Sunday, March 20, 2016

Doctor Who: My Crazy "Next Doctor" Theory

Hi there, WhoviansDave-El with a new Sunday post about our favoriests TV show ever, Doctor Who.

Today, I want to share a theory. I have absolutely NO basis in fact for this theory. I have read NOTHING, seen or heard NOTHING to give any credence to this theory. As far as I know, this theory has just bubbled fully formed in my unbalanced brain with zero input from any outside sources.

It is a theory that centers around a much debated subject among Whovians, who will be the next Doctor?

Peter Capaldi has hinted that his third go-round as the Doctor may be his last and what with the change over of producers from Steven Moffat to Chris Chibnall over the course of 2017 and 2018, it does seem like the timing might be right for such a change. Moffat started with a brand new Doctor when he took over the reins from Russell T Davies.

Assuming such a change in Doctors is forthcoming, who might Chris Chibnall consider casting?

Producers may have an idea of who they might want but they rely on casting directors who may have other ideas. Steven Moffat has said that he was considering an older Doctor when he took over the show but then someone brought in this punk kid still wet behind the ears from high school and voila, the legend of Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor was born.

But sometimes producers do have some idea of actors they want to work with, perhaps because they've worked with them before. David Tennant certainly had an in with the Russell Davies team due to his portrayal of a young Casanova in a previous project for Davies. Back in the classic series, Peter Davison got the nod because John Nathan-Turner had worked with him on All Creatures Great and Small.

So who might Chris Chibnall have rattling about his head as a possible Doctor?

What little I know of Chris's work outside of this previous Doctor Who scripts is watching Broadchurch with my wife. So I started thinking about the cast of that show and began wondering, "Who would make a good Doctor?"  

A couple of people from Broadchurch are out. Sorry, David Tennant and Arthur Darvill. But as I think over the rest of the cast, I really didn't find anyone leaping out at me as a possibility to play the Doctor.

Except one.

Before I unveil this person, let me set the scene a bit.

Steven Moffat has a full year to prep for his blow out final season as the top dog of Doctor Who and Moffat knows how to crank things up to 11.

Chris Chibnall has to follow up this very popular and beloved producer who is going to have a kick ass final season and he's thinking, "I'm so screwed." Chris is facing a situation where no matter what he does, he's going to come up short or at least be perceived as such. So faced with the prospect of facing an uphill battle against the Moffat Myth and the strict attentions of Whovians waiting to see how Chibnall is going to follow this up, Chris may decide to go for broke and do something unprecedented.

Something that Moffat has been preparing us for.

A female Doctor.

So let's go back to Broadchurch and suddenly a strong pick for the next Doctor becomes almost unavoidably obvious.

Olivia Colman.

As Detective Ellie Miller, Colman impressed me with her dramatic depth but leavened with flashes of humor, particularly in her interactions with Tennant's Alec Hardy. She displayed a range that would make her an ideal Doctor.

And if fans were worried that a female Doctor would be portrayed by some young fashion model, Colman has an unconventional style that belies that concern. I could see Olivia in a style echoing the 10th Doctor.

And yes, I know OIivia Colman has already been on Doctor Who in The Eleventh Hour. Well, being on DW before didn't stop Peter Capaldi, did it?

Anyway, that's my crazy "next Doctor" theory. Not saying it's original. It's a big world out there and who am I to presume this idea hasn't crossed anyone else's mind? But the pieces are there and I wouldn't be surprised if events take a turn in the general direction I'm imagining.

That's all I have for today. Back with another post tomorrow. In the meantime, remember to be good to one another.

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