Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Stand Up To the Sun Stealers

Monday evening around 5:00 PM, the sky began to darken as night approached. Once more the Earth continued to turn on its axis and my part of the world moved away from the sun to rest in the comfort of darkness until the Earth turned to face the sun once more. 

Or so you think.

Have you considered that darkness fell upon the world because SOLAR PANELS USED UP ALL THE ENERGY OF THE SUN!!!

There are these companies who want to put hundreds and thousands of these solar panels in fields for something called "solar farms". All those panels, stretched out across a field, you know it can't be good! They claim it will provide us with energy that's better than the oil and coal that God helpfully put in the ground for us to use. Something's up with those pesky panels and nobody's telling nobody nothing! 

Do we really understand how solar panels works? I mean, really really? Do they cause cancer? You can get skin cancer from being exposed to the sun too long. I bet you could get cancer from standing to close to a solar panel! 

What about plants that rely on photosynthesis for food? What happens if the energy of sun light gets sucked away from  plants and pulled into solar panels? Plants will die! There goes our food and our oxygen! And even worse, we won't have gardens to look pretty any more! 

Who would want a solar farm outside their town? You're just driving people away. I mean, who wants to stay in a dimly lit town with exploding skin cancers, low oxygen and ugly gardens?! 

Well, thank Jesus that the good people of Woodland, NC are not afraid to ask the hard questions about solar farms. That's right, all that stuff I mentioned above was given voice by the brave citizens of Woodland who were not about to be destroyed by the solar farm industry. A representative of the company that wanted to place a solar farm outside of Woodland addressed the meeting, claiming that the only sunlight used would be that which fell on the panels directly. "The panels don't draw additional sunlight," he said but how does he know that? He's just a puppet of big solar power. Of course he's going to say that. 

The town council of Woodland, NC was not fooled and voted down the proposal for the solar farm. And just to show you they mean business, the town council put a moratorium on future solar farms in the area! You go, Woodland! Ain't no city slicker coming in and taking your sun!  

So as day turns into night and you go to bed comfortable in the knowledge that sun will rise tomorrow, know that is not assured, not if greedy men keep gobbling up all the sun. And don't think it's not happening! Have you noticed? It's getting darker earlier these days. WE'VE ALREADY BEGUN USING UP THE SUN!!!

So follow the example of Woodland, NC. Stand up to the solar farm industry. Because the sun they take today could be your endless night tomorrow. 

Those rows of solar panels look like snakes, don't they? SOLAR FARMS ARE EVIL!!
Don't let them steal our SUN!!

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