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Doctor Who: The Nemesis Who Stole Time--Part 7

The following is a work of fan fiction using characters from Doctor Who which is owned by the BBC and not me. This writer has no claim of ownership to any of the characters or concepts used in Doctor Who. This story is not a part of any official Doctor Who canon; this story is my own invention (really, who else would want to take credit for this?) and created for my entertainment only. (I would be most surprised if anyone else was entertained by this.)  I do not profit financially from the creation and publication of this story. I am grateful to all the actors, writers and producers who have made Doctor Who an inspiring and imaginative series for fifty years.
I especially want to state my appreciation to Steven Moffat whom I consider a creative genius so please don’t have me killed.
Thank you

Hello, Whovians!

Welcome to another Doctor Who Saturday here at the little blog I call I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You now dimensionally transcendental to lock in freshness.  

Dave-El here and after a week's break, we are back with another installment of The Nemesis Who Stole Time.

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As for a recap, I think I'll let River Song take care of that this time.

So let's jump in for part 7 of....

The Nemesis Who Stole Time

Scene opens: Close up on River Song

River: So there’s a dark force known as The Great Negation that is eating the universe. We’re chasing down the pieces of a destroyed key that MAY be able to stop it.

The shot expands as we see River standing over the TARDIS console; it is the desk top design of the classic series. The grey walls with the white roundels come into view.

River: Meanwhile the Master and an army of aliens are surrounding the TARDIS

Sound EFX of explosions outside. The shot widens further as we see Clara Oswald & Martha Jones-Smith standing next to River, looking very worried.

River: An army that is still determined to get in and we’re stuck and we’ve lost Jack Harkness. But there is one question I need answered above all else.

The shot widens still and now we can see the Doctor, now in the body and garish costume of the 6th Doctor.

River: What in the name of sanity are you wearing?!

6th Doctor (points at a lapel of his coat): This? It’s a cat pin.

The Doctor strides confidently to the console and begins manipulating the controls.

6th Doctor: But that’s not important right now. We’re in a bit of a pickle, I’d say.


Clara: Doctor, why can’t the TARDIS get us out of here?

6th Doctor (scratching the back of his head): Well, the modifications I made to the TARDIS to locate the fragments of the Key to Time are designed to guide the TARDIS to the next piece of the Key.

Martha: And the next piece of the key is still out there?

6th Doctor (happy): Precisely, Martha! (then not happy) Which means until we recover that piece, the TARDIS can’t go where the next piece is.  

Clara: So we’re stuck.

6th Doctor: I believe we’ve established that, Clara.

River (drawing a weapon): If I catch them off-guard with an unexpected attack,  I can get to the Master and recover the fragment.

The Doctor, Clara and Martha look at River incredulously.

Martha: River, there are at least a thousand Cybermen, Sontarans, Jundoon and more out there.

6th Doctor: More like 1,137.

Everyone turns to look at the Doctor.

6th Doctor: More or less.

Clara: River, you can’t-

River (holstering her weapon): I know, I know! I just hate being stuck here!

Clara: And we’ve already lost Jack. He might be dead.

6th Doctor: Oh, more than likely he is dead.

Martha: Yeah, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Clara (shocked by this reaction): What?!

Martha (sudden realization): Oh, Clara! Sorry, forgot. Jack’s immortal.

Clara: Immortal?

Martha: Yeah, he tends to not…stay dead.

Clara: Oh, that’s good to know. Any other secrets talents I should know?

River: I'm pretty good at darts.

Martha: I can whistle.

6th Doctor: I can do tricks with a yo-yo.

Clara (glaring): But nothing up there with Jack's "not staying dead" trick?

Martha: No, not really.

6th Doctor: Question is, how does Jack's immortality help us with our current dilemma?

Cut to: TARDIS exterior as the Master’s assembled alien army remains in place about the TARDIS. A Cyberman and a Sontaran have energy weapons firing on the TARDIS but with no effect.

Cyberman to the Master: Master, all efforts to breach the TARDIS have failed.

The Master (looking irritated): Of course, you cybernetic simpleton! Even the combine might of all these races is insufficient to destroy even the least of Time Lord technology.

Sontaran: Master, we have even greater weaponry that can be employed to---

Master (dismissively interrupting): Yes, yes, whatever. What I want to know is why is the Doctor still here?

Cyberman: He still seeks the fragment of the Key to Time you possess.

The Master: Well, obviously, you metallic oaf. But right now, he is at a supreme tactical disadvantage. The most logical course is to retreat.  

The Master stares idly at one of the Weeping Angels, currently quantum locked as an immovable statue.

Master (muttering to himself): And why the devil is he always where he needs to be?

Sontaran: Master?

The Master: Hmm. I think I will transport to the Cybermen flag ship and have a chat with our guest.

Sontaran: The dead one?

The Master: Yes, the dead one.

The Master looks at the puzzled Sontaran.

The Master: I’m sure he’s gotten over it by now.  

With a snap of his fingers, the Master is surrounded by a flash of light and he vanishes.

At that moment, we hear the familiar VWORP! VWORP! of the TARDIS as it dematerializes.

Cyberman: The Doctor is escaping.

Sontaran: Resume attack on the Doctor’s TARDIS!!

Energy weapons fire but pass through the now empty space as the TARDIS vanishes.

Jundoon: Cease fire. The Doctor has escaped.

Sontaran: We can see that!

Ice Warrior: We must determine where he has fled.

Cyberman: Analysis determines the Doctor would pursue the Master. The logical course is the Doctor is now on board our flagship.

Ice Warrior: He followed the Master’s transport energy.

Sontaran: Yes, that much is obvious!

Jundoon: We must engage immediate pursuit.

Cyberman: Activate immediate transport.

All the aliens touch wrist devices but nothing happens.

Cyberman: Transmat devices non functional.

Ice Warrior: Communciations have been cut off with our starships.

Sontaran (exasperated): Must everyone keeping stating the obvious?

Ice Warrior (indignant): What would YOU have us do, Sontaran?

Sontaran looks down at the device on his wrist then rips it off and thrusts it at the Ice Warrior.

Sontaran (angry): Fix it! (stomps off)

The Ice Warrior holds the transmit wrist device as a Cyberman looks on.

Cyberman: Obviously.

Cut to: an austere corridor aboard the Cybermen flag ship as the Master strides confidently towards a force field cell holding Jack Harkness.

Master: Ah, Jack Harkness! I hope you had a good rest.

Jack (smiling): Oh, yeah! I was dead to the world!

Master: Yes. You would make an excellent subject for experimentation, to take you apart and see what makes you tick.

Jack (still smiling): Funny, I was thinking the same thing about you.

Master: Oh, the for days of being Harold Saxon and killing you over and over and over again.

Jack: Good times, good times.

Master: Joke if you will, Mr. Harkness, but I do trust you realize the futility of your quest with the Doctor.

Jack: Quest? What quest? I’m just on a little joy ride.

Master: Your flippancy has not grown any less tiresome since we last met.

Jack: Shame. Flippancy is one my sexier qualities.

Master: I and I alone have control over the Great Negation! I have power! I have an army of unimaginable might! The Doctor will avail nothing in his foolish efforts to stop me!

Jack (shaking his head): You were a pompous ass the last time we met but this regeneration? Man, you are messed up piece of work.  

Master (pausing, looks puzzled): What? Regeneration?

Jack: I mean, the beard’s a nice touch. Gives you a real sinister Ming the Merciless kind of vibe. Cheesy but effective.

Master: Harkness, what foolish game are you playing at? I have not regenerated.

Jack: Whoa! Has the egomania loosened some of that already frayed wiring in your head?

Master: You mock me, boy! Unlike the Doctor who has foolishly put himself in harm’s way in a misguided sense of self-sacrifice for other beings, I have never regenerated.

Jack: What?

Master: I still possess the power of 12 regenerations! I intend to rule this universe for a very long, long time to…

The Master is interrupted by the familiar VWORP! VWORP! as the TARDIS materializes.

Jack: Ooh boy, you’re in for it now!

Master: The Doctor followed me! No!

The Master pulls out the Key fragment.

Master: He followed the fragment?

The doors of the TARDIS swing wide and standing in the glow of the TARDIS interior is the 6th Doctor. Standing to his side is Clara.

6th Doctor: How rude, rushing off before we had a chance to chat.

Master: Oh, Doctor! How naïve can you be? You forget I have an army!

The Master snaps his fingers but nothing happens.

6th Doctor: Hmm! Those bionic links you have embedded in your fingertips may be faulty. Check the main operating unit on your wrist.

The Master looks shocked as he pulls back his glove and presses buttons on the wrist device but nothing continues to happen.

Master: Blast you, Doctor!

6th Doctor: Really, Master! You’d think I would come on board a Cybermen flag ship without being prepared. How naïve can you be? Clara, let our friend Jack out of his cell.

Clara: Yeah, sure.

The Doctor hands her the sonic screwdriver as Clara cautiously moves past the Master towards Jack’s cell.

6th Doctor: River, how are things going in there?

Cut to TARDIS interior as River works the TARDIS controls with Martha assisting.

River (lower voice to Martha):  The TARDIS controls are going to completely fuse in less than 2 minutes.

River (out loud): Everything’s going exactly according to plan, sweetie!

Cut back to the Doctor.

6th Doctor (to himself): I was afraid of that.

6th Doctor (calling out past the Master towards Clara): The red button, Clara.

Clara (out loud to the Doctor): Got it, Doctor. (Lower voice to Jack). Good to see you're not dead.

Jack: Yeah. Look, something weird’s going on with the Master.

Clara: You mean the bad guy with the goatee? In what James Bond movie did the Doctor find this guy?
Back to the Doctor:

6th Doctor: So, the Great Negation, hmm? A bit over the top, even for you, I think.

The Master: You never understood my ambition, Doctor.

6th Doctor: What I never understood, Master, was the darkness in your hearts.

The Master: What you call darkness, I call clarity. It is my destiny to rule this universe and that destiny will be made manifest with the Great Negation under my control.

6th Doctor: Really? I wonder.

Jack and Clara are walking by. Jack clears his throat and silently holds out his hand. The Master begrudgingly hands him the key fragment.

Jack (grinning): Thank you. (Follows Clara to the TARDIS)

The Master: Doctor, do you doubt me?

6th Doctor: That you’ve unleashed a power of ultimate destruction on the universe? No! That you have control over it? I have my doubts about that.

From behind the Doctor, Martha lightly taps the Doctor on the sleeve.

Martha (whispering): Doctor, River says hell’s about to break loose.

 6th Doctor (whispering back): Well, if anyone would know that….

Jack (whispering): Doc, we need to take the Master…

6th Doctor (to Jack): No. Inside. Now. You too, Clara.

6th Doctor (out loud): Master, I think I’ve spent all the time I wish to do so in your presence.

Master: So I assume the scrambling field that Ms. Song is employing to deflect communications and teleports is about to overload your TARDIS?

6th Doctor: You are clever, Master, I’ll give you that. But not quite as clever as you think you are. And that is always your undoing. I will save the universe from you, you can count on that!

The Doctor disappears into the TARDIS as the doors close and the box dematerializes. A second later, the Master is surrounded by a contingent of his alien army.

Cyberman: Master.

Ice Warrior: Where is the Doctor?

Master: Gone.

Jundoon: He has escaped again.

Sontaran grumbles unintelligibly but probably ticked over someone stating the obvious again.

Cyberman: Please indicate specified course of action. Your army awaits orders.

The assembled army stands about the Master as he says nothing for a moment. Then…

Master (distracted): Stand down. Resume normal duties.

Cyberman: Affirmative.

Master: I must be alone in my quarters.

The Master walks away down a hall and through a door. Inside the room are Weeping Angels standing in silent attention.

Master: He may dress and act the part of the fool but the Doctor is not a fool. I must speak to…The One.

Close up as the Master closes his eyes.

Quick scene shift to a wide shot as we see the Angels are still present but the Master has vanished.

Scene change to the TARDIS interior.

Clara places fragment in the Hypercube.

Clara:  And another piece for our collection.

Martha: Readings show…wow, the Key to Time is nearly 98% complete.

River: Doctor, the next time you want to put up a multi-phasic, quasi-dimensional omnicron field with only 30 seconds notice, count me out.

6th Doctor: I’ll keep that in mind, River, dear. Welcome back, Jack. If the Master hadn't decided to go back to the ship and have a chat with you, we'd still be stuck on that planet.

Jack: OK, first of all…(gesturing towards the Doctor)..what the hell, Doc?

6th Doctor: Yes, everyone’s a critic.

Jack (getting serious): And secondly, the Master.

 6th Doctor: Yes?

Jack: He says he’s never regenerated.

6th Doctor: I assume he hasn’t. His appearance suggests he’s at the beginning of his timeline.

Jack: Except, Doctor, he knows me. He remembers when we fought him that time he took over as Prime Minister.

6th Doctor (surprised): Impossible! Unless…

Suddenly the 6th Doctor grasps his head as he cries out in pain.

6th Doctor: Arrrghh! My head…

Clara (rushing to the Doctor’s side): Doctor! What’s happening?

Martha (on the Doctor’s other side): Doctor, let me help-

The Doctor gestures for everyone to stay back.

6th Doctor: Stay…stay back, I’m….

Jack: Is this another reverse regeneration?

River: No Angels, no injuries. Doctor…?

6th Doctor: No…no, it’s not that. It’s…it’s….

Clara: What is it, Doctor?

6th Doctor: It’s a message!

Camera zooms into the Doctor’s eye and the scene is total darkness that gives way to grey and to a glowing orb surrounded by five shadowy figures.

Voice: Hellooooooo, Doctor!

The figures become clearer. It’s the Doctor: #s 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. The 11th Doctor is speaking.

11th Doctor: If I have my attention, it’s time to get bizz-zay!

The 11 Doctor is grinning as looks around at his other selves

10th Doctor (shaking his head): No. No, don't. Just…don’t.

11th Doctor (crestfallen): OK. Fine.

7th Doctor: I need to be a good chap and listen carefully because this is vitally important.

The camera zooms out through the dark and back out of the 6th Doctor’s eye.

Clara: Doctor? A message from whom?

6th Doctor (surprised): Me.   

----to be continued----


Question: What's been happening with the Five Doctors on Bannerman Road?

Answer: It isn't pretty.

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