Monday, September 19, 2016

Two Tents

So there was this guy who asked his doctor about a recurring dream he was having. The guy said, "One night I dream I'm a teepee, the next night I dream I'm a wigwam. And that's the way my dreams go, one night I'm a teepee, the next I'm a wigwam. What does it mean?"

And the doctor replied, "It means you need to relax; you're two tents."  

Rim shot! 

Anyone else come out of the weekend feeling "two tents"?  

In Minnesota, a man wearing a private security uniform stabbed 8 people in a mall while making references to Allah and asking at least one person if he was a Muslim. The attacker was shot dead by an off duty police officer. The Islamic State's Amaq news agency (yes, they have a news agency) issued the following statement: “The executor of the stabbing attacks in Minnesota yesterday was a soldier of the Islamic State and carried out the operation in response to calls to target the citizens of countries belonging to the crusader coalition."  

As I write this, the identity of the attacker has not been revealed and as such we have no information his connections, real or perceived, to the Islamic State which has been know to take credit for individual attacks after the fact such as the shooting in Orlando earlier this year. The good news is that none of the victims sustained life threatening injuries. Hey, you take your good news where you can find it. People just getting hurt and not killed is good news these days. 

It's one source of good news that came out of the bombing in New York City on Saturday night. 29 people were injured but no fatalities. The bomb appears to have been a pressure cooker device and a 2nd similar device was located elsewhere in the city. All of this was following a pipe bomb that exploded on the Jersey Shore earlier Saturday near the route of a charity race. Thankfully, no one was hurt. 
However, 2 explosions and 1 more unexploded bomb in a short period of time relatively close to each other can't help make one think, "Is something up? Should I go hide in my two tents?"  

Interesting side note: after being alerted to the explosion in New York City, Donald Trump speaking at an event in Colorado told the crowd that there had just been a bombing in NYC which was before there was confirmation that the source of the explosion was in fact a bomb.  Am I insinuating something here? Of course not, I'm just saying, folks. I'm just saying. 

(Look, if Donald Trump can play the passive-aggressive
insinuation game, so can I.)  

On a note unrelated to terrorism but none the less adding to my "two tents" status is the situation with gasoline. A leak in a major gasoline pipeline has led to the pipe being shut down for repairs. The upshot is a decrease in the amount of gasoline available to be delivered and an increase in the price of that gasoline. In the area of my Fortress of Ineptitude, long lines formed as people drained the gas we do have, leaving pumps dry. 

My wife's car has nearly a full tank of gas while my car as just over 200 miles of gas in the tank according to the range gauge thingy on my car. I'm hoping we'll be OK. Word is the pipe is out of operation for about a week so the increase in gas prices should be temporary and if people wouldn't panic, we might be OK with existing supplies. 

Given the large number of gas pumps with covers over the handles, I'm guessing people have panicked. Well, that happens when people feel "two tents".  

Here's hoping that the week to come brings better news or else we all might feel to go hide and curl up in our "two tents".   

Wait! Here are some tent puns to round off today's post.

Tomorrow: politics! A new strategy from the playground: "Well, you started it!" 

Wednesday: comic books! I share some thoughts about the new Superwoman series. 

Thursday: movies! Specifically, the Pixar Project returns as the family Pixar re-watch continues with Ratatouille.  

Until next time, remember to be good to one another. Maybe that'll help reduce that feeling of being "two tents".  

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