Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Time Out of Whack

I don't know if I've ever said this on the blog before but I have said in real life on several occasions: 

Life is hard enough without us making it harder. 

Life is hard enough, sometimes, just dealing with the stuff that's just a part of life. Getting an education. Finding a job. Earning enough to pay for food and shelter. Finding love. 

More often than not, I like to think, it works out OK in the end but getting there can be a struggle.

But there are things that get in our way and they don't have to be there at all. It's a problem that we self-inflict. It's something that if we didn't do it to ourselves, we wouldn't have to deal with it. 

What has prompted this diatribe on this subject is the same one the thing that has made everyone irritable for the last couple of days, the change to Daylight Savings Time.  

Seriously there is no viable or useful reason we do this to ourselves. It doesn't help the farmers. It does nothing as far as energy consumption is concerned. And if you don't believe me, then believe John Oliver's Last Week Tonight and check
out this installment of How Is This Still A Thing.  

For several days, my body is out of sync with the clock. I try to have dinner at 7:00 and my stomach's telling me it's 6:00, I'm not really that hungry. I'm trying to force my eye lids open at 6:00 in the morning even as my brain is protesting, "Why are we waking up at 5 AM?" 

And I'm particularly annoyed with Daylight Savings Time because I'm a night person. During DST, it takes all night to get dark. 

Here's another annoying thing: every year, I do the same joke about how DST means it takes all night to get dark. Nobody laughed the first time. It's not getting any funnier. Yet every year, "Boy, I hate Daylight Savings Time! It takes all night to get dark! Yuck, yuck, yuck!"  

I find it very difficult to justify watching Wheel of Fortune or Family Feud with Steve Harvey while sunlight is streaming through the windows. 

OK, here's another bone of contention about this whole time change mess. The time that is NOT Daylight Savings Time is called Standard Time. Except Standard Time is NOT the standard, it is the exception. Do the math. There are approximately 4.5 months covered by Standard Time. The exception to the standard, DST, is in effect for 7.5 months. If we're going to put ourselves through this crap, do we also have to lie to ourselves in the process? 

How can the standard be less than the exception? If the exception exists more than the standard, doesn't that make the exception the standard and the standard the exception? How many of you are confused by that right now? See! Chalk up another frustration of Daylight Savings Time! 

I swear to you, if the lone Presidential candidate to put "Let's cut out this Daylight Savings Time crap" as a platform of their campaign was Donald Trump, I might have to actually vote for that man! 

C'mon, people! We must rise up as one to throw off the tyranny of Daylight Savings Time. After all, we have nothing to lose...but our sleep. 

Another new post is coming up tomorrow. Until then, be good to one another, everyone.  

I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You

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HE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!

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