Thursday, August 8, 2013

There's Nothing To See Here


Dave-El here and welcome to I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You, now with lemon fresh Borax!

Well, it's been a tiring day at work doing...whatever it is I do. (My career is shrouded in mystery and intrigue, like Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother.) Well, whatever it is I do, I did a lot of it and I'm still not done. I'm hoping by noon Friday, I will be caught up on my work...from Wednesday.

Anyway, I'm totally fried and the creative centers of my brain are just not firing. Man, I don't know if I can even write Broken News tomorrow*.

*Did you hear that? Sounded like...cheering? Nah! OK, moving on...

So today I'm going to share a few features and websites I like to check in on a fairly regular basis.


Chris Sims is straight up the funniest damn writer on the internet and I am really happy to see Sims and Comics Alliance back up and running. One of the most unusual features Sims writes for the site is the monthly Funky Watch which looks back at the bleak and depressing universe that is the Funky Winkerbean newspaper comic strip. Click here for a link to Sim's look back at the month of July as endured and suffered through by Funky and his...well, people he knows. And there's a treasure trove of this to be found in the archives: Chris has been tormenting himself with this monthly review for four years. His suffering is our amusement.

The absolutely best comic book web site run by a stuffed little bull (well, at least in the top 5), Bully Says... is a delightful and fun look at the strange and varied landscape of comic books. Click here to access this site and don't forget to move your cursor over the art work where you'll find hidden gems of humor from the stuff little bull who likes comics.   

With David Isaacs, Ken contributed scripts to some of the greatest shows in the last 35+ years of television: MASH, Cheers, Frasier, Becker, The Simpsons and more.  With a wealth of experience and knowledge about the Hollywood of today and yesterday, his blog (which you can find here) is a must for pop culture junkies like myself. Ken also loves baseball and has worked as an announcer at minor and major league games. Don't passed them up. Me, I'm not a big baseball fan but Ken's stories make it interesting, even to me.

Mike runs a comic book shop in northern California and sees the world of comic books as a retailer and as a fan. You can find his site here where he writes about comics with both keen insight and a clever sense of humor.  One of my favorite features is the monthly "The End of Civilization", a wickedly funny review of some of the goofier items promoted in each month's issue of Diamond Previews.

Out there in the great wild internet is this site here run by the mysterious but welcoming Groovy Agent. Ol' Groove loves comic books but especially from what he calls The Groovy Age, the 1970's. I was a kid just getting started exploring the world of comic books and I love finding stuff at this site that I remember reading before as well discovering comics stuff that I gave a miss. Sadly, the Groove's dear ol' dad passed away last week so he hasn't been able to post this week. But there is a ton of stuff there from a time where DC and Marvel were throwing all sorts of things at the walls to see what would stick, some good, some bad, all groovy!

And finally....

Hand's down, my favorite blog! Written by Mark Evanier, what you will find here is a well written blog about...lots of stuff. Mark's had a long and varied career as a writer of comics, cartoons, live action shows, variety shows and more. He's also a Voice Director for animated TV shows. And...he knows everybody! It is amazing how in Zelig fashion, Mark has a personal story about what seems like everyone in show business. And his knowledge of comic book history is remarkable. Sadly, Mark finds himself in the position of being the go-to guy for info when a comic book creator dies; it is a duty that Mark handles with grace and respect for the deceased, even if he has as a couple of not-so-flattering anecdotes about the individual. Do yourself a favor and be sure to check out Mark's awesome blog.

That's some of the blogs that I enjoy following on a consistent basis. They are almost always entertaining and I make of point of seeking them out as much as possible. All of them show how to do a blog right!

Maybe one day I'll get this blog right too.

Well, until then, I am going to keep doing Broken News, dammit!**

**What th-? Was that a groaning noise? Hmm! Nah, probably not.

Until next time, be good to one another.

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