Friday, September 30, 2016

Donald's Own Reality

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In the aftermath of Monday night's debate between Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the main consensus was that Clinton had won the night. She was confident and in control. Meanwhile, Trump was flailing away like a little boy having a tantrum; in other words, he was being himself.

Trump started off OK, standing there all reserved, cool and deferential. You know, just like the little boy who's been told to behave himself and who does just that. For awhile. Then boredom sets in and the little boy wanders off the script, demanding ice cream, complaining that other people aren't any fun or they're being mean to him and he just wants to go home. Again, Trump was being himself. 

The one on one comparison between Trump and another candidate that Donald had so successfully avoided through out the election cycle could not be avoided any longer and the cranky boy in the man suit just couldn't measure up to a grown up who had done her homework and who was prepared and ready. 

It also helped that Hillary Clinton has access to two different facial expressions, serious and smiling, which is double Donald Trump's facial expressions which is limited to grumpy.

So the pundits piled on to declare Hillary the winner of the debate and quite frankly, anyone with eyes and ears and at least half a functioning brain should see that too.

To give Donald Trump credit, he does have eyes and ears. But Donald did not agree with this assessment of the debate. Donald declared he did great, awesome, showed Hillary was boss and all sorts of online polls agree with him. And besides, if there were any problems, well, you can blame Donald's faulty microphone that you just know someone gave him on purpose to try and mess with him.

If you've watched and heard the debate, you might have a rather reasonable question to ask: what faulty microphone?

I could hear Donald Trump very clearly whenever he was speaking. Hell, I could hear Donald Trump very clearly whenever someone else was speaking. A faulty microphone? What the fuck, Donald? 

Here's the thing with Donald: he says things like he doesn't think we can see or hear things differently.

He says he never claimed that climate change was a conspiracy by the Chinese even as everyone can see the Tweet from 2012 where Donald Trump claimed climate change was a conspiracy by the Chinese.

Donald Trump says he never supported going to war in Iraq even though everyone has heard that damn clip a gazillion times of him telling Howard Stern he supported going to war in Iraq.

Trump claims he shut down the birther movement by getting President Obama to produce his birth certificate even though we can see and hear all the clips and read the Tweets where Trump continually called into question the veracity of that certificate, keeping the birther movement alive.

He claims his microphone at the debate was faulty? WE CAN FUCKING HEAR YOU, DONALD! 

One of Hillary Clinton's zingers she tossed Donald Trump's way Monday night was that Donald lives in his own reality. We can, of course, laugh at that and say knowingly, "He sure acts like it, all right."

Except what if Donald Trump does in fact live in his own reality. What if the Donald Trump we see and hear is just a protrusion into our reality and where Donald really exists is some kind of Mad Max like dystopian apocalyptic world where America is just one big dumpster fire? No wonder Donald is so angry! That world he's in is terrible and somebody needs to fix it! And it's our fault that we can't see that! 


Donald's just a shit selling liar who's got enough stupid people in his corner who are more than willing to pay for his shit. If Donald Trump can convince enough people and he wins the election, Donald's own reality will become our reality. And it's a terrible place. 


Last night, the family took leave from the Fortress of Ineptitude to attend An Evening With Garrison Keillor. Tomorrow's post is a write up of those events.

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