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Doctor Who: The Nemesis Who Stole Time---Part 8

The following is a work of fan fiction using characters from Doctor Who which is owned by the BBC and not me. This writer has no claim of ownership to any of the characters or concepts used in Doctor Who. This story is not a part of any official Doctor Who canon; this story is my own invention (really, who else would want to take credit for this?) and created for my entertainment only. (I would be most surprised if anyone else was entertained by this.)  I do not profit financially from the creation and publication of this story. I am grateful to all the actors, writers and producers who have made Doctor Who an inspiring and imaginative series for fifty years.
I especially want to state my appreciation to Steven Moffat whom I consider a creative genius so please don’t have me killed.
Thank you


Hi there! This is Dave-El and welcome to I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You, the blog that reverses the polarity of your neutron flow.

It's Doctor Who Saturday and time for another installment of The Nemesis Who Stole Time, my multi-Doctor epic.
Now you may ask yourself, "I wonder how much longer this can go on?" Well, I originally had the idea this would go for 12 installments but I thought that would be too long so I figured I'd have it done by Part 8.
Today is Part 8 and (Spoilers, sweetie!) it doesn't end today.
If what I have in my head holds up the way I think it will, this little playtime with the Doctor Who universe will indeed run to 12 parts. But one thing I've learned since I began writing this: these characters don't always do what I expect they'll do.
Weird, huh?
So let's get down to business because we do have a lot of ground to cover in today's installment. For everyone waiting for the Doctor to start interacting with himself, today's the big day.
Below are the links to previous installments:
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And if you REALLY need a recap after all this, fine:
* The 11th Doctor & Clara meets the White Guardian. The Great Negation is coming! Scary!
* The Doctor is on a mission to find the Key to Time again which is in itty-bitty pieces!
* The Doctor & Clara have help from River Song, Jack Harkness & Martha Jones.
* The TARDIS is now something called "a coincidence engine". Just go with it.
* The Doctor's regenerations are reversing. He's back to Doctor #6 now. 
* The Master and a big honking army of aliens are out there causing trouble!
* The Master say he's controlling the Great Negation. The Doctor says, "I don't think so, Scooter!"
* The Master has a mysterious compatriot known only as...The One!
* And it seems that all the Doctors that have so far been wiped out from time and space (11 down to 7) are actually still alive and in Sarah Jane Smith's backyard for some reason.
Does that cover everything?
Now onward....part eight!
The Nemesis Who Stole Time

Bannerman Road    Day 1

Scene opens: Sarah Jane & her son Luke are getting out of the car in the driveway of her home and retrieving shopping bags.

Luke: I can’t believe everyone at school thinks that Cyberman in the library was just a stunt for a You Tube video.

Sarah Jane: Well, let them go on thinking that, Luke.

Luke: Mom, does it bother you that you do all these awesome things to save the world and nobody knows?

Sarah Jane: Oh, dear, absolutely not. We get to have adventures and do good things without all the hassle of being famous. Luke, if people knew about what we do, we would be constantly harassed by every nut case who thought they saw a little green man.

Luke (looking past Sarah Jane, surprised): Or madmen in bow ties.

Sarah Jane: Yes, madmen in…what?

Sarah Jane turns to see what Luke is looking at and sees the 11th Doctor.

11th Doctor (grinning): Hello.

Sarah Jane & Luke: Doctor!!

11th Doctor holds his hands up.

11th Doctor: I have one very peculiar question and I can’t believe I’m asking this but I should go ahead and ask it because this sentence is going a lot longer than I intended but…is this heaven?

Luke (puzzled): No, just Bannerman Road.

11th Doctor: Oh, good. That’s a relief. I mean, no offense, Luke, Sarah Jane. This is a lovely neighborhood. The topiaries are very well…trimmed and everything. But I had hoped heaven would have more…I don’t know, dancing showgirls?

Luke: That’s an odd idea about heaven.

11th Doctor: Well, I’m an odd fellow.

Sarah Jane: Doctor! What’s going on? How did you get here? Are you all right?

11th Doctor: Oh, Sarah Jane! Sarah Jane! (he briefly hugs her and does that awkward air kiss towards her cheek) Oh, how like you to get right to the point. Always the investigative journalist, you are!Those are excellent questions!


The 11th Doctor just stands there, smiling.

Sarah Jane: And…?

11th Doctor: Oh, answers! Yes! And the answers are…I don’t know…ah, let’s see, I don’t know and…hold on, give me a minute…yes, I don’t know. 

11th Doctor looks crestfallen.

11th Doctor: Ooh, three “I don’t knows” in a row? That can’t be good.

Sarah Jane: Doctor, let’s get you inside, have a cup of tea and see if we can get this sorted out.

Fade to black.

Bannerman Road    Day 2

Luke (coming down stairs into the living room): Mom!

Sarah Jane: Yes, dear?

Luke (holding up an iPad): The Doctor’s tinkering with my stuff. Again!

Sarah Jane (sighs): The Doctor gets restless without his TARDIS.

Luke: He’s only been here a day and he’s re-wired, re-configured and re-programmed every appliance in the house! And now my iPad! Watch!

Luke presses an app on the screen and green goo starts to ooze from the around the edges of the iPad.

Sarah Jane tentatively reaches out, touches the goo and tastes it.

Sarah Jane: Hmm! Pistachio pudding? Weird.

Luke: Yeah, very weird.

Sarah Jane: The Doctor used to hate pistachio pudding.

Luke rolls his eye when suddenly the door bell rings.

Sarah Jane crosses the room towards the front door.

Sarah Jane: I know it’s hard, Luke. But the Doctor’s a bit stressed now trying to figure out what happened to him and doing these odd things helps him focus. Well, it did when he had the curly hair and the scarf. But the Doctor will figure it out and the weirdness will..

Sarah Jane opens the door.

Sarah Jane: …end? (mouth gapes open) Oh, my…

The 10th Doctor is standing  there with a goofy smile.

10th Doctor: Hello, Sarah Jane! Would you believe I just popped in to say hello?

Sarah Jane: Doc…tor?

10th Doctor: Well, don’t believe it. I mean, the popping in part, yes which I’m not sure how…

10th Doctor see Luke standing behind Sarah Jane.

10th Doctor: Luke, my boy! Hello!

Luke (also stunned): Doc…tor?

10th Doctor: You know, odd question but I have to ask. Is this-

Sarah Jane: Bannerman Road.

10th Doctor (nodding yes): Good, good! Bannerman Road. Oh, the topiaries look nice. Sorry, I don’t mean to intrude but (gesturing towards the inside of the house)

Sarah Jane: Oh. Oh, sorry. Doctor. Come on in. (The 10th Doctor walks past) We weren’t expecting…you.

Luke: Literally.

10th Doctor: There’s so much stuff. The universe is in danger! Well, when isn’t it? And I appear to be regressing down my own time line and nothing good can come from…

Suddenly from outside, the 11th Doctor comes in, eyes on a gadget he’s tinkering with.

11th Doctor: Sarah Jane, I think if I cross-connect your vacuum cleaner with your dishwasher, I can…

The 11th Doctor looks up and stops talking.

The 10th Doctor looks over at 11 in similar stunned surprise.

10th and 11th Doctor (together): You? What are you doing here?

Fade to black

Bannerman Road    Day 3

Sarah Jane’s attic headquarters as she enters.

Sarah Jane: Mr. Smith, I need you!

With a flourish of music, the super computer known as Mr. Smith comes out from the brick wall.

Mr. Smith: Yes, Sarah Jane. Always ready to serve.

Sarah Jane: Yes. (sighs) The Doctor needs your help.

The 10th Doctor marches into the room.

10th Doctor: Ah, Mr. Smith! My favorite super computer!

Mr. Smith: Hello, Doctor. It is a pleasure to see you.

10th Doctor: Yeah, I know. (holds out strange device in his hand) Look, I need your super computing skills to help me calibrate this diamonic oscillator to cycle energy on a negative to positive pulse sequence every .2 microns!

Suddenly the 11th Doctor stomps into the room!

11th Doctor: No! No! No! No! No!

Mr. Smith: Doctor?

11th Doctor snatches device away from the 10th.

11th Doctor: A negative to positive pulse sequence? Really? Are you TRYING to create a thermo nucleonic implosion cascade? It needs to be a positive to negative pulse sequence!

10th Doctor snatches the device back.

Mr. Smith: Analyzing data. The Doctor is present. Also the Doctor is present.

10th Doctor: Yes, by all means, set it for positive to negative since you seem INTENT to collapse the Earth into a null energy matter inversion!

Sarah Jane is slumped into a chair with her head in her hands as the 11th Doctor snatches the device back. 

11th Doctor (snatches the device): You’re setting the neutron flow all wrong!

10th Doctor (snatching the device): It’s like you’ve never reversed a polarity before!

Then a third hand reaches in and takes the device.

9th Doctor: I think THAT is enough of that.

Sarah Jane jumps to her feet.

Sarah Jane: Who?

10th and 11th Doctors: Uh oh.

The 9th Doctor turns and smiles at Sarah Jane.

9th Doctor: Hello, Sarah Jane. Good to see you again. I’m the Doctor!

Luke enters through the door.

Luke: Mom! We have another one!

Sarah Jane: Oh, yes. Another one. (Sits back down)

9th Doctor: Lovely neighborhood. I couldn’t help but notice the topiaries…

Mr. Smith: 3rd contradiction element present. Programming interference. Shutting down.

10th Doctor: Wait! No! Mr. Smith!

11th Doctor: C’mon! We need this thing calibrated!

11th Doctor turns on the 9th.

11th Doctor: See what you did?

9th Doctor: What I did? I just got here! Where ever here is. Is it...?

10th and 11th Doctor AND Sarah Jane: Bannerman Road

9th Doctor: Well, that’s helpful. And you two? Oh, fantastic. My replacements: a blithering idiot and an even more blithering idiot

11th Doctor: You’re a fine one to talk, Capt. Leatherbar.

9th Doctor: Hey! Don’t diss the leather, Bow Tie!

10th Doctor: Really? A bow tie? What was I thinking?

11th Doctor: Bow ties are cool

9th and 10th Doctor: No!!

Bannerman Road    Day 4

8th Doctor: No! No! No! No! That crosswiring will over heat in seconds.

10th Doctor: Except we galvanized the intersecting power leads in the fifth junction…or did you forget…again?

8th Doctor: I did NOT forget…that, Mr. Sideburns!

10th Doctor: Remind me: how many hours did I have to spend keeping that hair do in shape?

9th Doctor: I wound up using that old hair dryer as a part of a shock phase generator.

11th Doctor: That exploded in 5 seconds!

8th Doctor: The hair dryer exploded?

9th Doctor:  It still drove off that attacking Rutan!

10th Doctor: Yeah, from the explosion, not from any actual shock phase generating, bullet head.

9th Doctor: Oy! Watch it, skinny boy!

8th Doctor: I got that hair dryer at a Monaco salon in 1967. Grace Kelly got her hair done there.

11th Doctor: We really need to focus on…

10th Doctor: Not now, Bow Tie!

11th Doctor: Oy! Bow ties are cool!

8th, 9th and 10th Doctors: No!!!

11th Doctor mutters to himself. The 8th Doctor grabs his coat and heads towards the front door.

8th Doctor: I need some air. I’m going to admire the topiaries.

Bannerman Road    Day 5

Luke (entering kitchen): Hi mom!

Sarah Jane (reading paper, sipping coffee): Hi, Luke.

Sounds of arguing are coming from the basement.

Lucas: They…he? Still arguing?

Sarah Jane: What else is new?

Lucas: But he…they…he’s…arguing with himself!

Basement door to the kitchen open and the 7th Doctor pops his head around door.

7th Doctor: Hello, Sarah Jane! Just want to let you know that we are about to test the Whosiwhatzit.

Luke: Whosiwhatzit?

7th Doctor: I wanted to call it a "dimensional transposer".

8th Doctor (popping up behind the 7th): That’s silly! It’s more of "chronal nullifier".

11th Doctor (popping up, grinning): I wanted to name it "Bertha"!

7th and 8th Doctors look at 11. 11th Doctor scrunches his face.

11th Doctor: I always wanted to name something “Bertha”

9th Doctor (pops up): Maybe the next time you get a tin dog.

11th Doctor: Name a robot dog “Bertha”? What is wrong with you?

10th Doctor (pops up, looking extremely pleased with himself): Hello! Just wanted to say that while you’re up here arguing, I completed the last power relay connections on the Whamdoodler.

7th, 8th, 9th and 11 Doctors: Whoziwhatsit!

10th Doctor: When did I stop being fun?

Sarah Jane: Doctor?

7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th: Yes, Sarah Jane?

Sarah Jane: Is it safe, this…this…

7th Doctor: Whoziwhatsit.


10th Doctor (muttering): "Whamdoodler" is better. 


11th Doctor (in a barely repressed whisper): Stop calling "Bertha" a "Whamdoodler".


Sarah Jane: Yes, whatever you call it...


8th Doctor: Whoziwhatsit.


Sarah Jane: Yes, whoziwhatsit. Is it safe?

7th Doctor: Oh absolutely. (retreats)

8th Doctor: No, worries, Sarah Jane. (retreats)

10th Doctor: We’ve got it covered, Sarah Jane! (clicks his tongue, winks then retreats).

9th Doctor: Trust me, it’s safe (retreats)

The 11th Doctor is left as we hear a loud bang from the basement and a puff of smoke blows past the Doctor.

11th Doctor: Safe…ish. (slowly retreats)

Luke and Sarah watching as we hear shouting from down in the basement off camera.

11th Doctor: What’s going on down here? What have you done to Bertha?

9th Doctor: It’s under control, bow tie!

11th Doctor: Hey, big ears! Bow ties are cool!

7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Doctors: No!!!!

Luke looks over to Sarah Jane who puts her face in her hands.

Luke: Mom?

The lights dim.

Voices from off camera still arguing.

Sarah Jane (her head still in her hands): One of him…was bad enough.

7th Doctor marches out of the basement door as he grabs his hat and umbrella.

7th Doctor: I can’t believe what I’m doing down there! How did I get so stubborn? Sarah Jane, I’m going for a walk to clear my head.

Sarah Jane: Good idea.

7th Doctor: By the way, did I mention the-

Sarah Jane: Yes, the topiaries are quite lovely!

Bannerman Road    Day 6

Scene: Sarah Jane’s living room as Sarah Jane sits on a couch reading a book while Luke is on a smart phone. Luke looks up.

Luke: Mom?

Sarah Jane: Yes, Luke?

Luke: It’s quiet.

Sarah Jane puts down her book.

Sarah Jane: Now I’m worried

Scene change to the basement where the 5 Doctors sit in semi-darkness surrounding a strange glowing device

7th Doctor: It’s time.

8th Doctor: What if we’re wrong?

9th Doctor: We’re not wrong!

10th Doctor: I don’t think we have a choice.

11th Doctor: It’s time.  

They close their eyes and the device glows.

Scene change to: TARDIS interior, classic era. Clara is next to the Doctor. Martha is on the other side. Jack and River are in the background.

Clara: A message? A message from whom?

6th Doctor: Me.

The 6th Doctor stands a bit unsteadily as his fingers touch either side of his head.

Martha: Doctor?

6th Doctor: Shh! I need to concentrate!  

Suddenly the TARDIS interior melts away from around the 6th Doctor and he’s standing in darkness.  

6th Doctor: I…I hear you but…how can this be?

Out of the darkness behind the 6th Doctor, Doctors 7 through 11 appear.  

11th Doctor: No time for questions!

10th Doctor: Just listen!

9th Doctor: We’re projecting a temporal psionic matrix into your mind!

6th Doctor: A temporal psionic…but that’s….

8th Doctor: Impossible! Yes, I know!

7th Doctor: We need you as a conduit!

10th Doctor: We’re focusing our collective memories of a certain time.

9th Doctor: But the moment is incomplete.

6th Doctor: Yes, I see the moment in my mind. But there was a missing element from that time.

11th Doctor: We can fix that. Bring River into the link.

6th Doctor: Her human mind…

11th Doctor: Was born as a Time Lord mind. She…she can handle this!

 Scene change: back to the TARDIS interior. The 6th Doctor reaches out his hand.


 6th Doctor: River?

River: Yes, Doctor.

6th Doctor: My…hand.

River: Of course, my love.

River takes the Doctor’s hand and screams in pain.

Jack: River!

Martha: Oh my God!

River holds on for a few seconds then releases her grasp from the Doctor’s hand. 

6th Doctor: Sorry, I’m- 

Scene shift back to the 5 Doctors.

10th Doctor: I’m so sorry.

11th Doctor: River?

 Scene change back to the TARDIS 

6th Doctor: River? Do you have it?

River (a bit shaky): Yes. Yes I…do.

6th Doctor:  Tell me.

River: Cambridge.

6th Doctor: Then go!

 Clara: Doctor? River? What’s..?

River (looks sadly at the group): I’m sorry. I have to go.

River touches the vortex manipulator on her wrist and vanishes.  

Then the 6th Doctor collapses on the floor.  


Clara and Martha rush to the Doctor. Martha rolls the Doctor onto his back. She rests her ear on his chest.

Martha: Heart’s still beating.

Then she moves her ear to another part of his chest.

Martha:  His second heart is off rhythm from the first but he should be fine.

Jack: Any idea what happened here?

Clara: No, I have no clue what…

Clara stops in mid-sentence and stares straight ahead.

Jack: Clara?

 Sudden scene shift: the blank white domain of the White Guardian.

The Guardian gently touches the side of Clara’s face.

The White Guardian: Stay, you clever girl, and remember.  

Sudden scene shift back to the TARDIS.

 Martha: Clara? Are you all right?

Clara (uncertain): I’m…I’m not sure…except for one thing.

Clara takes the hand of the unconscious Doctor into hers.

Clara: Somehow, this moment has been prepared for.  

Scene change: St. Cedd’s College, Cambridge, 1979.

River Song materializes along the bank of a river.

River: OK, here I am. Now, where is…?

She looks out over the river and sees a boat with 2 occupants, a woman seated, dressed in white and a tall man standing at the stern of the boat, pushing the boat along with a punt.  

River (calling out to the two in the boat): Hello! A lovely day for a boat ride! 

We zoom in closer to the boat.

4th Doctor (smiling): Yes! Yes it is!

---to be continued----

Next time….

More Doctors!

A terrible betrayal!

And a most unexpected death!

Part 9 of The Nemesis Who Stole Time

In ONE week!


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