Friday, September 27, 2013

Broken News for Friday, September 27, 2013


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Today is Friday which means a new installment of bROkEN nEWs!

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But now....bROkEN nEWs!
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#BrokenNews “Agreement Reached On UN's Syria Resolution” Which reads, “Nobody say nothing, nobody do nothing, capiche?"

#BrokenNews “Senate Confirms First Openly Gay Circuit Court Judge” Court will be in session and FABULOUS!

#BrokenNews “Brazil's President Goes After U.S. Spying At U.N.” She says we’re not spying on Brazil enough and it hurts their self-esteem.

#BrokenNews “Gun Lobbyist Kills Elephant In NRA-Sponsored TV Show” The elephant was wearing a hoodie and “acting suspicious”.

#BrokenNews “Gun Control Advocates: We Haven't Given Up” Just like Wiley Coyote didn’t give up trying to catch Road Runner, right? 
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Now back to bROkEN nEWs!

#BrokenNews “Dad accused of leaving child outside strip club  What? He should take the kid inside? Have you seen the kind of people in those places?

#BrokenNews “Large bear gets stuck in Florida treeBear is really worried George Zimmerman might come along any minute!

#BrokenNews “The Biggest Mistakes You're Making At The Grocery Store” Having sex in the breakfast cereal aisle is definitely one of them…so I’ve heard.

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Before we get back headlines....

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And now....back to the headlines!

#BrokenNews “Peyton Manning Keeps Making History” It’ll come crashing down when we find out Peyton’s really a Terminator robot. 

#BrokenNews “Hillary Clinton's 2 Huge Vulnerabilities Exposed” Her hook shot and her perimeter defense. (But her 3 pointers are solid so watch out!)

#BrokenNews “'Dexter' Infuriates Fans With Finale Disaster” Dexter gets to skip, jump, press wild flowers, put on women’s clothing, hang around in bars… 
#BrokenNews “Miley Cyrus Gets Nude For Rolling Stone” Rolling Stone asks Miley to put her clothes back on.

#BrokenNews “Emmys 2013: Biggest
audience since 2005"Next year’s Emmys will
be 3+ hours of NOTHING BUT DEAD

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