Sunday, March 13, 2016

Doctor Who: Stay Just a Little Bit Longer

For this week, I had prepared a post I called "My Crazy 'Next Doctor' Theory" as I speculate on a wild idea on who might take over the role of the Doctor when Chris Chibnall comes on board as Executive Producer and Head Writer for Doctor Who. I've decided to bump that post up a week or two and focus on the Doctor we have, particularly since the Doctor we have may in fact be the Doctor of our future.

This past week, news came out that Peter Capaldi has been asked to return as the Doctor when Chris Chibnall takes over from Steven Moffat in 2018.

If you are a fan of Peter Capaldi's Doctor (as am I), you may well greet this as wonderful news. Certainly, during a time of transition from one show runner to another, the comfort of having at least the constant assurance of the same person as the Doctor is hard to discount.

It's too early for Peter to make that decision yet. There still Series 10 and Moffat's last year to get done.  But I would caution against getting to excited for Capaldi to stick around past Moffat's exit.

1) While Peter Capaldi speaks highly of Chris Chibnall, there is the consideration that Peter could leave with Steven Moffat on a high note without the risk of tarnishing his rep with Doctor Who if Chibnall is less successful with the show.

2) Peter had a long, varied and prolific career before Doctor Who came along. As much as being the Doctor is a lifelong dream, as an actor, I'm sure there are things Peter wants to get out there and try while he can.

3) Peter knows Doctor Who history and understands that most actors who play the Doctor do so for a small window of time, of about 3 to 4 years. Series 10 will mark Peter's 3rd season and 4th year portraying the Doctor. He just may feel compelled to follow in the footsteps of history.

4) Peter will be 60 years old when Chris Chibnall takes charge in 2018. Playing the Doctor is a physically demanding part and Peter's already experienced the knee problems that afflicted Matt Smith when he was the 11th Doctor. Even if the spirit wants to keep going, the flesh may be a bit tuckered out.

There are some factors that may point towards Peter Capaldi sticking around.

1) Peter is not a young actor who needs to get out there in the world and prove himself, striking while the Doctor Who notoriety is still hot. Peter's proved himself in that regard over and over. If he's still having fun playing the Doctor, why let a little knee pain get in the way of that.

2) Steven Moffat may suggest he stay. Much has been made of the clean break between Doctors when Moffat took over from Russell T Davies. It's a chance for the new show runner to make their mark on the show with their Doctor. But Steven has noted that getting started as the new show runner AND figuring out who's going to be the new Doctor at the same time is not really that great an experience.

Well, we still have time to speculate on what will be. Me, I can't wait to see the first images of the Doctor in action when production starts this May. The future after that will bring whatever it will bring.

And if Peter does decide to leave when Steven does, then check in this space this time next week when I have a post about the next Doctor and my "crazy theory".

That's all for now. A new post is coming up tomorrow. In the meantime, remember to be good to one another.
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