Thursday, July 18, 2013

What TGIF Means To Me

Hi, there!
I'm Dave-El and welcome to another day here at I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You, the blog that makes dozens of julienne fries.
Today is Thursday which means tomorrow is Friday (assuming time is going in the right order where you are. I don't want to make any unwarranted assumptions.) So lots of postings on Twitter and Facebook and other social media (aka: soul sucking wastes of time) of TGIF.
Yes, thank God it's Friday! Second only to Sunday, Friday is the day that evokes the most religious fervor as even atheists look heavenward in weary relief and proclaim, "Thank God it's Friday!"
Well, except me.
But I'm weird but anyone reading these posts (Hello? Anyone? Hello!) knows that. I'm the only person in the world who will gasp on his death bed the plaintive lament, "I should've spent more time at work."
It's not that I enjoy my job that much. I mean, it's a good gig and pays well enough and I'm in a fairly sweet spot where I get to manage myself most of the time.

(And in case you're wondering what exactly it is I do for a living, you know what Barney on How I Met Your Mother does for a living? Yeah, it's kind of like that.)

But in the end I'm still just a middle aged middle management cog in the middle of the American ecomonic machinery. It's a good job but it's not my dream come true. 
So why do I want to spend more time there? Because there I know what I'm doing. The rest of know, the fun stuff, the bad stuff, the happy stuff and the sad stuff, the stuff that defines us and makes our life worth living...that, I have no clue how to deal with that stuff.  So come Friday, I'm just facing two whole days of that stuff.
Unless I can come up with an excuse to come in Saturday morning! (Yeah!) 

But then I may be on vacation. (Yuck!)
As I said, I'm weird.
So if I'm not particularly thankful that it is, indeed, Friday, then what does TGIF mean to me?
Well, here's some ideas: 

  1. The Gazelle Is Farting
  2. Tantalized Gourmets Incessantly Fondle
  3. Tell Gomer I'm Fine
  4. Tapdancing Goats Inspire Fabulously
  5. Taliban Gets Intifada Frenzy
  6. Tracking Google Images Fastidiously
  7. Tickling Gasoline Increases Flammability
  8. Turtle Gravy Is Floopy
  9. There Go Investment Funds
  10. Tim Gunn Infuriates Frequently
Actually, I might very well effusively express my gratitude to the almighty deity who benevolent provides me life is out to get me if Friday was less a day of the week and more of an all purpose do it all kind of guy who would help me out.

The story of the shipwrecked Robinson Crusoe who survived the dire and desperate conditions of a deserted island thanks only to his wits, his intelligence, his strength, his faith....oh, who are we kidding! Robinson Crusoe would've been vulture food by day two if wasn't for the "noble savage" ("Would you sign my time card, Mr. Crusoe? I need to get to the racquet court.") that Crusoe named Friday ("Er, my name is Phil.")  
If I had someONE like Friday in my life, then all the other non-work stuff would be easier to cope with and life would be more fun. Well, for me. I hope Friday would be OK with it, too. I would try to be kind to my life saver. I would be sure to give him time off.
Except for Friday.
Hey, here's something else that TGIF stands for.
I'm really not sure how I feel about this restaurant. On one hand, the atmosphere can be a bit...frentic, is the word, I think. It's like that hyper happy guy that Jennifer Anniston works for in Office Space and he's all about wearing lots of "flair" (buttons).  Some of the staff at TGI Friday's can be just like that guy and the other half are Jennifer Anniston's character and just can't buy into the whole perky deal. There seems to be no middle ground. On the other hand, it's hard to knock a restaurant that puts in Jack Daniels bourbon in ALL the food. 
I hope you all have a had a good Thursday and let me express my own TGIF: 
Thank God I'm Finished

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