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Doctor Who: The Nemesis Who Stole Time-Part 1

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Dave-El here and welcome to my blog, I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You.  And I can't believe what I'm starting here today.

As noted before, I'm popping in on Saturdays with Doctor Who posts to bide my time between the end of the previous season and the anniversary special in November. I've spent 5 of the last 6 weeks regaling boring you with the story of how I came to discover and become a fan of Doctor Who.

What I'm starting here today is a work of fiction. I've done Untold Tales of Doctor Who but unlike those first two stories which were silly one-offs based on crossing Doctor Who with Monty Python and Star Trek, this is something completely different. 

It's something I've been kicking around in my head for a few years now, a multi-Doctor storyline. And since it looks like the actual special with be just the 10th and 11th Doctors (with whoever John Hurt's "Doctor" is supposed to be), this is a chance to blow off a little steam. After all, I'm not bound by restrictions of budget or actor availability (or even talent for that matter). 

I'm not pretending this is original. I mean, it is to me but yeah, with millions of blogs and fan fiction posts, I'm sure someone else may have already done before what I'm setting out to do now. Whether or not this is the case, I'm finally taking this particular bull by the metaphorical horns and writing this damn thing down.  And I hope you enjoy it. 

So join me, if you will, as we embark on a journey as The Doctor must save everything from a dark and dire threat even as his own existence is threatened with extinction. 


 The Nemesis Who Stole Time


Part 1



Scene: The battle of Zarathustra

Explosions everywhere, lasers crisscrossing the sky with red and green flashes against smoke and chaos.

Into this maelstrom run The Doctor and Clara, ducking and weaving past lasers and bomb blasts as they shout to each other.

Clara: Doctor! We’ve got to get back to the TARDIS!

Doctor: Great idea, Clara! I wish I had thought of that!

They duck under behind a wall for cover.

Doctor: I saw some extra boomy explosions over that way. I thought we should stroll over there, see the sights, maybe grab a hot dog.

Clara: Doctor, sarcasm does NOT suit you.

Doctor: Really? That’s a shame. I’ve been working on that.

The Doctor pulls out his sonic screw driver and scans.

Doctor: There! Just a couple of meters over that way. Ready?

Clara (looks worried): No, not really. (Then she smiles at the Doctor): Let’s go!

The Doctor and Clara rush through the ruins, past shattered walls and statues towards what remains of a what used to be a church.  They duck inside with the sounds of war temporarily muffled as the Doctor scans with his sonic screwdriver.


Clara: Whew! Hey, Doctor! What is all this fighting about?

The Doctor: I’m not sure.

Clara: You don’t know?

The Doctor: No. But that’s OK. They don’t know either.

Clara: Wha..?

The Doctor: Shhh!


The sonic screwdriver changes pitch.


The Doctor: A-ha! There it is!


The Doctor zeroes in on a section of a wall; under the hum of the sonic screwdriver, the blocks of the wall begin to shift and change, revealing a secret hiding place but only one thing can be found within: a completely unremarkable piece of broken crystal. The Doctor slowly reaches in and withdraws the crystal from the hiding place.


The Doctor (with a slight smile): Well. Hello.

Clara: This…is what we came after? And nearly got blown up for?

The Doctor (still studying it): Yes, Clara. It is.

Clara: This…is going to save the universe?

The Doctor: The universe, yes. And time itself. And daffodils and chocolate chip cookies and penguins…

Clara: It looks like a piece of broken crystal.

The Doctor (placing the crystal in the pocket of his coat): That because it IS a piece of broken crystal.

Clara: What?

The Doctor: But it will be so much more. IF we are successful. Remember the plan, Clara.

Clara: Right. The plan.

Suddenly there is a particularly loud boom nearby and the Doctor looks alarmed.

The Doctor: Oh, right! I forgot the war!

Clara: Yeah, the one with the extra boomy explosions!

The Doctor: C’mon! We’ve got to get back to the TARDIS!

The Doctor grabs Clara’s hand and they run.

Clara: Oh, NOW he wants go back to the TARDIS!

Once more the two run through the laser fire and explosions of the war of Zarathustra. They are just within sight of the TARDIS when a particularly close explosion separates the two. The Doctor scrambles to where Clara is lying, scratched and bleeding.

The Doctor: Clara? Clara?!

The Doctor touches her neck.

The Doctor: Still alive, thank goodness!

Clara (coming to, moaning): Doctor?

The Doctor: It’s OK, Clara. You’ll be fine. We’ll get you fixed up in the TARDIS. Can you stand?

Clara: I…I think so.

The Doctor helps her to her feet.

The Doctor: Good girl.

The two resume their desperate race to get back to the TARDIS. Then, within just a few feet of the doors, a red laser blast cuts through the air and slams the Doctor right in the chest.

Clara (screaming): DOCTOR?!?!

The Doctor (gasping, clutching his chest): G-go, Clara. In…in the T-TAR-

Clara unlocks the doors and they stumble inside. Clara shuts the doors as the Doctor staggers to the consoles and activates the TARDIS. Outside, the blue box fades away as the battle of Zarathustra continues to rage on. Back inside the TARDIS…

Clara: Doctor, are you…?

The Doctor looks down at his hand and it starts to glow. He looks at his other hand and it too is glowing.

The Doctor (whispers): No…not now….

Clara: Doctor!

The Doctor: Just…just a moment…

His glowing hands are shaking as the Doctor retrieves the crystal fragment from his coat and places it in a container on the TARDIS console.

The Doctor (staggers away from the console as more of him starts to glow): Stay back, Clara! Apparently, that laser blast…. (gasps for air)

Clara: You’re regenerating!

The Doctor: Looks…like it! Clara, these…things get a little weird sometimes so st-stay strong and…Clara…

Clara: Yes, Doctor?

The Doctor: We still…have work to do. Don’t forget…the plan.

Clara: Doctor!

The Doctor: Clara, I believe in you, I-

Suddenly the glow around the Doctor begins to brighten as the regeneration effect takes hold.


Clara (averting her eyes from the blinding glare): Doctor!


Clara (averting her eyes from the blinding glare): Doctor!

Doctor: Sorry! Here!

The Doctor is wearing sunglasses as he whips out a 2nd pair from his coat and hands them to Clara and she puts them on.



Clara: Cool shades.

The Doctor: Careful with those. Roy Orbison gave me those.

Clara: Doctor, we were heading for the Neptune colony in the year 4256.

The Doctor: Yes.

Clara: I take it this isn’t it.

The Doctor: No

Clara: Then where are we?

The Doctor: Well, that’s what I would LIKE TO KNOW! (his arms outstretched as he turns around, his shout echoing.

We pull back and the scene is a clean white sterile looking environment. There are some chairs and a table and the TARDIS in the background. Everything else is just blank and white.

Clara: Well, it’s clean.

The Doctor: Yes, it’s clean. And BORING! C’mon, whoever you are! Do your worst! Unless your worst is boring me to death then that’s just not fair.

A warm female voice echoes through the chamber.

VOICE: My apologies for keeping you waiting. My socials skills are a bit rusty.

A pitcher and glasses materialize on the table.

VOICE: Come sit down and have something to drink.

The Doctor and Clara look at each other.

Clara: Yeah sure.

The Doctor: Why not?

They sit down and take off their shades (the blinding whiteness of it all is a bit less intense) and each pour themselves a glass of water.

Clara: Hmm. Refreshing.

The Doctor: Refined Hydronian Spring Water.

Clara: Refined?

The Doctor: Yes but I think it’s better with the slime beetles still in it.

Before Clara can comment on that, a woman quietly and gracefully materializes in a third chair, a glass in her hand. She is fair skinned with white hair, a long white gown with simply designed silver jewelry around her neck and on her wrists.

Woman: Hello, Doctor. Clara.

Clara: Uh, hello?

The Doctor: Is it…you? You’re a woman now.

Woman: I was a woman then. You just didn’t want to see it.

Clara: Hey, Doctor. How about a little introduction?

The Doctor: Ah, yes. Yes, that would be…in order. Clara, allow me to introduce…the White Guardian.

The White Guardian nods her head.

Clara: Well, you’ve got the whole “white” motif going. But the guardian of what, may I ask?

The White Guardian: Everything.

Clara: Everything?

The White Guardian: Everything.

Clara: Okay.

The White Guardian again nods.

The Doctor: Um, Guardian, why have you…?

The White Guardian: Calamity. As usual.

The Doctor: As usual.

The White Guardian: The Key to Time, Doctor. Once more it is needed but not to reset a natural unbalance in the cosmos but an unnatural one, brought on by an ultimate force of darkness.

The Doctor: So you need me to gather the six segments of the Key to Time. Again.

The White Guardian: Yes, except this time its going to be…what’s the word for it? Yes. Tricky.

The Doctor: Tricky. How so?

The White Guardian: The Key to Time has been destroyed.

The Doctor: Destroyed? How can I gather the Key to Time if its been destroyed.

The White Guardian: Well, Doctor, that’s what makes this tricky.

And the scene fades completely to white

And back to the present as Clara is still averting her eyes from the blinding glare of the Doctor’s regeneration.  But there’s something different this time. Energy is flowing into the Doctor instead of out.

Abruptly, the regeneration glow is gone and there stands…a lanky form of a man in a blue pin stripe suit, black tie and red sneakers.



It's the 10th Doctor!

The 10th Doctor: What?

Clara: What?

The 10th Doctor AND Clara: WHAT?!

----------------to be continued-------------------------

Next time:

  • The secret of the 10th Doctor's return. And the price may be more than he can bear.
  • The return of old friends...but one wants revenge against the Doctor.
  • More of the White Guardian's plan for the Doctor to save everything. And the Guardian's plan for Clara as well.
  • And the great calamity strikes.

  • In part 2 of The Nemesis Who Stole Time


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