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Doctor Who: The Nemesis Who Stole Time--Part 9


The following is a work of fan fiction using characters from Doctor Who which is owned by the BBC and not me. This writer has no claim of ownership to any of the characters or concepts used in Doctor Who. This story is not a part of any official Doctor Who canon; this story is my own invention (really, who else would want to take credit for this?) and created for my entertainment only. (I would be most surprised if anyone else was entertained by this.)  I do not profit financially from the creation and publication of this story. I am grateful to all the actors, writers and producers who have made Doctor Who an inspiring and imaginative series for fifty years.

I especially want to state my appreciation to Steven Moffat whom I consider a creative genius so please don’t have me killed.

Thank you.

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Dave-El here with another installment of The Nemesis Who Stole Time. This is Part 9. For Parts 1 thru 8, click these links:

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Part 9

The Nemesis Who Stole Time

Scene opens: a dimly lit study where saw the Master at the end of Part 4. The Master strides across the room towards an ornate door. He raises a hand as if to knock but hesitates. Then a voice is heard, low, guttural, distorted.

Voice: Enter…Master.

The Master takes a deep breath and opens the door. He enters a room with wires and pipes and machinery along the walls and ceiling. In a corner is complete darkness. Nothing can be seen. The voice comes from this darkness.

Voice: You sought…an audience…with me.

The Master (still hesitant but trying to assert himself): As your…partner…I thought it wise to…consult with you. There is the matter of the Doctor.

Voice: The Doctor…continues…his regression.

The Master: Yes, but…

Voice: Then the Doctor…continues to do…as I will.

The Master: But the Doctor is not to be underestimated.

Voice: The Doctor is…indeed clever. Even now…he reaches…across time…to link his different...personas.

The Master (a bit alarmed): The Doctor is aware of what’s truly happening to him? He’ll be more of a threat!

Voice: He is…already defeated.

The Master: What?

Voice: The Doctor is alone…powerless…drifting through…the dying stars.

The Master: When did this happen?

Voice: I see through…the web of time…differently than you…Time Lord. The moment of the Doctor’s defeat…is done…even as his efforts…are just...beginning…

Fade to black. While the screen is still black, we hear another voice.

1st Doctor (voice): To win is to lose and to lose is to win.

Scene change to Gallifrey, specifically inside the catacombs of the Great Citadel. We see the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th Doctors just moments after President Barusa’s defeat.

2nd Doctor: Yes, yes, yes. A brilliant piece of deduction, good fellow. Now, stop going on about it!

5th Doctor: Please, can’t I…we…just get along? The effects of the Time Scoop will eventually begin to fade and you three can return to the proper places in our time line.

3rd Doctor: Well, of course, that’s fairly obvious, isn’t it?

1st Doctor: The Dandy is correct, young man.

3rd Doctor: “Dandy”?

5th Doctor: I am feel I must remind you I’m the oldest one here. To me, YOU are the young man.

2nd Doctor: Ooh, good one!

1st Doctor: Nobody asked you, Clown.

3rd Doctor: I am NOT a “Dandy”!

2nd Doctor: You know, everyone is so on edge. I think a tune on my recorder will sooth things.

1st, 3rd and 5th Doctor: No!

Voice off screen: Gentlemen! Gentlemen!

Stepping out of the shadows is the form of the 4th Doctor.

4th Doctor: Really, is this any way for me to behave?

1st Doctor: Is this..?

5th Doctor (sighs): Yes, this our 4th self.

2nd Doctor: Well, your sense of timing leaves something to be desired. I’ve already defeated the threat.

1st, 3rd and 5th Doctors: Ahem!

2nd Doctor: With some help, of course.

1st Doctor (looking over the 4th Doctor): Oh, this one’s no better. Where did I go wrong?

4th Doctor: I’m afraid that the true threat is just beginning.

3rd Doctor: What kind of a…threat?

4th Doctor: Oh, you know, the usual. The end of the universe. The death of space and time, that sort of thing.

5th Doctor: And what, may I ask, is the source of this threat?

4th Doctor: Would you believe…the Great Negation?

Doctors 1, 2, 3 and 5 stand in stunned silence. The 4th Doctor reaches into a coat pocket and withdraws a small bag. He holds out the bag.

4th Doctor: Jelly baby?

Scene shift: TARDIS interior with the 6th Doctor, Clara Oswald, Jack Harness and Martha Jones-Smith. The 6th Doctor is pacing very animatedly and Clara is doing her best to try and keep up. Jack has his arms folded with his back to the doors while Martha is standing at the console; she looks distracted.

6th Doctor: I still exist! I STILL EXIST!

Clara: So the message from yourself….

6th Doctor (smiling): Yes! Everytime my regenerations reversed…

Martha: Five. Uh, five times that’s happened.

Jack gives a sideways glance at Martha and frowns.

6th Doctor: Yes, 5 regenerations, 5 future versions of me. I thought whatever was happening to me was erasing my future selves from my time line completely. Instead, I…I mean, they…have been shunted to a different time line. And they are reaching out to me.

Scene shift: Sarah Jane’s house, Bannerman Road

Sarah Jane (close up on her and Luke): How are you doing that?

Pull out to see Sarah Jane and Luke surrounded by Doctors 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 who are in various stances of standing or sitting.

9th Doctor: With a temporal psionic matrix.

Luke (gesturing to the device the Doctors had constructed): That device?

10th Doctor: That? Nah! That’s just a focusing mechanism.

7th Doctor: The temporal psionic matrix allows a Time Lord to move through time…more or less.

Sarah Jane: I thought you could only do that with your TARDIS.

8th Doctor: Yes, that’s true. Well, no it isn’t. OK, it is but…

9th Doctor: Allow me. Travelling through the time vortex without a TARDIS is very dangerous AND nearly impossible to do.

11th Doctor: The operative word there, Sarah Jane, Luke…is “nearly”.

10th Doctor: Travelling through time with a TARDIS is Time Lord science. Using the temporal psionic matrix is time travel with Time Lord…. (10th Doctor pauses, looks at his other selves) C’mon, I really don’t want to say “Time Lord magic”.

7th Doctor: Essentially, we can think our way through time.

Sarah Jane: But we’ve been stuck before without the TARDIS. Why haven’t you used this…this..

Luke: Temporal psionic matrix, Mom.

Sarah Jane: Thanks, Luke. What he said. Why haven’t you used it before now?

9th Doctor: Because it doesn’t work.

8th Doctor: Correction: there’s no evidence that it works! That’s a significant difference of interpretation.

7th Doctor: In fact, the only documented use of the temporal psionic matrix was back in the time of Rassilon.  And it requires certain conditions…

11th Doctor: Very exact conditions!

7th Doctor: Yes, very VERY exact!

10th Doctor: First, you need a group of Time Lords at one point…

Scene change: TARDIS interior.

6th Doctor: Then you need a Time Lord at a 2nd point as a conduit.

Clara: That’s you.

Martha (looking a bit shaky): For. Er, For what purpose?

Clara: Martha, you OK?

Martha: Yeah. Not getting a lot of sleep during all this, that’s all.


Jack (looking concerned towards Martha but speaking to the Doctor): As a conduit, you’re channeling the matrix to somewhere else.

6th Doctor: Precisely. To another group of Time Lords of equal power and strength of the first point.

Scene shift: Gallifrey, catacombs of the Great Citadel.

4th Doctor: And that’s where we come in.

5th Doctor: So five of my future selves are at one end of the chain and 1 more is the conduit.

3rd Doctor: And this is a point of time I…uh, WE would have known about.

2nd Doctor: Except you weren’t here.

4th Doctor: No and I’m not supposed to be here now. Romana and I are supposed to be caught in an eddy of the time vortex when Borusa brought the rest of you here.

1st Doctor: So this woman who you say is from our future…

4th Doctor: River Song, yes..

1st Doctor: Brought your link to the matrix to you…

2nd Doctor: And this woman took your place when the Time Scoop came.

4th Doctor: Precisely. But I had to wait until this moment to come to you.

5th Doctor: So history would proceed as we uncovered and stopped Borusa’s plan!

4th Doctor: Oh, it’s good to know I’m still very clever in the future. But we have to act now. The Time Lords are still busy sorting out the mess Borusa made and what we’re doing is to going to break more than a few Laws of Time.


3rd Doctor: Old chap, we’re not breaking the Laws of Time. We’re pulverizing them!

1st Doctor: No more dilly-dallying!

2nd Doctor: Let’s get this underway.

4th Doctor: Link minds, everyone.

The 5 Doctors stand in a circle, they close their eyes.

1st Doctor: Contact.

2nd Doctor: Contact

3rd Doctor: Contact

4th Doctor: Contact

5th Doctor: Contact

From the 4th Doctor, energy begins to flow and encircle the other Doctors.

6th Doctor (voice over as we still watch the 1st five Doctors): So that was the mission River had to go on.

Scene change: TARDIS Interior.

6th Doctor: She needed to patch that hole in time and arrange for my 4th self to join the others on Gallifrey.

Jack: That’s a big IF, Doc!

6th Doctor: A very big IF, indeed, Jack!

Clara: But what about you?

6th Doctor: Me?

Clara: Yeah! The last time this matrix thing came into you, you didn’t do so well.

6th Doctor: No, child, I didn’t . BUT that was the full force of the matrix from its point of origin and it had nowhere to go except all into me. Once both points are established, I can handle being the conduit a lot better.

Clara: Good!

6th Doctor: I think.

Martha: Three.

Clara: What?

Martha: The…the three of us, Doctor. Whatever you need, we can…

6th Doctor: Martha? You seem ill. Are you…oh! OH!

Jack: Doc…?

6th Doctor: The answer to the very big IF, Jack! River made it through! I’m channeling the matrix back from my 5 previous selves! See, Clara? I told you everything would be fine!

Clara: Still, be careful, OK, Doctor?

6th Doctor: Care is always important, Clara. (stretches his arm out dramatically) But now is the time for ACTION! The future…AWAITS!!

The matrix energy swirls  into, around and back out of the 6th Doctor’s form.

Meanwhile Jack approaches Martha who is hunched over the console.

Jack: Martha, maybe you need to lie down.

Martha (voice quavering): Jack…something’s…wrong.

Scene change: Sarah Jane’s house. The future five Doctors are sitting around a table with cards in their hands.

7th Doctor: Got any three’s?

8th Doctor: Go fish.

9th Doctor: This is…boring!

10th Doctor: Perhaps Luke has one of those gaming consoles the young people are into.

9th Doctor: He did (turning a cold stare towards the 11th Doctor) until someone turned it into a non-functioning anti-gravity unit!

11th Doctor: Well, technically speaking, one could say it was already a non-functioning anti-gravity unit before I…

The Doctors’ device in the background begins to glow.

11th Doctor: Look, Bertha’s glowing.

10th Doctor: Stop calling it…oh never mind! Positions everyone!

8th Doctor: Thanks for telling us. We wouldn’t have known to do that.

7th Doctor: This better work! I’m not sure I can handle being around myself much longer.

11th Doctor to 10th: She did it!

10th Doctor: Good ol’ River! (then his smile fades) Good ol’ River.

11th Doctor (also not smiling): Yeah, I know. Good ol’ River. (then smiles again) C’mon, all of ME! (adjusts his bowtie) Geronimo!

The Doctors close their eyes as they stand in a circle around the device.

11th Doctor: Contact.

10th Doctor: Contact.

9th Doctor: Contact.

8th Doctor: Contact.

7th Doctor: Contact.

Once more the matrix energy moves about them.

Scene change: TARDIS interior. The 6th Doctor spasms and cries out in pain.

Clara: Doctor!

6th Doctor: It’s…it’s all right. This process…is untested. I guess the future..hurts…more than the past.

Over at the console, Jack has his arm around Martha who is hunched over the console, her eyes closed.

Jack: Martha! What’s happening? Talk to me!

Martha (whispering): Two

She opens her eyes and grey dust falls on the console.

Scene change: Gallifrey

The matrix energy swirls about the first 5 Doctors as they keep their eyes closed, mentally manipulating the energy.

5th Doctor: Excellent! The circuit is complete!

4th Doctor: A fascinating experience…my mind 10 times over.

3rd Doctor: Indeed it is but we must maintain our focus.

2nd Doctor: Very much so. We’re in uncharted territory.

1st Doctor: As I often…as WE often find ourselves.

5th Doctor: Uncharted territory. That’s why I left Gallifrey.

1st Doctor: Absolutely. (grins mischievously) Young man.

The 5th Doctor says nothing but allows a faint smile.

Scene shift: TARDIS interior

The 6th Doctor continues as the energy conduit as Clara watches. Behind her, at the console, Jack is still fretting over a hunched over and shaking Martha.

Jack: Martha! Come on, we need to get you to lie down or something. You’re not…

Martha: J-J-Jack! What’s h-happening?

Jack: I don’t…I don’t… (looks up towards Clara and the Doctor, calls out) Clara! Doc!

Clara: Hold on, Jack!

6th Doctor: I can feel it, Clara! Information on the feedback loop from my future selves! It’s working!

Jack: Clara, there’s something wrong with Martha! Real bad!

Martha is still hunched over the console as more grey dust and gravel fall from her eyes.

Martha: J-J-Jack? I’m s-s-sorry, s-so sorry. Find M-Mickey, tell him I l-l-love…

Jack: Martha?

Martha: Luh…luh…whuh…whuh…whuh

Scene change: Sarah Jane’s house

Energy swirls around Doctors 7 through 11, their eyes still closed as they concentrate. Then the 9th Doctor smiles.

9th Doctor: I…feel…I feel time…changing…reasserting itself. I saved Rose! I SAVED ROSE!

10th Doctor: I feel it too! Wilf! And Donna! They’re coming back…

11th Doctor (somber expression): Something else is coming back.

The 8th Doctor’s appearance changes back to the black clad short haired version.

8th Doctor: The end of the Time War…on my shoulders…where it belongs.

7th Doctor: All my plans, all my schemes…oh, Ace, I’m so….

Scene change: TARDIS interior

6th Doctor shouting: By thunder! This mad, impossible plan is going to…

The scene focuses on Jack trying to comfort Martha as she still has her head down, her body shaking and she’s still stuttering.

Martha: whuh…whuh…whuh…whuh

As the 6th Doctor seems to have things under control, Clara turns her attention towards Jack and Martha.

Clara: Oh my God! Martha! Jack, what…?

Jack: I don’t know. She’s…

Suddenly Martha stops shaking. Her head is still bowed. Then she mutters something.

Martha: One

She raises her head and her eyes are open, blank and grey.

Clara shrieks in fear and surprise.

Jack (backing off and reaching for his blaster): OK, hold it right….

Martha quickly raises her arm and fires her blaster point blank at Jack. Jack is hurled back against the TARDIS doors, unconscious.

Clara: Jack!

6th Doctor: What the devil…? Clara? What’s….

Another blast from Martha’s gun strikes the Doctor. He cries out as the connection is broken and he falls to the floor.

Clara moving away from Martha, very frightened.

Clara: Martha! What is this? What are you doing?

Martha says nothing as she shoots another blast at Clara. This shot only grazes her arm but it’s enough to make Clara cry out in pain.

Martha (with an expressionless face): Martha? Martha doesn’t live here anymore. I am merely an angel.

Clara: A Weeping Angel.

Martha: More like a Sleeping Angel, biding my time in this vehicle of flesh until The One I serve summoned me to take over.

Clara: The Master!

Martha: The Master is just another servant of..The One. Clara, it’s time.

Clara: Time? You’re going to kill me?

Martha: Yes, yes I am. But with kindness. Be a good girl….and blink.

Clara: No! NO!

Before Clara can stop herself, she blinks. And she vanishes.

Martha turns and walks toward Jack; she’s moving more stiffly now and her skin looks more grey. In the foreground, we see the 6th Doctor lying unconscious, the glow of regenerative energy surrounding his form.

Martha bends down now and places a hand on Jack’s shoulder. Her arm is completely grey and stony in appearance. We see her face, like a stone carving of Martha’s face. Then with no sound or light, Martha and Jack are simply no longer there. And the Doctor lies on the floor of the TARDIS as the regeneration takes hold and his whole body is a glow of light. 

Scene shift: Exterior of the TARDIS as it floats through the void of space, adrift against a canopy of stars, stars that are…one by one….dying.

Scene change: The Master in the mechanical room with The One who is still completely in darkness.

The One: The circle…is broken.

The Master: You had an angel with him…the whole time?

The One: Long enough…to suit my purpose. Are you…disturbed…by this?

The Master: No, not at all. Excellent strategy. As long we still have our…understanding. The universe is mine to rule!

The One: The universe…a trifling thing…take it…if you want. I have…no use for it.

The Master turns to walk away.

The Master: Excellent! (bowing slightly towards the shadows) I will take my leave!

The One says nothing more as the Master turns and leaves the room. Then we hear the voice of The One coming out of the shadows.

The One: He settles…for a universe. My ambitions…are greater.

Out from the edge of the shadows, we see the tip of a tentacle.

The One: Far…far…greater.

------To be continued------

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