Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Supergirl Returns (Er, Not Yet But Soon)

Supergirl is back! 

OK, Supergirl is NOT back but will be soon. October 10th according to the handy-dandy CW poster up above. 

I've posted about Supergirl before here and here and here. It is a bit of a rarity here in the Fortress of Ineptitude, a TV show regularly watched by the entire family that's not Doctor Who. I mean, we watch a lot of TV but mostly on our individual devices and via Netflix and other online options. I'm re-watching 30 Rock and my daughter has caught up on Supernatural through season 10 while my wife finished up Jessica Jones recently. For all of us to sit down on the sofa and watch TV together is not that common a thing these days. So Supergirl holds a special place for the family. 

For the 2nd season, Supergirl is moving from CBS to the CW where she will join the CW's growing collection of shows based on DC Comics: Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. So what does the new season and the new network hold for the Girl of Steel? 

As I predicted, Calista Flockhart's status with the show has changed. The change in networks was also accompanied by a change in production venues with the show moving from Los Angeles to Vancouver. While unable to make the move from LA to Canada, Calista Flockhart will still make appearances as Cat Grant in a recurring role. 

As far as I know the rest of the regular cast from season 1 will be back. Dorian Harewood's Hank Henshaw has been seen on set in full J'onn J'onzz regalia. But there seems to be little news on the rest of the cast. Most of what I've seen has been about the adding to the cast of characters. Some are guest roles, others recurring and 1 or 2 may be regulars. Here's what we've got:  

Tyler Hoechlin as Superman. Clark Kent and his super hero alter ego will be on hand for the first two episodes of the season. I presume he may make other appearances as the season progresses. 

Floriana Lima as Capt. Maggie Sawyer. Sawyer heads up National City's Science Police division.  In the comics, Maggie was first introduced in 1987 in Superman and became one of the first openly gay characters in mainstream comics. 

Katie McGrath as Lena Luthor. Yes, that Luthor. Lena will play the sister of Lex Luthor who has taken over her brother's company in the wake of his crimes and is seeking to rebrand the company as a force for good and forge her own identity. We'll see how well that works and who knows? Maybe evil Lex himself might show up during season 2.  

Ian Gomez as Snapper Carr. From the comics, Snapper was created as a sidekick for the Justice League of America. There was not a lot of love lost for the annoying Snapper until writers Tom Peyer and Peter David rehabilitated Snapper's image in Hourman and Young Justice respectively. In Supergirl, Snapper will be Kara Danver's new boss at CatCo. 

Sharon Leal as M'gann M'orzz. In the comics and the animated Young Justice series, M'gann is also known as Miss Martian. M'gann is a White Martian who masquerades as a Green Martian. I should point out that White Martians are normally not the good guys. M'gann in the comics was one of the goon ones; we'll see if that plays out here.  

Chris Wood as Lar Gand. In the comics, Lar Gand is a Daxamite who, like Kryptonians, gain super powers under Earth's yellow sun. They are not bothered by Kryptonite but common lead can kill them so there's that. Presumably, Chris Wood is listed as a series regular. 

Serling Roquette as... The Doctor?!?! OMG, a Supergirl and Doctor Who crossover?!?! Settle down, geek boy. Reports are this Doctor is a bad guy (well, bad gal) at Project Cadmus experimenting on prisoners with alien tech. You may remember from season 1 that Project Cadmus was named dropped as being a really scary place and that Kara and Alex's father, Jeremiah Danvers, is being held there.  

Lynda Carter as the President of the United States of America. Oh hell yeah! The actress who played Wonder Woman on TV back in the 1970s is back and having her be the President is just perfect.  

Finally we don't have an actor associated with the role but there is a mystery character named "Nick Farrow" who is associated with Supergirl's 2nd season.  There is no "Nick Farrow" in any DC comics that I know of so this is either a whole new character or a fake name to cover up an established DC character. Farrow is described as "the son of a famous reporter... looking to make a name for himself in the news world but the question of whether he can leave behind his former selfish and hedonistic ways will constantly arise. In hanging out with Kara, the hero in Nick might finally come out.”  

If this is somebody from the Superman comics, one possibility may be the son of Perry White who's the editor of the Daily Planet in Metropolis but made a name for himself as a reporter early in his career. In the comics, Perry's son had a wild and selfish streak that got him into trouble. Looking beyond Superman comics, a couple of other names that occur to me are Jack Ryder (The Creeper) and Vic Sage (The Question), both of whom are established in the comics as being somewhat self-centered. Would be interesting to see if either of those play out. Prone to cynicism, the Question would definitely be a good foil for the upbeat, positive Kara Danvers. 

In addition to these cast additions, we know Supergirl will be crossing over with the Flash again for what has been described as a musical episode. And Supergirl will be teaming up with her new neighbors on the CW in a major event across all four CW series. (TV watchers, now you get a taste of what comic book readers have to put up with.)  

Between the cast additions, guest villians (1st up? Metallo, the man with the Kryptonite heart) and guest stars from other CW shows, will there be room for James Olsen, Win Schlott or Alex Danvers or even Lucy Lane. Or even Maxwell Lord? (If Lex Luthor does show up, I hope the first evil thing he does is kill Max.)  For that matter, will there be room for Kara Danvers, AKA Supergirl? I love Melissa Benoist as Supergirl; I thought she did a fantastic job in developing her character in season 1 and hope she gets to go further still in season 2 and more seasons to come. I'd hate to see Supergirl getting squeezed out of her own show. 

Still excited to see what happens next. The family will be parked on the sofa together to watch Supergirl debut on October 10th. 

Thanks for dropping by. Another post is coming up tomorrow. Until next time, remember to be good to one another.

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