Sunday, August 11, 2013

Perpetual Campaign = Perpetual Hell

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Today, I saw a headline online that sent shivers down my spine and filled my heart with cold, dark sense of dread:

GOP, Democrats storm into Iowa to get 2016 race started

Oh, you have got to be freakin' kidding me!

This time last summer, we were just a couple of weeks away from the Republican and Democratic National Conventions with September and October around the corner with the Presidential Debates. Remember how Obama slept through the first one and everyone was up in arms that Romney had won that debate handily? We thought Chris Matthews might cry. Later, the President woke up and delivered stronger performances. Remember the bit where Romney challenged Obama on the President's initial reaction to attacks on Benghazi? President Obama's calm invitation to Governor Romney to "go right ahead" was a highlight of those debates. Do you remember that?

Of course you do! It was just LAST YEAR! One year ago, the Presidential race was not yet decided. Yet there they go, the first of the pilgrimages to Iowa, gearing up for the next one. Of course, I shouldn't be surprised; the chess pieces for 2016 were being placed on the board the Wednesday morning after the November election.

This is life in perpetual campaign mode. Nothing gets done today because everyone is running to secure their cushy political jobs for tomorrow. Nobody can work together towards compromise because everyone is running against each other towards total victory.

There appears to be no off switch on the campaign machine. And to what end? To desperately cling to power in a system decaying within because no one's home working the machinery; instead they are constantly campaigning for the right to be sent back to fix it.

And the wonder of all this campaigning is how little goes towards wooing new voters and how much effort is put into keeping the party faithful energized in a frenzy of blind political distrust and anger.

So the races are off again. But perhaps Iowa, so keen to be in the political crosshairs, realizes enough is enough. From the article referenced above: "There is not even a soap box for political speeches at this year's State Fair."

Good job, Iowa. No sense laying out the 2016 welcome mat before the dust and mud have been cleansed from last year's mat.

And trust me, Iowa, keep it that way as long as possible.

The rest of America will be most grateful.

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