Saturday, May 5, 2018

Free Comic Book Day 2018

Yay! Today is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!!!!!

It's Christmas for Geeks and Nerds!

Getting a bag of free comics is pretty sweet. But it's not just about freebies. What's really cool about Free Comic Book Day is that it's a party. People dressing up in costumes and having a good time. It's a chance to hang out in person with other people who share this life long addiction to a nearly century old medium of entertainment.

A couple of tips about this most sacred day.

1) Yes, it is FREE comic book day but still buy something. Free comic books are not free for the comic shop retailers who stock them. Plus they have to get extra staff for the crowds and other assorted expenses. So do ye olde comic shop owner a solid and buy something while enjoying the no-charge largesse of said owner's generosity.

2) Be patient. It will take a while to get through a very long line to get your precious, your beloved bag of free goodies.

3) Be prepared. Bring snacks or bring money to buy snacks.

*Side note: for those waiting in line to get their free comics from the best comic book shop on Earth, Acme Comics, there is a convenience store that anchors one end of the strip mall. Do not go in there. It has the dim, musty ambiance of a crime scene from an episode of Law & Order. The store still stocks porn mags like its the 1970s.

Geeksboro is still in its original location. Spend a little extra for a decent coffee or smoothie from a place that doesn't make you feel like you're about to be murdered.   

4) Make friends. Yes, I am a loner by nature with zero social skills. But interacting with the people in the line is the truly special part of Free Comic Book Day. 

This morning, my daughter Randie and I will be taking our place in line. It's become a father/daughter thing to do over the last decade. It can be an exhausting excursion but it's usually fun and a little weird. So that's a good thing.

Oh, and free comic books, too!  

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