin: Oh yeah! I’ve always wanted to travel, ever since I was a little girl!

      Clara: So did I. My mom and me, we had a book of all the places we wanted to go.

      Oswin: Wow! Me too! I filled in the pages with pictures of stars and planets. I still have that book. Silly, I know.

      Clara: No, not really.

      Oswin: I kept trying to get on a space ship as a techie. Unfortunately I’m really, really too good with computers.

      Clara: Unfortunately?

      Oswin: Yeah. It seems engineers don’t like it when you re-program their engines.

      Clara: Now that's a lesson I fully understand: never get between a bloke and his machine. So you’re on here as a…what the Captain say?

      Oswin: Junior Entertainment Officer. Hey, I may be a computer genius but I also know how to party. 

      Clara: I imagine you do.

      Oswin: So what’s your story, Clara?

      Clara: I was travelling with a…friend.

      Oswin: Friend. Got it.

      Clara: Really, a friend. Anyway, we got separated from each other and our ship so now I’m trying to get…somewhere.

      Oswin: Somewhere?

      Clara: Let’s say I’m following a hunch, maybe the three of us will wind of up in one spot.

      Oswin: You’re a strange one, Clara Oswald. And yet…not so strange.

      Clara: Yeah?

      Oswin: Yeah! I look at you and it’s like looking in a mirror. And I’m not just talking about looking alike. Something…in your eyes.

      Clara: Really?

      Oswin: It’s like I’m looking at you and at the same time looking out from you back at me?

      Clara: OK.

      Oswin: I know that doesn’t make sense.

      Clara: I don’t know, maybe it does.

      Oswin: Clara, what’s going on here? You and me?

      Cut to Clara. We zoom into her eye. We instantly see a flashback to Name of the Doctor where Clara is falling through the Doctor's time line and splinters into many different versions of herself.

      We zoom back out of the eye. Clara looks back at Oswin with a blank expression.

      Clara: I…have no idea.

      Oswin: Why don’t I believe you? 

      Clara: I can’t help you with that. 


      Oswin: So I was wondering…if you ever….wondered….

      Clara: Wondered…what?

      Oswin: You know, if you ever met…yourself…

      Clara: More or less.

      Oswin: More or less and what it would be like to….you know…

      Clara: Know…what?

      Oswin: You know…

      Suddenly Oswin takes Clara’s face in her hands, pulls her closes and kisses her fully on the mouth. Clara is quite startled. 

      Scene change: Back to chamber of the Shadow Proclamation. 

      The Monk: Let us begin…with Gallifrey, Doctor.

      The Doctor: Oh, yes, let’s start there. 

      The Monk: During the Time War, you seized the Time Lords’ ultimate weapon, the Moment, to bring the Time War to an end.

      The Doctor: Yes, I did.

      The Monk: The plan was to unleash a force of such incredible destructive power to totally eradicate the Daleks completely from all time and space! But it meant taking the Time Lords with them!

      The Doctor (solemnly): Yes.

      The Monk: Gallifrey, burning in space, crumbling in the void. Men, women, children…screaming…

      The Doctor: Except that didn’t happen!

      The Monk: Yes, Doctor?

      The Doctor: Another way was found! Gallifrey was shifted to another dimension while the Daleks destroyed each other in the crossfire!

      The Monk: An ingenious solution. The lives of everyone on Gallifrey saved and the Daleks destroyed! And all you had to do was undo time itself!

      The Doctor looks like he doesn’t care for where this is going. 

      The Doctor: And? 

      The Monk: And yet it didn’t quite work, did it? Gallifrey was saved but in what hellish dimension are they trapped?

      The Doctor: Now hold on…

      The Monk: And the Daleks? They still infest this universe like a plague! Have you ever wondered why? The Emperor Dalek at Satellite Five? The so-called Dalek God of Time who wreaked havoc along your time line to jeopardize the universe itself? They fell through the cracks in time you created when you dared, Doctor, you dared to violate a fixed moment in time to assuage your own guilt!

      The Doctor stands silent.

      Scene change: The observation lounge of the Starship Alaska. Oswin is still kissing Clara. Oswin’s eyes are closed and she seems to be enjoying this.

      Meanwhile, Clara’s eyes are wide open as she does a very good impression of the Doctor not wanting to be hugged, her arms stretched out on either side.  

      Oswin pulls back and smiles.

      Oswin: You know…that!

      Clara looks shocked, her arms still stiffly extended to either side of her.  Oswin steps back a bit further.

      Oswin: Uh, Clara?

      Clara: What…was…that?

      Oswin: I, er, kissed you. So, you never…

      Clara (recovering a bit): No! Never! Not once! 

      Oswin: Oh.

      Clara: Not ever! Not even a little bit! Na da! 

      Oswin: Sorry. 

      Clara: Nope! No way! 

      Oswin: OK, OK! I said I'm sorry.  

      Clara: OK. It’s….OK. It’s been that sort of day.  

      Sound EFX: Alarms sound throughout the ship. 

      Clara AND Oswin: What the hell? 

      Captain (over monitors): Attention! All guests and crew! Seek secure stations immediately! I repeat, seek secure stations at once! Starship Alaska is under attack!

      Oswin: Under attack?

      Clara (muttering): Of course, we’re under attack.

      Oswin looks out of the observation window and points at something. 

      Oswin: Clara! Look! 

      Clara (turning): What? Oh no! Not now! 

      Flying through the darkness is a Dalek!

      Clara: This is so not good! Oswin, we are in serious trouble!

      Oswin: I know a Dalek when I see one!  Trouble doesn’t begin to cover it!

      Scene change: the chamber of the Shadow Proclamation. His head lowered, the Doctor looks troubled as the Monk moves about, passionately presenting his argument. The Architect watches from above, her face showing no emotion.  
      The Monk: Don’t you understand? Your first action, however horrendous…and oh, it was a horrendous thing to do…but it worked! The Daleks were gone forever! Lifeforms across the infinite universe no longer lived in fear of the Daleks! But you, precious Doctor, could not live with that burden, could you? You re-wrote your own personal history and time fractured. And through those cracks in time, the Daleks fell and renewed the ferocity of their hatred against all things not Dalek. Except now, there was no Gallifrey in their path. No Time Lord council to stand against them!

      The Doctor stands silent, his head bowed. Then he lifts his head and his expression is one of grim resolve. 

      The Doctor: You. Are wrong.

      The Monk: And I say I’m right Doctor and the Shadow Proclamation agrees with me. And you have entered a plea of guilty.

      The Doctor: I did that to save the life of my friend!

      The Monk: Oh! Perhaps that’s the problem here. Your transgressions against the laws of time in respect to the Time Lords and the Daleks and the imperilment of all creation, maybe it’s too much to grasp. So let’s bring this down to a level that perhaps you will understand. The impact of your recklessness on one single life.

      The Doctor: What are you talking…?

      The Monk: A random visit to a random planet. You didn’t look ahead, you didn’t check for danger. You never do. You just jumped into a world with reckless abandon, dragging your companions with you. How careless of you, Doctor. How typical. And someone paid a price for that carelessness. A life created and then summarily destroyed because you didn’t see fit to live with the consequences of your actions!

      The Doctor: This is madness! What are…?

      Woman’s voice (shouting): ENOUGH! 

      The Doctor and the Monk turn towards a shadowed area where the shout came from.

      The Doctor: Who..?

      The Monk: I told you, you must be patient…

      A right leg steps from the darkness, clad in padded armor. Her left arm also extends forth and we see it too is padded. We see an outline of the rest of the body still cloaked in shadow.

      Woman: No! No more! This mad fool is never going to understand! He will never understand the cost others pay for his betrayals.

      The Doctor tilts his head. 

      The Doctor: No, it can't be. 

      We see more of the woman, covered in body armor, her head is still in shadow. Her right arm reaches to her side.

      Woman: The cost others pay for his lies. His many, many lies. It’s rule number one: the Doctor lies!

      The Doctor: It''s impossible! 

      Light halos around her head, her face still obscured but we can see the edges of her long, dark red hair.

      Woman: Well, enough, I say! Enough!

      The right arm draws out a sword, a shiny blade that glistens in the light.

      Woman: The Doctor must pay for his lies!

      The woman steps out fully into the light, the armored form of an older and very cross looking Amy Pond.

      -----To be continued--------

      Next time...

      • Yes, that's Old Amy Pond from The Girl Who Waited. What the heck...?
      • Not to mention Oswin Oswald, Junior Entertainment Officer of the Starship Alaska! What is going on?
      • Starship Alaska vs. a single Dalek? Too bad...for the starship. But don't worry, Clara and Oswin have a plan. Will it involve more kissing? 
      • The Doctor's trial comes to an end. Maybe because Amy kills him? For whistling Duck Tales?! 

      All that and more with next week's Episode Three of...

      Prisoners of the Daleks

      Until next time, remember to be good to one another and keeping on having Duck Tales.


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