Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Happy Blogiversary

Three years ago, I decided to launch a blog. 

Big deal. Everybody and their mother has a blog. Seriously, there are mothers out there with blogs. 

A Mother's Pain
Derrick didn't call again today. I don't know what to do with that boy. You would think he would take a little time from his job and his wife (the hussy!) and their three kids to give his mother a call, just for a few minutes. I mean, I was in labor with him for three five TWELVE hours days WEEKS! And this is the thanks I get? And Lord knows how much time I have in this world. I have this strange pain up my left side and the doctor doesn't seem to know (or care) what it is! That's ridiculous! Doctors used to know things! I blame Obama!

But I went ahead and started a blog. Yes, I may be one voice among billions but it's still my voice and by God, I may not be heard but I will speak! 

Plus when I'm typing like this from my inner Sanctum Sanctorum here in the heart of my Fortress of Ineptitude, it sounds like I'm doing really important work in here. OK, I know I'm not fooling anybody but again, to me, it sounds important. I bet I could make it more important if I wore a fedora jauntily tipped to the side with a cigarette dangling from my lips. Don't bother me! I gotta get this done before we go to press! 

I recently made a change to the appearance of this blog. For most of the last three years, the banner has been a straightforward recitation of the title as such: 


This past weekend, I changed the banner by adding an unusual photo. And look, a mission statement! I've grown up! 

The photo by the way is David Tennant of Doctor Who portraying producer Russell T Davies in a tribute video when both Tennant and Davies were leaving the show. Assuming You Tube is cooperating, you can find that video here

This picture is from a particular amusing part of the video where Russell is really stressing out over production problems while apparently trying to smoke half a pack of cigarettes at one time. I've always liked that bit so I have.... borrowed this image for my blog banner until such time as I get bored with it or I get a cease and desist order from Tennant, Davies or the BBC.  

There is another post coming up today, another installment of Oddball Super Heroes in which I conclude my run of looking at heroes from the era of the Legion of Super Heroes. I'll be looking at strange heroes from other publishers in the weeks to come. 

What else is coming up on this blog? Sadly, more of Ted Cruz Is a Lying F**k Bastard but hopefully, not much more after the events of yesterday's primaries.*

*To be honest I'm writing this before Super Tuesday so who knows how this will turn out. Still, wishful thinking and all that if Ted gets drubbed enough to put the brakes on his campaign.**

**Amended, 03/02/2016: No, he didn't.

I'm a bit of a political junkie so look for more posts on that subject but I will try to make it entertaining through humor or, more likely failing that, stupidity. Hey, it's working for Donald! 

Beyond that, I can only promise whatever damn thing pops into my head. Whatever it is, thanks for dropping by. 

And I'm so glad my suffering amuses you.  

"Three years and Dave-El's still writing this blog?!?
How are you not totally bothered by that?!!"

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